Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Was It Nightmare Or Reality?

I had this dream last year. Usually the dreams I have are those really imaginative kind but this particular one was felt real.

As usual I was sleeping in my bed that night. Apparently, the wind was also blowing. It was so strong it actually howled through the windows. But it died off minutes after. My windows were the sliding type [I live in a flat] and it was loose. So when wind blows, it would shake. The scary part was that the windows still shook after the wind stopped blowing. I was too tired and I didn’t have the courage to check it out. So I just snuggled in my blanket.

The shaking only lasted seconds as if someone was passing through it. Then I heard a voice, I think it was female one, like a whisper. It said “If you breathe, I know that you are here.” I didn’t open my eyes. I actually held my breath. Then I heard it walk towards me on the right side of my bed. I don’t know if the sound was heels or hoofs but it walked steadily and slowly towards me. I didn’t dare to look. Then it walked away towards the other side of my bed. On the left side of my bed was the Japanese sliding wooden door [I’m a fan of the Japanese culture] It kind of took up the whole wall. Anyways, whatever the thing was it walked past the front and towards the left side of my bed. Instead of hearing the hoof or heel sound, I heard it knock along the wooden door [or it could be walking on it]. And then it all stopped. I released my breath, and I thought to myself there is no way in the world that this could actually happen.

At that moment, I dismissed it as my imagination. But I had to check my room and be sure. With my eyes still shut, I faced up and slowly opened my eyes a little and could only see the window area and nothing was there. Then I turned to my right and opened it a little and nothing was there. I felt relieved and I open my eyes wider. Then I turned my body to face up where I’d be more comfortable. Biggest mistake I ever made. It was standing on the left side of my bed looking down at me. Not really close to me but it definitely shocked me.

She was wearing white, had center parting and her hair was tucked behind her ears. I couldn’t see her face; her face was pitch blackness [even though my night light was shining directly at her]. Then she came really close to my face then said ‘you are going to be mine forever’. The worst part of all, she kissed me. And I’m a freaking female. I lost my first kiss to some lesbian ghost. She tried to put her tongue in my mouth but I clenched my teeth. As she was doing that, I was sucked out of my body for a few seconds and I saw myself being attacked by her. I believe this was the mercy of Jesus because I prayed to him when she first whispered into my ears. And then she left though the window laughing.

I never saw her again. The only thing I’m not sure about is whether I woke up or not. It’s why I believe it real. I don’t know what that thing was or wanted from me. Hopefully I will not see her again.

Sent in by lava

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