Sunday, February 24, 2013

Seeing And Hearing Strange Stuff Since I Was 16

Ok, for the record I just wanted to say I never believed in this stuff until my mom had been experiencing stuff. I used to call her crazy when she told me stories until one morning I had sleep paralysis and my mom was in the next room. I called out to her in what seem like 30 minutes and she didn't hear me. I will recall all of my most scariest moments up to the most recent today.

When I lived with my family at around 19 (now I'm 25) I had my own room. My brother's room was directly across from mine and everyone was usually out of the house by 7 am. I was almost sleeping with my eyes closed and heard feet running on my carpet. I thought it was my brother who likes to play games and when I opened my eyes to tell him to leave I saw this little blonde girl screaming, crying and begging me to help her because she said someone was following her. I am HYSTERICAL but I can't talk or move. Then around the corner of the hallway I see a woman with long black hair in all black who felt really evil jus glide in the room. The girl screamed "stop following me!" ran through the window (its a one story house) and the woman just glided behind her.

Was living in California with my boyfriend in a mostly Mexican? ranch style neighborhood. There were some Mexicans next door who would play music at all times of night. One night I woke up to turn over my pillow. You know when the pillow gets warm and you want the cold side? yeah, so as I'm doing this I hear a loud gunshot sound that came from the wall. I looked up and didn't see anything so I figured it was the crazy Mexicans next door and plus music was playing. I laid back down and something told me to open my eyes. I see an old man and close my eyes. I'm laying down thinking why is there a man in our room when the door is closed and then it hit me. I open my eyes again and there is the old man with a short fat woman standing beside him looking down on me. She was in a floral dress and he had a cowboy hat, big belt buckle and jeans. Their face were dark and I could see the outline of their face but not eyes or anything. I looked at them for the longest before tapping my boyfriend and they still stared.It was not until my boyfriend moved that they disappeared.

Staying in New Jersey for an internship and I was staying with my Aunt. She had this friend I didn't like and she lived far away from her neighborhood. One night she came to visit and it was too late for her to go home. She ended up sleeping over. Her on a day bed in the living room and me in the recliner (my aunt had a one bedroom). Anyway around 3am I felt what I would describe as a bad vibe and opened my eyes to see the friend staring at me in the dark living room with just the moonlight shining through. I wanted to ask her why she was looking at me but I shut up and figured she was on her way to the bathroom. I closed back my eyes and waited to hear the toilet flush and didn't hear anything for a good 5 minutes. I open my eyes to look at the bathroom to see the light or something and saw nothing. I'm confused now to how she went to the bathroom and went back to bed without me hearing. The apartment was small so she had to pass me. I just look up over to the day bed and see her dead asleep with rollers in her hair. When I saw her looking at me she had her normal hairstyle without rollers. CRAZY!

Moved to a new apartment in Miami and was sleeping like a baby when I heard my front door slam shut. I was scared because I though someone broke in and it was over for me. I heard this woman in my living room walking around with her heavy flip flops saying "why are they always closing the doors?" I always lock my room door and she was trying to get in. I screamed out for her to leave in Jesus name and she left.

The last one: Last night a very strong man came and held me down as in sleep paralysis. The past couple days he has been bothering me so I have reading my bible aloud and praying. He pushed me in my chest and told me in my ear that he wants silence and doesn't want to hear me again. I play the TV at night to the Christian channels and he came again shouting over the TV saying to shut it up he doesn't want to hear it.

Ugh! I know I have some kind of ability because there are way more stories to this but I wish I never had it and all this would stop. My mom, great-grandmother, grandmother all have had similar experiences.

Sent in by GodsChild

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