Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bride To Be

I'm Sarah a normal 13 year old girl, a while back about last year, sounds daft but I went to go to the toilet. As I was on the toilet I felt a super cold draft hit me but my hair didn't move it was like stepping in a freezer. I looked at the door it was closed then I looked up at the window it was closed. Suddenly in the mirror something caught my eye I looked at it. It was a young woman, about in her 40's she had big glass's on like jam jars they were like brown coloured on the outside. She had short curly hair in an updo and was dressed in pink and white like a wedding dress. I forgot what happened but it just vanished another cold shiver went down my spine. I flushed the chain and ran as fast as I could down stairs thinking something was watching me I flicked the lights of and burst the living room door open. "What's wrong Sarah" my mam said to me as my dad looked at me I said nothing happened. as we were watching TV I was thinking about it, not wanting to tell my mam. I got my mam to walk me to my bed.

About one month had past now I had told my mam and dad the other week they just thought I was stupid. I was in the shower for 10 minutes. As I got out I felt that shiver again I thought what it was I looked straight at my mirror but she wasn't there. I flicked my hair forward then wrapped it up in a towel then stood up straight again. I froze as I seen her in the mirror again this time she was holding a big bunch of roses. I knew I wasn't imagining it because I started to cry then she went sad. I wiped my eyes with my hand then put a towel round my body still looking at the lady in the mirror. I stepped back she smiled I gasped and ran into my room. Not wanting to see her again I let my hair dry naturally so I didn't look in the mirror.

I hadn't seen her ever since but I think I was imagining this at night I could hear ring a ring a roses like some one was humming it. I looked around I seen a black figure at my window it looked like a little girl so I sat up and blinked it was gone? Then I seen something black in my mirror like a head then I looked at it it stopped then was gone then I seen something white drop down on my floor but it dropped slowly like an orb.

I told my mam again what I saw in the bathroom but she never believed me. We looked at some really old photo's of my mam and dad's old house and when they were little. My mam told me that her mam died in a car crash on the way to her wedding when she was 4. I started to cry and my mam asked what's wrong and I said that "it must of been terrible for you" but I was more crying over the woman was holding a bunch of roses and was dressed in a wedding dress. I asked my mam if she had any photos of her. She did but she said there in the loft I'll get dad to get them for you so he did, I had a lump in my throat as I seen her brown glasses and her curly updo hair. I told my mam about it I think its that she believes me but she doesn't want to RIP my grandmother.

Sent in by Sarah Richardson

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