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Ghost Hunt at Doncaster Air Museum

23rd Apr 2011

As we arrived at The Doncaster air Museum we were greeted by the ever amiable Alan, who is always the perfect host on a ghost hunting event at this great location. As the team aired their views prior to the event commencing, we could not envisage the amount paranormal activity the spirit world would provide our ghost hunters.As with all our ghost hunting events we have found that positive energy, and laughter bring out the best results from the ghostly inhabitants of any location, and again we had a group of positive ghost hunters who could have literally boiled a kettle with the energy they created.

The ghostly activity actually started before the event had begun as Mark one of our fantastic team leaders walked around to hangar 21, to set up the meet and greet room we were to hold there he apparently saw the shadowy eerie figure of a cat walk approximately five yards in front of him and then disappear as quickly as it appeared he then proceeded to look all over for the mystery sighting of this ghoulish feline but to no avail, however the phantom cat would come back later on to haunt one of our groups in a vigil in hangar 21 with frightening consequences.

After the meet and greet we held a group vigil in hangar 21, the energies in the room were at fever pitch as we all heard tapping and banging on request, and in one incident the sound of footsteps walking the corridors were heard, as Mark and Philip our intrepid investigators rushed out to investigate the corridor, they found nobody at all and no reason for the audible footsteps we all heard.

As we then went our separate ways our feelings were that the nights activity was just about to take off literally, at The Doncaster Air Museum. In one vigil in hangar 21 Steve a veteran ghost hunter saw what appeared to be someone walk past a window, however when he and team leader Rosey immediately ran outside to see if it was anyone walking about, however Steve whooped with delight as he and Rosey agreed there was no where for this figure to go as it was a dead end that was surrounded by an 8ft high fence, this could only mean one thing that Steve may have seen an apparition, once he had calmed down he was staggered to realise that when he first saw the figure walk by one window, he never saw it continue to the next window along the building, this confirmed his view he had in fact seen a ghostly apparition.

This would not be the only amazing incident in hangar 21, a group were attempting table tipping in the main display room, when the K2 suddenly spiked into the red zone and repeated this for almost a minute on request, but what happened next neither Jamie or Mark an experienced ghost hunter could explain, when out of the blue a large flash of light lit up the room, as though someone had taken a flash photograph, but no one had taken a photo and the flash was only a couple of metres from the group. With no obvious explanation of how, why or what had caused the light phenomena we continued the remainder of the vigil in a state of excitement. In the same vigil Sam and Stu both turned around to look at the main door of hangar 21, after seeing a dark shadow at the door, half expecting to see the door open due to the imminent arrival of a ghost hunter. But no one arrived to open the door, however this was not the only recorded sighting of a dark shadow to be seen at the Doncaster Air Museum.

One episode will remain in the memory of many a ghost hunter who heard the heart rending cat crying in hangar 21, the group investigated thoroughly for any sign of the mystery feline but could not find no sign of a cat, was this the same ghostly apparition Mark had seen in the same area only hours before, and shockingly both Wendy and Dee had unexplained scratches on their arms after their vigils in hangar 21. Can these mystical scratches be attributed to the ghostlike cat that haunts the other side at Doncaster Air Museum?

In the main hangar a French pilot made his presence known in a glass divination experiment, he called himself Jacques and responded when the energetic Philip said Viva Le France, and the glass proceeded to increase speed and ferocity. In the same vigil the group were staggered when a German mechanic made contact through the glass divination experiment he claimed to be called Heinrich and was said to be attached to a German plane part from the Second world war that is in the museum. As the group said their goodbyes to Jacques the infra red motion detectors both Mark and Philip had set up inexplicably went off. Philip said he considered this was how Jacques would say goodbye to the group.

The groups experienced some fantastic results from the Franks box, such as names in the vigil group been called out and the most crude of industrial language ever used was also heard from the Franks box to the alarm of all who were in earshot. However the most fascinating incident was when Mel one of our mediums said in German “you are my darling I love you” and the Frank’s box immediately stopped on a love song. Coincidence or the results of spectral white noise, the evidence we have correlated using the Frank’s box in the last four months is in our view that they are an instrument of communication from the spirit world.

All our groups experienced some aggressive table tipping even to the point that the table tipped on command to each of the ghost hunters in turn. Mandy, Jo and Tony were in shock at the sight of this spectacle and also they were amazed at the banging on request they all heard in the Main Hangar. However Marie was left speechles as she and Brenda, Shelley, Sam, Dee and Tony all witnessed the table rock to and fro as they held their hands hovering above the table, with nobody making contact with the table at all.

As we were beaten by the clock yet again and the time had flew past once more, the Simply Ghost Nights team could only be in awe at the amount of activity we had all seen, this again affirmed our belief that with positive energy, laughter, and fun the spirit world will entertain, however if you are stoic and languid the spirit world will not come out to play.

Sent in by Simply Ghost Nights

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