Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Very Haunting Dreams And A Visit From A Presence

Hello, now I want to let you know that this is a true story and I'm not just making it up to get attention.

When I was a little kid I had a dream, and in that dream I was running around on the highway with my friends (there were no cars) and we were all having a good time until everyone disappeared. I looked around everything was silent until I heard I frightening scream, then all of a sudden I could hear footsteps coming my way and when I tried to move my dream went completely white.

Now this exact dream has happened twice in a row, when I woke up I was under my blankets. Now I was very frightened of the dark and even more frightened from the dream, I had slowly lifted my blanket up to look around, there was little looking space then I dropped it. I had seen a dark figure of some sort, it was wearing a torn dark black suit (like a grim reapers suit) I was very frightened.

The next week I was staying over a friends house, we had all stayed up late and decided to go to bed nothing unusual had happened until midnight. I had woken up, I was laying under my friends bed because that's where I wanted to sleep. I had a look around but I couldn't move for some reason. I could see out under the bed and there it was, the dark figure I could see its feet and I could here it growling like it was angry. I didn't make a noise it knew I was there then everything went white (like in the dream).

The very next morning I got out from under the bed and there was a patch of black fabric, I was freaking out I knew it wasn't a dream. Nothing had happened for the next couple of months until midnight again. But this time it was a dream. I was driving with a friend of mine out into a dark forest with fog and there was an old abandoned house. The lights were on we went inside. Inside it was my family and my friends (it must of been a party or something) then we all herd a loud growl. We all went to the window and my friend went outside, everyone said no don't go there... then he turned around and he was bleeding from his eyes and he said He's coming, why not go and die. He went out there and about five seconds later blood went spilling on the window then my dream went white.

A couple of years later when I was 14 mum had asked me to go and get something from the shed. The shed was right next to the house and none of the family ever went in there much. I went there and I thought I saw a dark figure go into the corner (we had a big shed) I didn't know if my mind was playing tricks or not until I felt someone breathing on me. I was frightened but I knew not to run or something could happen. I stood there and said I know you're there, the breathing got louder and heavier and I could hear some growling I kept asking why has it been near me and is it linked in my dreams the breathing stopped I thought I was safe so I went back to the house because I thought it was gone. As I walked through the house door I herd a loud growl coming from the shed and that was the last I had seen him or had those dreams

Sent in by Mitchell Smith

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