Friday, July 5, 2013

Paranormal Activity In Abilene Texas Duplex

I'm back again with another story it would seem,this story takes place right now.

I didn't move to Abilene Texas until December of 09, I was moving as my relationship with my parents is sometimes not to grand and to be closer to my fiancé at the time, well for about a month we lived in Clyde but soon moved to Abilene some time in February.

The place we found and rented is in an alley way and is kind of small, but big enough for us as it has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, it was also affordable for us at the time. Well when we moved in we didn't have anything out of the ordinary happen, but after about a month of living there it soon became active. At the time I was very depressed about having to let my parents take my cat back with them, as he got sick at the other place and this place didn't allow pets. Well I would be in the kitchen cleaning and out of the corner of my eyes I would see black or white shadows in the shape of cats. I didn't really mind, it did creep me out a little, but not to much.

Some times when I was sitting on the couch in the living room and my fiancé was in the other room, I would feel a cat jump upon the couch next to me and sit down, again that didn't bother me as animal spirits bring me comfort when I'm in a room by myself, this happened only twice.

One night when we were coming home from the university he goes to, I went to put something in our room and he went to the bathroom witch was right across from our room, well when we both came out I looked over at our office and saw a grayish shadow of a little boy standing close to me and watching us, the office is also next to our room and bathroom. When I looked back at my fiancé and then back at the office the boy was gone. In my minds eye the little boy is about 6 or 7 years old, he has tannish dark colored skin with short black hair, I cant really tell what he is wearing though.

A few mornings later we both woke up and heard the sound of a door slamming, however the doors in our house don't latch right except the closet doors and the front and back door, so it made me think it was office closet door by how close it sounded. Nothing else happened that day.

Sometime in the spring we had more activity, but it all was in the office and still is. We couldn't figure out why, but the office was the only room that had strange things happen in it. At this time we convinced the realtor's and owner of the duplex's to let us have my cat Yukito, we just had to pay a deposit.

Well for a few weeks we kept him in the house as we had to so he got use to the new place as he is an outdoor and indoor cat. Well we would open the window in the office at times to help air out the room as our place gets to be hot and stuffy, well when we did that we soon realized things moved on us in the office and then reappear some where else in the house or some other place in he office.

Well one day while we were out doing some errands, we came home and found one of the pieces of the blinds was broken and we don't really know how it was broken either, as the door to the office is always shut as we also have a hamster, we shut it so the cat cant mess with the hamster. We were also both in the office earlier that day, but no where near the window, so we just find that it is odd.

Eventually we put a small testament book on the window sill and things stopped, so we figure it had something to do with the window in that room and found that to be odd.

Well one day before he got out for summer we were going to meet this person at the grocery store to sell him a aquarium we didn't want anymore, well we used the money we got for the aquarium to go get some things from the store, on our way out of the store it was raining pretty heavy, so we were trying to get back to the car as fast as we could.

When we got home we had forgotten we left the window open, so the window sill was wet as was the testament book, we shut it and then moved the book across the room so it could dry and so we could dry the window sill. Well the night before my fiancé had emptied my bag as it had all of my Pokemon games and game boy advanced and Ds in it, well he put crystal and sapphire on the computer desk right next to each other. I cant really remember when it happened, but right after we moved the book my Pokemon Sapphire game disappeared off of the desk, all that was on the desk was crystal. We couldn't figure out what happened to it, but both decided it disappeared when we moved the book from the window, to this day we still can not find it, that is one thing that has yet to be found.

Well after we put the testament book back nothing else happened. This June we got married and spent 1 week and a half at my moms as my car was being fixed. When we got my car back finally we headed home. Took us an hour and half to get back to Abilene, but we were happy to be home. When got into the house it was very hot as usual and we had a lot of wedding gifts that cluttered it up for a while. I also had to go on a killing spree of flies as our kitchen window was covered in horse flies.

Now its late July and we are still in the same place, we recently got a new kitten as the cat I fell in love with at the school had kittens. My husband wouldn't let me have the mama as we don't have money to spay her so we took one of her kittens. Well when we brought him home, the activity started back up, but its nothing to bad. Occasionally I will see white sheets out of the corner of my eyes in random places and then just disappear where I saw them. I was in the office with both of the cats sleeping at my feet when I heard some one behind me messing with the many things that clutter the office as we threw most of the stuff in there. I first thought it was the cats but looked and they were a sleep so I just went on to believe it was the little boy saying he was still around.

Last night I had a problem with flies appearing out of no where, I would kill one and then more showed up. Eventually I killed them all too. I also was walking in to the kitchen to get a drink when I thought I saw a black and white face on the wall above the fridge, but I don't know if it was the tea kettles shadow I saw or what, but what I saw didn't look like the tea kettles shadow and I tried to explain that to my husband.

So far nothing has hurt us and the spirit in the place doesn't seem to mind us being there, I guess every now and then he likes to tell us he is still there so we don't forget.

Sent in by Rayen Lanham

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