Friday, August 14, 2009

Through the Eyes of a Vampire

Vampirism is a disease unlike any other it feels unnatural and has properties that make themselves manifest physically even before the transition. Vampirism is a mutation of a disease much like a combination of Poryphic Hemophilia and Rabies, but yet, it isn't during the first stage of the disease contraction (1 of 3), the body feels tired constantly and weak much like that of a cold or flu. At stage 2 the skin becomes pale slowly until almost white, at this point the victim is highly vulnerable to anything sharp even a cut could kill them as the blood is so thinned, and at stage 3 the victim goes into a deathlike sleep for 2 days or more (it is different for some people, for me it was 2 days) after which the person awakens feeling hungry but the most remarkable part about that first waking breathe is hearing the world come alive in an array of sounds and smells unlike nothing anyone could ever experience in this lifetime. Of course the new vampire is going to find food only to realize normal food is almost toxic, it induces vomiting and dizziness. Consume too much of it and death by throat muscle constriction is almost immanent. After that if they haven't discovered they are vampires they will because you are immune to sunlight like a normal person for about 18 hours so once they start feeling their skin starting to tingle and then sting they start piecing it together. After that they usually find somewhere remote or rarely looked to hide until dusk, vampires have an innate ability to sense other vampires so they will most likely seek one out for shelter as I did, once found they are usually housed outside the coven or community for a few months (I lived outside for almost 2 years) living on their own while they adapt to their affliction. Once the coven decides to accept them, they are asked to move into it and are told the rules of the coven:

General Rules of any Coven:

Rule 1: Never feed on humans unless you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO
Rule 2: Never compromise the coven or community
Rule 3: Avoid public feeding
Rule 4: No outsiders are allowed to see the coven

Aside from these 4 most important rules each coven may vary in the next set of rules depending. A coven is a community of vampires and is more of a hierarchy than a democracy the highest vampire in the coven is the "elder" vampire and that means he or she is the oldest, wisest and strongest of everyone, there are others like him but the elder is elected based on his or her leadership skills. If the coven feels that one or more of their members are threatening the covens existence action may be taken and depending on the offence it can result in death or exile lasting anywhere from 10 to 300 years, if in the case the result is death it could be done 1 of 3 ways:

1. Death by beheading.
2. Death by the members of the coven drinking them dry. (being sucked dry of blood)
3. Death by impaling.

These punishment were learned and brought into effect from different cultures over the years. During the event of an exile the vampire is assigned a place in the world to live usually a place with no other vampires around and the exile is regulated by other vampires from time to time in the sense of "house calls."

Vampires can be made by choice also known as humans wanting to be infected with the disease, or by breeding as humans do. If a vampire is conceived by breeding it will more than likely not have the pale skin so it will be able to travel in the daytime. If a person is bitten, they will experience the side effects mentioned above at the start. Since being bitten was already described I will go with the breeding, when vampires mate it has a rare chance less than that of a human to conceive a child, and in the event a child is going to be born it is carried within the mother for around 15 months after which the mother gives birth to a egglike cocoon, which is then either buried or put in the coven undercroft for 15 additional months, after that it is taken out and after a day usually a new baby vampire is born, it is a very weird process if I do say so myself, and when a human and a vampire mate it is usually a normal human birth but the child will have no visible vampiric properties other than longevity and superior senses like smell and hearing.

A vampire must feed to remain alive but they are not allowed to feed on humans unless it is absolutely necessary, instead they are urged to feed on animals like cattle, sheep, or pigs to name a few, and some vampires bring packs of blood like those used in hospitals for blood transfusions.

Closing Notes:

Vampires are not people who like to stand out and be noticed in public.

Vampires are social and calm but can have a very short temper.

Vampires are not beasts or demons or anything to be afraid of remember they were once human too.

Vampire society is highly secretive usually in plain sight but not obvious.

Comments: This is about as far as I will go in this in-depth explanation.

Written by Xavier, Copyright 2009


  1. that's pretty cool to read.. I'm not sure if I believe in vampires or not, still, but the read really did get me thinking and open my mind a little more, and for that I thank you. I do have a question tho. Do you think you will go to heaven or hell when you die (are beheaded, etc), how do you die if not killed, and do you believe in an afterlife at all? And do you believe in an afterlife for your kind? Just curious.. I'm very interested in this.

  2. So not only sunlight and wooden stakes kill vampires but ham sandwiches and Froot Loops are also fatal to them. Oh and why is it that you'd be here telling us this when these vampires are supposedly hiding from the human world?

  3. Xavier,
    Well done. I congratulate u on your work. Thank You for taking the time to post. This is something I find very enlightening & easy to accept as true. You title runs almost identical to the one I thought of... Overall good job. You've just opened up a new door of Acceptance. Be Proud. I can't wait to read the responses.

  4. I found this interesting, but im a bit confused. So your claimig your a vampire? They actually exist??

  5. May I ask how exactly you became a vampire?

  6. P.S. Rule number two you already broke

  7. So are you saying You are a vampire

  8. I'm very glad to learn of your existence.
    I admire your boldness and kindness of revealing.
    I'm a mortal, expected to live around 120 years if no freak accident involved by myself.
    How interesting of you, I've never expected life forms like this.
    I only know that vampire-ghosts existing in this world.
    And some control the was-human ghosts, but they can be destroyed.
    Never knew a life form already transformed during 'human' term.
    I'm a person that approve the co-existing of all species, living or non-living including the genies, but should be in harmony.
    I know the dimensions, the gods and the devils, and the afterworld for the dead, and the dimension of vanity (such as Bermuda Triangle) created by this world.
    Do you know any or contacted or able to contact any of the kinds like fox-human or other non-human forms?
    Do you have any thoughts of being mortal again?
    Are you able to see or feel or talk to ghosts?
    Sorry for so many questions. But I really have so so much.
    I'm a learner and also a good listener
    And how do you spend your leisure time?
    If you are around 30 years of age, how can you spend the rest of your life without some human friends? You need the touch of the majority, however lonely in your own world.
    I am here in this site trying to help the humans and ghosts to attain balance.
    Never have imagined there is a species like yours in real life.

  9. Xavier,

    Do I or don't I believe you, well that doesn't matter. What matters is this article is amazing, I truly find this kind of stuff fascinating, and I enjoyed every single part of this article. Thank you for sharing, I'm sure you'll have lots of fans.

    Like I've said in another post I love your username.

  10. Amatrix the title comparison is no coincidence, I am a vampire and I do not know what awaits me after death, immortality only means there is no limit on my age. I became a vampire when I was nearing my 21st birthday, I went to a night club/bar and met this beautiful girl, I offered her a drink and we got to talking eventually I walked her home and when we got there I passed out for some reason... When I awoke I felt the sensation of the first stage and a pain in my neck (no surprise there).

  11. Ah yes the inevitable why would you tell us question, I am telling you because chances are you will never see a vampire in the real world and if I tell you on the internet it doesn't make much of a difference.

  12. This is extremely interesting and very enlightening. I'm glad you decided to write this after all.

  13. your coven is weak and you are futile.
    how dare you

  14. what decade were u turned? because Xavier isn't a name used very often in these later decades. sorry if I have Offended you.

  15. Your theory on vampire formation is exceptionally interesting.
    I've always been under the impression (illusion?) that the vampiric disease had died out....guess not.?

  16. Jessie, I have a friend who's son is called Xavier or it can be Javier, it's a spanish name.

  17. Jessie, I was stricken with Vampirism in 1882 at the age of 21 it was my birthday...

    Alpha glad to see your still here, the disease has died out but vampires continue to live through the second formation mentioned above only a fraction come from the disease...

  18. do you have a girlfriend/wife? Is she a vampire?

  19. sounds alot like twilight to me, but thats just my opinion. other than that very interesting and i can't believe you went through so much pain!

  20. Xavier,
    What a truly facinating story; but I must say that my heart goes out to you, for it seems like a lonely existance. I must ask, when you were transformed, did this woman give you the choice?

  21. Vampella, you are so RIGHT isn't amazing how many people claim to be vampires after that film! It's the romance aaaawwwwwwwww now I really have to see the second part!

  22. I don't believe in vampires. It's very interesting but I stick with what I believe.
    But people do have a desease that drives them to (in the 1800s) drink blood. It causes the person to have very pale, almost transparent, complection because they can't go outside. But the idea of vampires came from Vlad the Impaler. He was thursty for blood like my teacher said. A writer at the time was in Transylvania and had hurd a lot about this horrible man. So he had made up the idea of the first Dracula story.

    That's what I believe.

  23. So vampires can live for thousands of years and die if they are in direct sunlight?

  24. Dena

    Actually, the myth of vampires has been around LONG before Vlad the Impaler. Check out my article, The Vampire Compendium.

  25. Fascinating article...I've only recently thought about vampires outside of the stereotype that I grew up thinking.

    I'm not here to say whether this claim is true or not....just that it is obvious you know quite a bit on this subject. Forgive me if you've already said this somewhere else, as I haven't read everything in here yet.....but were you interested at all in vampires before this happened to you? Or has it only been since then that you have come to know these things? I'm wondering what attitudes there were about vampires in the later 1800's....and it doesn't seem like you were given a choice....isn't there something a bit unethical about that?

  26. Jamie and Darkstarr,
    It isn't so lonely I have the company of animals, humans and well... you guys...
    And no, she didn't really give me a choice...

  27. Yes, Vampires can die from sunlight assuming they weren't made from vampire/human relationships, though the sunlight doesn't make them sparkle like in twilight which was utterly horrible and butchered vampires completely.
    A vampire can stay in sunlight for a maximum of 5 mins before burning to death, and it isn't a fiery death it is because the skin gets scorched and blood starts to boil from the burning heat.

  28. Xavier,
    It just seems because you must live in "secrecy" that it would be lonely. Do you interact with "mortals" (for lack of a better word) and if you do, isn't it hard to constantly develop relationships only to see them end. I just feel as if your life is full of loss, and that makes me so sad for you. I hope you are happy.

  29. do you have a hard time not drinking the blood of those around you, kind of like a craving?

  30. Xavier,
    I'm sorry, I forgot to ask, if she had given you the choice, do you think you would have chosen this life?

  31. I just read your article and to be quite honest, it seems unreal that I found something that is a reality that films, myths and folklore state isn't.
    If you don't mind me asking, are vampires confined to on part of the world or are they hidden in several places of the world? Or is this something even you do not know??
    And also if you don't mind my asking, you say you were bitten in 1882, at the age of 21, Now I realise that now makes you 148? If that is correct, do you look 148 or do you look a younger age?

  32. wow,we learn something new every day i believe you because i know anything is possible you just have to believe.i would like you to answer one question though,if you were bitten 1882 that would make you a 148,do you feel you have lived a long time ?you must feel lonely at times.i hope you live a happy and fulfilled life all the best.x

  33. Um well, I knew this old lady once and her grandson had always said that he had to see something to believe in it, and the old lady said sometimes you just have to believe to see it. So, do you just believe his story?

  34. Karen M.

    No. I don't.

  35. Xavier,
    I know you have said you are not lonely, but if you were would you consider turning somebody, as in a partner or some companionship.
    I don't know if it is possible for you to turn anyone but if it were would you?
    If you would and could - Have you ever before?

  36. thanks Bracket ;=)

    I'll read it.

  37. Xavier,
    This is a most interesting story indeed!
    Please return back very soon and tell us more!
    I do know that all "Rumors/Myths/Urban Legends" has a spice
    of truth to it! Vampire stories have passed through centuries, and
    are told about in every country, so there must be some truth to it!
    How can the whole world all make up the same story....?
    I think that Vampires must exist, and are real as Ghosts or Demons.


  38. Xavier-
    thank you for your story. I'm not sure wether or not I believe in vampires or not but I always keep an open mind. If u are a vampire I hope it's a good life for you.

  39. Cool story. If this is true why don’t you take a photo of a vampire and send it to us. Sorry but i really want to see a vampire though. Anyway the information about them is nice. thank you for this amazing story.

  40. I do interact with humans and I do not looka day over 24, It is like I age once every 40 years, And it is better to be lonely than to have a relationship and see it end.
    I do not drink human blood unless I am somewhere other blood sources aren't available, I do not have a wife and I would only give people the choice to become a vampire if I liked them enough and it is always a choice, but sadly your immune system often rejects the disease so that is the main reason I do not have a spouse and I am 148 and it seems like forever the most painful part of my existence was having to watch from the shadows as everyone I knew died... I sat back and watched the life I knew fade into nothingness...
    And J, vampires are allover the world in many places and sometimes even in plain sight though, some things are not what they appear a cellar in a department store could very well be a hidden entrance into a coven but I will not be any more specific than that.

  41. Anonymous vampires do not exactly show good on film, it appears abstract and you can't really make much of it even if I did take a photo of myself.

  42. Xavier-
    It took a lot of guts to come into the light so to speak. Especially considering you are apart of an old world coven. It is true that we all have different stories and different experiences. Sadly yours was a truely painful one, while mine was never even known to me. To me it was everyday life. You know it was just the way it was. Until I realized that I was different than the others they all feared me for some strange reason and I have just resciently found out why. I am what is known as a hybreed. If you are what you say you are you know what I am and before anyone jumps to conclusion no I am not saying that I am a mix-breed. I am a hybreed. However, Xavier this will be my only contact with you, because I am here strictly to say be careful. You know the elders do not like public attention. Yes I knew you a long time ago. So please do not try and find me, Pandora is not my real name so do not go around asking for me by that name. I am not the sweet little inocent that you knew, I am something else all together. Once again old friend be careful and stay save.

  43. Ok. This thread's getting weird.

  44. Yes, the elders would surely have me killed for it... they know where the spot of my exile is, since you know me, what do you suggest? If they do decide it will be during the daytime which gives me about 3-5 days before they raid my exile to kill me, IF they rule to do so, it is hard to tell because I was a main source of their information.

  45. by the way, how exactly did you find me if you know me?

  46. My sweet Xavier,
    Do you not remember me? I was the one that held your hand through your change. I was the one that helped you learn how to servive. I was and always will be the only friend in our dark world that truely understands why our stories need to be told. My only suggestion is to locate a new modern coven. Then and only then can you be safe from your old coven.

  47. Xavier,
    Also, I never found you, you found me. You said yourself that we will seek out those of our own kind. Even if it is only through the internet. I must leave you now with only these few thoughts. It's time I retire for the day. I hope to speak with you again soon.

  48. Hey I guess there is a article here for all the Twlight lovers out there!

  49. Well, in the event some of you think my above posts are me being stupid,crazy or otherwise, I am neither, Imade those 2 posts to see if he was lying obviously he was, he has clearly watched one too many vampire shows, I have made nothing public about any coven vampire elder or otherwise, and if he is a "hybreed" I tend to stay away from mutts or halfbreeds they are usually nothing but trouble...

  50. so there were clubs/pubs in the 18 hundreds yeah?

  51. WOAH. :D Would it be weird if I said this is really cool!? True or not (I'd prefer to believe this was true and a lot of me actually does), this was awesome. I'd ask you questions but you seem so busy. Just-- props, man. Let's all live in harmony. OH WAIT ONE QUESTION-- can vampires be hyper and giggly!? is that a stupid question ]: I.. just can't imagine and giggly vampire.. ANYWAYS, GOOD LUCK. HOPE YOU DONT GET EXILED. I MEAN THAT. :D

  52. Oh.. hey, sorry for being too enthusiastic back there. I really do appreciate your post and I hope everything works out for you.

  53. Pandora, obviously he doesn' remember you!

  54. I never believed that this article was about Twilight, it just seems so far-fetched and also I only learned about Twilight on this site!

  55. no one get's my sense of humor!

  56. Molly, there have been clubs and pubs just about as long as there has been humans.

  57. Karen, I didnt think that you believed this was about Twilight at all. I just took advantage of your comment to let everyone know. Believe me several comments have been deleted because I do not want this to turn into a discussion about that as I am sure Xavier would agree.

  58. I believe that anything is possible.

  59. Xavier... I have many many many questions to ask you, but where would I begin...hmmm

  60. Xavier says: On Do Vampires Exist...

    "if you have lives for 147 years wouldn’t you have a short temper also? "

    "if you spent the first 20 years of your life as a human and then suddenly had to live away from everyone and watch everyone you cared about die before you while you remained alive while having a life during the nighttime, wouldn’t you have a short temper also?"

    Xavier says: Through the Eyes of a Vampire...

    " I became a vampire when I was nearing my 21st birthday, I went to a night club/bar and met this beautiful girl,"

    "Jessie, I was stricken with Vampirism in 1882 at the age of 21 it was my birthday…"

    "I do not have a spouse and I am 148 and it seems like forever "

    I enjoyed your story Xavier...But I'm Sorry...Your comments just don't match up. You claim to be 147 years of age On Vampires Do Exist...then you claim to be 148 here. You said you were NEARING your 21st Bday when you were turned...Then you state It was Your
    21st Bday?? What is it? I'm not attempting to be rude but come on it just seems like your trying to make a fool of everyone here. Forgive me but the simple excuse of Your Memory failing you would not be an appropriate reason for the mistakes in your "Story".
    Take Care


  62. Dracula is right xavier u have no proof of being a vampire or how you turn into a vampire

  63. I can 100% agree that Twilight is not welcome in this post... I do not sparkle in the sunlight I burn!

  64. dracula =-)
    That is ridiculous, why would I delete a comment because I know you are right? Why would you think that I would have to agree with every comment? This website is actually a community and as such there are lots of different opinions and viewpoints. In the future please do not call people names or your comments WILL be removed. I started to delete your comment because of your name calling, although I did delete the name you called the author of the story. I dont have the time to go through editing comments so that they can be approved. If you can't make your comment without calling others names then don't waste your time writing them.

    By the way, you think videos or pictures could prove Vampires are real? How old are you?

    Also twilight and dracula =-) appear to be the same person :) !

  65. I can understand the one person getting confused with your dates and numbers but the whole one year thing shouldnt be hard to possibly think out.
    could you Xavier be making all this up, Sure you could, easily, I mean it is the internet.
    But you do know too much. You know that vampires can just know when someone else is one even if they dont realize it.
    Also that yeah, we can say we are one and not get in trouble because will anybody find us?

    Yes I understand people who are saying you can make yourself believe anything. When it comes to the brain power I'm the one usually telling all my friends that you can make yourself sick or even pregnant if you believe truly that you are.

    But seriously, you can tell if a person is an amateur vampire, or a real one.
    Do you see many people staring across a football field glued to somebody that they don't even know but can't release the stare.
    Or even do you see your best friend completely zoned out but there's ten thousand things going on, and they just have a different look than before in their eyes?? (something like that, that's a hard example to explain)

    I believe they are real, and when i read the words "they aren't real" the only words jumping in my head without even reacting or expecting them to cross are "HA seriously you think so."

    Me personally i do understand these are your thoughts, I respect that with all my heart. I do not mean any offense for the short sentence above i just thought I would let you know what runs in my head.

  66. Way to go, maybe he should come meet me in person if he is so hellbent on me proving myself, I could show him what hell really is!

  67. Is twilight mental? I posted this topic explaining 2 ways that vampires are formed and how I turned into a vampire? Please learn to read child...

  68. Karen,
    That is a possibility. Once a human has been changed they have a tendancy to bury the life they had as a human and they forget everything up until someone forces them to remember. That maybe why his story is inconsistant.

  69. Xavier,
    Do you realize how much that hurts that you would call me a mutt, a halfbreed, but most of all you think I am a "he". My dear you are saddly mistaken on all three accounts. I was born the way I am. Both my parents were human. I am a complete freak of nature and that is why I was kicked out of your beloved coven and why I now live in exile. I thought it would actually be nice to come out of the dark and speak with someone that might actually remember me, but boy was I wrong. As usual. I thought that you might have remembered that little redheaded girl that was always there with you, even when you suppost to be alone. I thought that you were still my friend. I'm sorry if I have inturrupted your strole down memory lane.

  70. Amatrix, you do realize that I WAS 147, recently had a birthday though I do not much count birthdays as "happy" anymore, nobody really cares because everyone who DID care is long gone...

  71. I had posted this on the day of my birthday without knowing it so in a nutshell, I have too many things to worry about than birthdays that nobody cares about anyway not like I should be celebrating it at this age anyway, I was born August 15 1861.

  72. Xavier, I don't get the part of you watching everyone you know die, wouldn't they ask you why you never age? You said that you watched from the shadows, that would mean that you never had a real relationship with these people cause, you had to break off contact once, they started to get older and you didn't, and is all of this happening in the U.S. or in Europe? This is more like that Brad Pitt movie, where he tells his story of how he became a vampire to the journalist. I don't believe you, but I'll give you credit for imagination!

  73. P.S. rule # 3 of the coven, says avoid public feeding, what if you can't avoid it! :) lol

  74. You’re not a vampire.When the whole vampire thing is over, you’ll look back and be embarassed about this. Trust me, when I was your age (which I’m guessing is about 13), I thought I was a Spice Girl. Same thing, different fads. As long as you’re having fun, though, who am I to judge?

  75. LOL just this once I have to applaude Jamie, SO RIGHT!

  76. Author: Xavier
    I have already told you all my age, I am 148 I posted my story on the day of my birthday, didn't tell you all because I myself didn't know being alive for 148 years you kinda don't tend to remember meaningless things like that... But for the record, August 15, 1882 is me

    Author: Xavier
    I had posted this on the day of my birthday without knowing it so in a nutshell, I have too many things to worry about than birthdays that nobody cares about anyway not like I should be celebrating it at this age anyway, I was born August 15 1861.

    Author: Xavier
    I had posted this on the day of my birthday without knowing it so in a nutshell, I have too many things to worry about than birthdays that nobody cares about anyway not like I should be celebrating it at this age anyway, I was born August 15 1882.
    When you post 3 different comments. WE STILL get email notifications even though you make a mistake.
    You changed your Bday 3 times...Can you just be honest...I mean I don't know many people actually believe you, but your inconsistancy is letting them down. Forgive me, I have nothing against you & I'm willing to believe you...I just want accurate stories.
    Take Care

  77. Karen - here is what happened - Xavier contacted me to let me know that he had mistakenly typed in the wrong year and asked me to edit the comment to show the correct year.

  78. Xavier,
    How much blood would a vampire need? What amout would sustain the hunger, and how long could a vampire go without feeding?
    Which taste suits you best...Human Blood Or Animal?
    Do Vampires ever feed off eachother?

  79. Xavier,
    It makes me sad that you feel as if no one cares about your birthday! I just want to wish you a HAPPY Belated Birthday! No matter WHAT the age, every day that we are on this earth should be a celebration and Birthday's are no exception!

  80. Xavier.....
    You stated that you were born August 15, 1861.
    This is a very interesting year indeed!
    Are you by any chance an American Vampire Xavier?
    Because, if you are, then this means that you were born in the
    same year and time to experience the "American Civil War"
    first hand! Of course, I know that is an entirely different subject,
    and I'm going off Topic here, but still very AWESOME, and so very
    interesting to think about! The "American Civil War" started on
    April 12, 1861.
    The American Civil War (1861–1865), also known as the War Between the States and several other names, was a civil war in the United States of America. Eleven Southern slave states declared their secession from the U.S. , etc.
    Anyway, my question is ... Were you by any chance an African Slave, or African American Slave, at that time? Were you perhaps a White Slave Owner? Were you a Soldier in the War?
    If you were truly living at that date and time, then this all would mean that you experienced it all, (because you were actually a part of that life time) and you saw it all first hand!
    I'm very interested in The "American Civil War", or any History, for that matter. But to
    actually meet someone who really lived through it all, and who is yet alive to this date!
    This is simply AMAZING !!!


  81. He couldn't have been any of that cause at the end of the war he would of only been 4 yrs old

  82. Yeah Karen ... You are RIGHT

  83. I was never in the states during that period, I was in a different part of the world, I came to the states in 1976 if you must know, so I never actually experienced the war, sorry for the dissapointment.

  84. Amatrix,
    A vampire would need enough blood to fill a thermus, a vampire can go for 4 days without feeding, we also die of starvation too, animal blood is all I have ever known, and to Karen M, rule 3 has only one exception, and that is when there is no other source of sustinence around.
    Also Karen, everyone I knew or loved thought I was kidnapped after they couldn't find me I was presumed dead, so I watched from afar as my loved ones gre old and died the most painful part was watching my two sibling die aswell.

    Darstarr, thank you.

  85. Very controversial stuff here. Xavier I would like to thank you as well as others who have commented for keeping this on topic and for not getting too angry and argumentative with your words.

  86. Xavier,

    Do you have any hobbies?



  87. Xavier,
    Do you work? How do u pay your bills? Do you have a car? Can u fly or swing from trees? Do you live in a hole under the ground? What Country were you born? I can go on forever.... I'm assuming Xavier isn't your real name.

  88. Xavier, I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just curious. Remember I'm the one that loves that name Xavier.

  89. I find it very sad about the life you would have to live... regarding geogirl and the questions she had, i'm sure living in the shadows, feeding off of animals is stressful, not knowing how and when you are going to die (not to mention IF) and also what happens after your death, if anything. I wouldn't be too concerned about a home, car, and all that. I would still be in shock.. Yes, even after more than 100 years living with rare aging, and all that comes with vampirism, I would still be in shock and in a pretty constant state of depression.....i hope you're not, Xavier...

  90. i apolagize 4 my rude comment i was being ignorant and had a really bad day. please accept my apology xavier =~)

  91. Lina, Geogirlforever and Jamie,
    My work is during the day, I do not need a car nor want one, my work is from home, I do not fly or swing from trees, my place of birth would be Cottbus Germany, it is almost on the border of Poland, and on a side note vampires are not "demons" or "evil" they are just people who have been stricken with a disease that has rarely been seen and probably never been studied, we are still people so I would just shun it when the church says we are condemned to hell for being foul beasts in truth it isn't for them to decide it is for God and ourselves.

    dracula =-), apology accepted

  92. This is crazy. U say this happened after u left a bar. Have u stepped foot in one since then ? Can u evn consume alcohol beverages? I dnt mean to be too curious. But what about ur sex life? Do u have one as a vampire?

  93. Xavier,
    I must apologize. I thought that you were an old friend I had years ago. However, I learned earlier this evening that he has passed on. I thought that you were because of how close your story was to his, but once you had insulted me I thought to seek out my friend. I did this simply to see what was wrong because my old friend was always a happy person and all I am reading from you is anger. However even though this is true he was much more of a gentleman than you even could be. All you had to do was tell me that you did not know me, but instead you decided to play games. What you thought were lies were never meant for you. Enjoy your made-up fantasy.

  94. Xavier, How did you find this site, were you looking for other vampires??

  95. Xavier, u still haven't answered a question of mine....
    Is Xavier your real name or lastname or just a username?.... I'm curious.
    Please reply.

  96. Xavier...

    I never asked you about your 'special powers'. I simply just wanted to know what it is that you like to do for fun :-)


  97. Pandora, he's angry because he thought people would be impressed and excited that he's a vampire, but the vast majority of us realize he's a little boy playing a game. Notice people get most defensive of what they know is true?

  98. Pandora,
    Not to be rude, but does your last post mean that you also live this made up fantasy? Your first few posts to Xavier implied that you too were a vampire? I'm confused.

  99. DarStarr
    I was about the ask that very same question myself!

  100. Great minds think a like I guess! LOL!!! ;)

  101. She's mad cause he wouldn't play the game with her!

  102. Note to all - We have Discussions about Vampires going on in our forum ~ Head on over and see what's going on.

  103. You guys have mood swings WAY TOO often it actually makes me laugh how you can agree with me one night then the next night completely disagree and flame me, get aholdof what you wanna do because you can't do both for very long before I stop answering you altogether.

    Geogirlforever, Xavier isn't my real name, it is my screen name, my real name I don't think I am gonna put here...

    vanessa87, you do realize bars are active at night right? I do visit bars, and sometimes during the year more often than usual, just because there isn't anything better to do.

  104. I'll ask my question again, as I think it got overlooked.....what was the attitude of vampires in the latter part of the 1800's? Were they taken seriously in your part of the world? Just wondering.

  105. Scarygirl67, sorry I overlooked my mistake, anyway, vampires weren't really well known in germany when I was there, but they were thought to be real and very much around england and transylvania. So no, they were not taken seriously and through what I have seen in most people it has diminished even more since then...

  106. I will not be here to answer some questions for a bit, I am taking a trip to Maine for a while, going to look at real estate property. I will answer any questions left here when I get back in about 4 days.

  107. Xavier you left out the detail that two humans can birth a vampire and that child has all a purblood vampires strengths and weakness plus they can only have blood i know this because i am a vampire born this way and i couldnt do anything at school that involved going out side

  108. Xavier,
    I really didn't want to know your real name anyways, to be quite honest with you I actually don't care.... I just like your username I have a reason for that which I will not mention here and no it's not my name.
    I've been reading all the posts on this site and u just answered a question that I had that's all. It's in regards to your other so called vampire friends that u haven't seen in years, one wonders how the heck they would know it's you if that isn't your real name and how would they ever know that's your username if they haven't seen u in years. ???
    I know it's the internet and one wouldn't be providing their personal information on here. Kind of makes sense.
    Anyways thanks for the great laugh.... because I do find all this kind of hilarious.
    Keep Smiling....

  109. Xavier,
    Please don't let the nay-sayers get to you. This forum is for all sorts of opinions and beliefs, and there will never come a time that everyone will believe and agree on the same thing. If that were the case, it would be a perfect world!
    I hope your trip went well and that you found what you are looking for.
    Please don't feel attacked. Let them voice their opinions, it keeps things interesting, and the Caretaker is awesome at removing any vulgar or nasty comments!

  110. Ok, I am back from my trip and now, on to the replies!
    Geogirl, I believe your responding to me responding to your question there when you asked me if my name here was my real name and also, if your mentioning Pandora, he doesn't know me at all... and I have my doubts on light...

    DarStarr, thanks, it doesn't really get to me that they choose to down me, what DOES get to me is the fact that they ask me a question and then turn around and completely insult me for answering to the best of my ability their question, and THEN turning around and asking another...

  111. Xavier

    I find you fascinating.


    I been reading your posts in these forums you claim to be open minded and a beleiver, Yet you shoot down everything, everyone hast to say like your a superior intellectual. I don't like that this is a spiritual forum, yet you try to add a scientific conlcusion to everything, Which begs the question why a skeptic is on this sight.

    I for one beleive in vampires and all creatures. Before they said there wasnt a cyclops and guess what they found one near greece i read it a long time ago.

  112. You say you were made a vampire in the 1800s?
    But you also said it was in a bar/ maybe but night club?? They didn't even have electricity in the 1800s!

    You're lying. If you state vampirism is merely a disease of some sort and is not dissimilar to other diseases then it would not affect your photos in any way. Secondly the rumours on the notion that sunlight burnt a vampire to death was only first described within the last century due to a novel. It has been recorded that vampires have been seen during the daylight throughout the ages.

  113. Lovecub

    It's always good to have a healthy dose of skeptism, eitherwise every sound is a ghost, every sick person is a vampire and every animal mauling in the news is a werewolf attack.

    Time and time again has shown us that following Occams Razor, the simplest explanation is always the answer, has been beneficial to our psychological evolution. Getting away from the belief that disease is caused by vampirism has led us to medical explanations.

    I'm not saying that i outright don't believe in vampires but i severely question when somebody comes on here claiming to be one. I talk about it in this article.

  114. Bracket,

    I know everything that goes bump in the night isnt a ghost nor is every sick child a vampire. Buuut I do beleive there are such things someone would probaly come on here it would be the safest way to reveal themselves.

    Yeah I read your article.

  115. Lovecub

    It's actually very easy to track someone on these sites. I have a friend who could find you in no time, if i wanted him to. They say they don't want to reveal themselves because of people wanting to hurt or conduct experiments on them, but the people who have the resources to do that would obviously have the resources to find them and if these people are what they say they are, they'd know that.

  116. meow, you call me a liar but if you notice when I said that I put it as: night club/bar because some people don't know a bar unless you say night club, I have met peoplelike that, hell, you could even call it a damn pub for all I care it doesn't matter and if you want to bring lighting into this, thats just called assuming the unsaid, i never mentioned lights...

  117. Bracket, you have said that same sentence time and time again, if you say it can be done, then do it or shut up I have had a long day without much sleep, so unless you can pinpoint me right now, shut up... seriously quit acting so childish.

  118. Bracket
    Yes i know I but it is very illegal in some states a invasion of privacy. And I didnt mean it like that I meant like you can say anything you want online cause noone knows who you are.

  119. Xavier

    Calm down, i wasn't even talking to you. Don't take the fact that people don't believe your stories out on me.


    Yes it is illegal but who are the "vampires" going to complain to?

  120. This is getting boring! Xavier, when people have stopped commenting on your story are you still going to come to this site, and comment on other stories?

  121. Bracket,
    We need guys like you. The enforcement like the police.
    But Xaviour is not the one you should persecute to death.
    You have made your point. He is already in the culdesac.
    Leave him, with some dignity.
    There are many that deceive the public openly with intentionally false pictures and alleged evidences.
    Those are the ones you should kill.

    To equip you with some knowledge.
    Ghost usually does not have the resolution as human.
    Their usual form of appearance is just like hot air rising from the ground under a scorching sun,
    and even thinner in density like the white-noise, sometimes seen sometimes don't.
    A rash human will find it hard to see its existence.

    The following videos, paste it, and add the necessary letters at front.
    These are safe videos. The ones with DNA-attached I will not endanger the public. (at time frame 1:16-1:28 there is a ghost, female, around 60 years of age,
    with only the head, talking on the floor, revealed at the side of the woman's left leg on the carpet. You first find its mouth, which is blackened and moving, caused by lips movement while talking. And then you'll identify the face. If you can see this,
    see also this side of the carpet, the large area is moving. These are the molecules of the body of the ghost.) Now you know how a poor soul is desperately to deliever its message without people understanding. (enlarge it to see. there is a ghost in crouching positon, resting but
    head pointing down in despair. He is on his knees with his arms straightened and supporting by fists down against the nearest rim of the big hole. At your left hand side is his feet. Your right hand side is his head. A poor soul indeed.
    If you can see this, try to see also the big skull at the size of 4 human heads at the right hand side but outside of the big hole.

    There are a few other ghosts that flashes its vague appearances too in the water.
    They are all the trapped souls in this dam.
    But don't discuss any of this to the owner of this video, she may delete it in fear.) (provided is a fake. I believe the light should have reflected on the ghost's head while it was crossing through, but it didn't. And at the end that the ghost disappear,
    unidentified spot light was seen. That represents bad editing)
    (Demon howls like dinosaur or elephant. No. It's just a poor soul repeatedly calling for help, help, help! However no one understands!)

  122. Bracket
    Head council or just fly threw the window and eat us who try to prey on them. I don't think a real vampire would be scared of us humans anyhow I mean bracket you even said they probaly think of us as cattle so if they go to track one down they may eat them.


    From your codes there hast to be a few bad apples right? The ones who don't follow the rules? Just like humans right?

  123. Xavier, you reply to the first comment my friend wrote about electricity (yes two of us wrote a small paragraph each). Yet you completely left an explanation to my part. Do enlighten me with your knowledge.

  124. Sai Chan

    I think you're seeing what you want to see in those clips. It's called pixelation, a pattern appears on the footage that wasn't there when shot. Our eyes like to look for things familiar and when it sees the pixelation, it looks for something familiar that actually isn't there.

  125. Lovecub

    If that's the case then why are they hiding in the first place?

  126. Karen M., I will still be here even after my post here dies, it isn't the read that intrigues me, it is you all of you guys give me something to do in my life and if it means anything to you, slightly brighten my existence.

    Lovecub, there will always be "bad apples" within everyone it is just a matter of having the right "push" to make you carry it out, prime example of what I am trying to say is, if you are married (this is for the guys) have you EVER considered murdering your wife? My guess is plenty of times, but have you ever carried it out? Of course not because at the end of the day our friends and family are all we really have to look forward to, and then there are the people who think this from time to time but then something happens and they get "pushed" over the edge and actually (god forbid) carry it out and actually kill their spouses. There is always the potential to be a "bad apple" you can't just rule a few people out.

    meow, please elaborate on what part of my knowledge you want to know I will answer to the best of my ability.

    Bracket, this is THE LAST response I plan to give you because you are quite rediculous with "wanting" information it is like you want it only to reject it and therefore further responses to your comments is a waste of my time and I am pretty sure, everyone elses, we do not hide and if you had been reading along with the rest of the class instead of deviating as always you would have seen me say "we are usually in plain sight" that means we are around but your not looking hard enough, it is kind of like those pictures you find where you have to look "past" the original picture to see the airplane or something similar. Have fun in your little world Bracket.

  127. bracket,

    They probaly arent hiding.. they probaly are around us. They probaly look normal.

  128. copied and pasted -
    If you state vampirism is merely a disease of some sort and is not dissimilar to other diseases then it would not affect your photos in any way. Secondly the rumours on the notion that sunlight burnt a vampire to death was only first described within the last century due to a novel. It has been recorded that vampires have been seen during the daylight throughout the ages.
    This is my original comment that I would like to know your thoughts on. There is loads more I can write but I wish to know this first so I can elaborate further in response. I am not a sceptic that just tries to just disprove everything but I do not take a persons words as the blind truth. I think therefore I am. I know things.

  129. Xavier,
    You say you live in Germany, I just wanted to know if you were there during the holocaust. If so can you describe what it was like living during that horrible period in history?

  130. ABE, I think we all know that this story isn't true, but I think it's going a little too far to bring up the holocaust, he wasn't there and I don't care to hear his invented stories on something as terrible as that. I'm not being mean and I know you just want him to prove it!

  131. Lovecub

    The fact that they are supposedly told to not say that they are vampires out in the open shows that they are hiding. This is the rules that X says the "covens" follow.

    "Rule 1: Never feed on humans unless you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO
    Rule 2: Never compromise the coven or community
    Rule 3: Avoid public feeding
    Rule 4: No outsiders are allowed to see the coven"

    It's obvious that he's saying they have to stay hidden in one form or another. So technically, they are hidden.


    If you look at the past comments in here, you'll see that i have asked very few questions. If you really want to answer any questions by me go to my article "To People Claiming to be Vampires" and answer the questions there. You made some comments but it seemed like you were avoiding the questions that were actually in the article.

  132. Xavier, I like how you call Bracket childish as you mention that your tired and cranky. Sounds like you could use a nap! And we can't all be 300 years old...

  133. meow

    " If you state vampirism is merely a disease of some sort and is not dissimilar to other diseases then it would not affect your photos in any way. Secondly the rumours on the notion that sunlight burnt a vampire to death was only first described within the last century due to a novel. It has been recorded that vampires have been seen during the daylight throughout the ages."

    That's what i said in my article. I forgot about the pictures though. Good catch.

  134. meow, I do not expect anyone here to accept my words, I only ask that they listen to them and hopefully take something away from here to ponder and think over I am not going to prove anything other than my knowledge and if people choose to accept it then I am glad, I do not appreciate the fact that people ask me questions and then turn around and insult me like Karen M. has been doing therefore I am not going to respond to her after a while if she keeps this up.

    ABE, I would never post a comment about that dark period in history.

  135. Xavier, I'm not insulting you.

  136. Xavier, it still does not answer my question. One would take the assumption you are avoiding it. I understand that many may believe you are lying and even take it to a level of which they flat out say it but remember it is to be expected. I can understand though that it can get frustrating.
    Also I know quite a bit of information regarding the 'super natural' however even with that I never have had the experience of seeing a vampire so therefore I am very questioning. I also know that one should be careful where one treads when entering the world that they know not of. Your not the only one apparently dancing a fine line, and no, I am not stating in any way that I am a vampire, just that there are some strange things out there.

  137. Xavier

    After most likely reading my comment on here, you go to my article and still don't comment on it? I'm officially calling this a forfeit on your part.

  138. meow, I think I get what you are asking, a vempire can last in sunlight, but not for very long because they will burn and if the "burning period" is extended they can very well die.

    I hope that has answered it.

    Karen M., 2 posts above the most recent one you did, you said
    "This is getting boring! Xavier, when people have stopped commenting on your story are you still going to come to this site, and comment on other stories?"

    then after I answered as usual,
    "I think it’s going a little too far to bring up the holocaust, he wasn’t there and I don’t care to hear his invented stories on something as terrible as that. I’m not being mean and I know you just want him to prove it!" yes, I did cut out the first part because it wasn't tied to what I am trying to explain

    judging from these 2 comments, one right after the other, you asked a very good question, I acknowledged, then you turn around and to me and I am sure others "insult" me now insult doesn't necessarily mean that your making hurtful jokes, it can also mean your turning around and acting along with the rest of the crowd to disprove me, truth is, opinion matters here not people willing to follow a crowd, I do believe in another post you said "my opinion matters too" if it does, why don't you make your own crowd instead of being the follower.

    and I already know there will be people who are skeptical, and I wil humor them for a brief period before ignoring their comments completely.

  139. Xavier you never answered my ?'s =( I havent been rude and mean to you..

  140. Xavier, I made it clear from the begining that I didn't believe in vampires. Sure I asked some questions, but they were in no way rude or insulting. As far as me following the crowd, you don't know me, I am very opininated on my own, I don't need a leader in a clan or coven to tell me what to do! Also I'm sure it's you who plays vampires on myspace, after I kicked your but today, I looked at your profile!!!!!!!!!! WOW .)

  141. The sunlight myth only came around the last century due to a novel and never prior to that part in history.
    You still have not answered the photography question. Please do not ask me to repeat it again, again, if you scroll up its there, twice. You constantly seem to never acknowledge it.
    All of this is all from research and merely information I have uncovered and relay back to you.

  142. Lovecub,
    As far as I can see, you have only asked me one question and I answered it with a bunch of others, scroll up please it it one of my larger comments.

    Karen M.,
    Learn to read my full comments please and not just fregments, because if you did, you would have seen me say your questions are good, it is after I give you the answer thats when you crap on me.

    I am sorry, I missed your second part way back there, as far as the photography goes, I can honestly not tell you why I do not show up well, I have taken photos of myself but instead of myself it is a whitish whispy cloud of some sorts... I cannot explain that I am sorry if this dissapointed you but as I am sure you already know there are alot of things we cannot explain.

  143. Xavier, Well you know it's kind of like when you're reading a book, and it gets boring so you skim over or turn a few pages!

  144. X

    It would make it alot easier, and more clearer, if you expain the discrepincies mentioned in my article.

  145. Karen M.,
    If what you say is true, then you shouldn't be here, if you can't learn to read my response to YOUR questions, please refrain from asking them.

  146. O.K., my work here is done, I managed to anger a vampire!

  147. Xavier, Oh I see it now I am sorry. I think I get what your saying. :like you hold out til it makes you wanna snap I think maybe just maybe vlad tepes may be an example of a vampire who snapped.. I dunno I know they say he wasn't a actual vampire but i kinda think he mighta been.

  148. Wow, I just had a door to door Jahovas Witness...
    I told him I do not caremuch for religion, and he told me and I quote "Your going to hell for not believing in our lord"
    I simply told him see you there because you are now damned to hell also for breaking one of the ten commandments, and that would be Honor Thy Neighbor, he shut up and walked off...

    I found that to be the highlight of my evening

  149. Xavier - where did you get your version of the 10 commandments from? I am sure its a good idea but "Honor Thy Neighbor" is not one of the ten

    Also, I know some Jehovah's witnesses and they do not believe in Hell. Maybe they aren't all the same in their beliefs.

  150. HA# 9 thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor, ROCK ON CARETAKER!

  151. P.S. That's true Jehovah's Witness would not tell you that you're going to hell!

  152. And I might add another thing, we have Jehovah's Witnesses here in Europe too and they are NOT selling their religion, they are trying to make everyone aware of Christ so we can be saved! I have always accepted their invitations and pamphlets on Jesus, cause I BELIEVE IN HIM TOO!

  153. Then it was somethin else either way I didn't care to hear it

  154. xavier thayers a coven near main but u must speak to the rest of are coven first i honer ur coridge i am 100 years old plase help me im still changing i was bitten when i was 12 wiped out my family ur coven did after u left DO U KNOW MY MOTHER ALIMAY she gone please help and i hope we can become good friends my clan speakes hily of u ser please anwser me. thoughtfully your's alixandra marie xavier - ITS MY REAL NAME

  155. oh guys....really, hes full of crap. Why indulge him with questions? Meow is right. He is making claims like "sunlight burns vampires" when really that notion was invented relatively recent in books such as Dracula.

    The actual myths about vampires (first ones originated in ethiopia) never stated such things. Of course, the myth varies from culture to culture, but it has'nt been up until the late century that vampires have been considered "beautiful", concious and "powerful".

    The original accounts never mentioned that vampires were "human like". They weren't ever supposed to be attractive!

    Its because of books like Twilight and television shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer that modern media has accepted the idea that vampires are seductive creatures, and tortured lonely souls....they are socially construcable really. And some people cannot distinguish reality from fantasy or fathom their boundaries...

  156. hmmmmmm.....


  157. It's honour thy father and thy mother, not neighbour.

    The JW should not have said that to you, it was pretty judgmental of him/her and i don't really blame you for trying to get him back.

    My ex next door neighbour was a JW and every time she came round to see me, she was always trying to get me to become one. I don't believe in cults, even though a JW would argue that it isn't a cult. We also had an old lady live in our flats who was the other side to me. She needed shopping and help from time to time and i would also invite her round. I found out that when i left my JW neighbour has not once gone round to see her, not very Christian is it?

  158. EP, that's probably ccause the elderly lady is set in her ways, you can't convert someone old into a new religion, maybe that's why she never went to see her?

  159. Desirae

    I say the same thing. I've done alot of research about vampires from around the world and what we consider vampires now is a very new concept. I actually wrote an article on here about the myths of vampires from around the world and how they have impacted our society. It's called The Vampire Compendium and it can be found in the vampire section, if you go to the top of the page and click on "vampires". You'll find it there on the right side of the page.

    I also wrote an article about people claiming to be vampires and can be found in the same section. It's called To People Claiming to be Vampires.

  160. Desirae-
    You said that vampires were never mentioned as 'human-like' yet I've read many old myths were 'vampires' were human during the day and evil monster-like creatures duing the night.

    In addition to that, it's never really mentioned in a lot of old tales from many countries what happens to 'vampires' in sunlight because they usually were only see during the night. Anything could be possible. Same with any religion. Why do people follow a certain religion? Because they believe it to be true. If God is real why not vampires?

  161. Xavier,

    How is it decided that a 'human' can become a vampire?

    Is it when a vampire gets lonely, he/she creates another like him/her?
    Is it based on how likeable the 'human' is?
    Is it based on how adaptable (to a new, slightly different way of life ) a 'human' is?
    Or how genetically adaptable a human is to the transformation?

    What makes a vampire want to turn another human into one such as themselves?
    Do they ever regret their decisions?

    Finally, have you turned another?

    Please excuse some of the words I use [like 'turn' etc], I by no means am trying to offend. I just want to type it plain and simple, so as to not unnecesarily complicate things.

    I also know that you as an individual can not speak for all vampires, as opinions and experiences differ one to another. But even if it's solely your own, I believe it will be insightful none the less.

    Peace be

  162. Icis

    That's actually not true. Most original vampire myths said that they could be out during the day. They hunted at night because the only way they could describe sickness and disease at that time was some unknown creature making them sick and the only way that could happen, in their eyes, was for them to be attacked and not know it, basically, while they were sleeping.

  163. Bracket-
    Thanks alot! I'd love to read your article. Actual vampire lore is in fact very fascinating! I think the original vampires are much more interesting than what modern media has created them into.

    What I mean't by "not humanlike" was that they didn't actually look like humans. They were deceased loved ones who came alive a night to stalk the living. They never "walked" during the day. That notion was created by Bram Stroker.

    They were pretty mindless too, they looked and acted more like zombies according to the earliest accounts from Mesopotamia and Ethiopia. Look it up! its actually pretty interesting.

  164. bracket and Desirae-
    bracket's comment- 'They hunted at night because the only way they could describe sickness and disease at that time was some unknown creature making them sick and the only way that could happen, in their eyes, was for them to be attacked and not know it, basically, while they were sleeping.' And that's is exactly my point. It never actually discribes them during the day. Only that they attacked at night when no one could say for sure what happened.

  165. hi xavier.i read ur story yesterday was vry fascinating.i believe you because unlike othrs u dnt talk much and try to show off,which r fake.u tell things which have logic and i can relate it to practical.i have an inclination and fantasy towards vampirism.especially aftr seeing twilight.wel,tht was jst a made up movie.not like othrs il bundle u up wit loads of question.i wana ask u,do u hv frnz or u stay alone throughout?plz do answer me.take care and alwyz keep smiling

  166. Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem
    Which is Latin, and can be translated as:
    No more things should be presumed to exist than are absolutely necessary.

    People wish to be a vampire and yearn to believe in them, why? They wish to see themselves as the beautiful strong powerful creatures perceived in books such as Twilight, they want to be different. However the grass is not always greener on the other side. A trend comes just as fast as it goes.
    I myself do not claim to be a 'vampire' but there are still plenty of 'things' our there. Things that have the capability of remaining hidden for the most part.

  167. Xavier,
    what about humans that want to become vampiric through the "disease"? How would one go about finding one to help with that, and would there be an interview to assure its for the right reasons. Like purpose or wanting to protect and honor the vampire community?

  168. you say that you were exile. I hope i don't offend by asking, but why were you exile?

  169. Xavier,
    I have read the entire thread of your post, and found it to be extremeley interesing. I am not a skeptic. I do believe there are and have always been vampires. The bible itself tells of Lilith, Adam's first wife created of red clay and such. She was banashed and punished after she refused to lay beneath Adam and be a submissive good little wife. In the bible it tells of her eating babies and drinking the blood of her victims, claiming her to be a vampire, a (demon). I am not religious but I know my religion from when I was younger and forced to. I am now an athiest with no shame in that. I only state that to show that yes Vampires go as far back as the bible itself. Anyways, I want you to know that I want to believe that you are what you say you are. I truly do. I recently have been posting to another forum that dis-credits what I believe in, or should I say am looking for or seeking out. I am seeking out a true vampire for the purposes of giving permission to drink of my blood, and even turn me if they so choose. Yes, from reading your posts I am aware of the risks, and the possiblity that it may not even happen. But I will always search for one, my desire is too strong. It is all I can think about. i don't really have any questions for you, merely your support and blood if you'd like it. And as for Christians who read this I'm not going to hell cause I don't believe in it no more than I do God or Satan, sorry

  170. I don'i know what your timezone is so bot sure when to look for you

  171. Bleedme
    I would be very interested if you could quote us where it says all that in the Bible.

    Isaiah 35:15

  173. Isaiah 34:14
    Lilith in the Bible
    Isaiah 34:14, describing the desolation of Edom, is the only occurrence of Lilith in the Hebrew Bible:

    Hebrew (ISO 259): pagšu ?iyyim et-?iyyim w-sa?ir ?al-r??hu yiqra ?akšam hirgi?ah lilit u-ma??ah lah mano? morpho-syntactic analysis: "yelpers meet-[perfect] howlers; 470, 484) suggest that Lilith was a goddess of the night, known also by the Jewish exiles in Babylon.

    Hieronymus of Cardia translated Lilith with lamia, in Horace (De Arte Poetica liber, 340) a witch who steals children, similar to the Breton Korrigan, in Greek mythology described as a Libyan queen who mated with Zeus.

    The screech owl translation of the KJV is without precedent, and apparently together with the "owl" (yanšup, probably a water bird) in 34:11, and the "great owl" (qippoz, properly a snake,) of 34:15 an attempt to render the eerie atmosphere of the passage by choosing suitable animals for difficult to translate Hebrew words.

    Later translations include:

    night-owl (Young, 1898) night monster (ASV 1901, NASB 1995) night hag (RSV 1947) night creature (NIV 1978, NKJV 1982, NLT 1996) nightjar (New World Translation, 1984) vampires (Moffatt Translation, 1922)
    Jewish tradition
    A Hebrew tradition exists in which an amulet is inscribed with the names of three angels (Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof) and placed around the neck of newborn boys in order to protect them from the lilin until their circumcision. There is also a Hebrew tradition to wait three years before a boy's hair is cut so as to attempt to trick Lilith into thinking the child is a girl so that the boy's life may be spared.

    Dead Sea scrolls
    The appearance of Lilith in the Dead Sea Scrolls is somewhat more contentious, with one indisputable reference in the Song for a Sage (4Q510-511), and a promising additional allusion found by A. The first and irrefutable Lilith reference in the Song occurs in 4Q510, fragment 1:

    "And I, the Instructor, proclaim His glorious splendor so as to frighten and to te[rrify] all the spirits of the destroying angels, spirits of the bastards, demons, Lilith, howlers, and [desert dwellers…] and those which fall upon men without warning to lead them astray from a spirit of understanding and to make their heart and their […] desolate during the present dominion of wickedness and predetermined time of humiliations for the sons of lig[ht], by the guilt of the ages of [those] smitten by iniquity – not for eternal destruction, [bu]t for an era of humiliation for transgression. "

    Hope that was helpfull

  174. What you are refering to is just a passage that uses the original word "lilith". It is a fascinating passage and it does give the idea that "lilith" was known but it doesnt say all that you said in your quotes.

    Bracket in our paranormal forum said - ""The wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island, and the satyr shall cry to his fellow; the scops-owl also shall rest there, and find for herself a place of rest."

    In this case "scops-owl" is referring to Lilith in the King James translation. This is the only time she is mentioned in the bible. "

    By the way you said Isaiah 35:15 Chapter 35 only has 10 verses

  175. Isaiah 34:14,"Goat demons shall greet each other; there too the lilith will repose."
    That's all I will post on this subject, think i've added enough. Maybe even gone a lil overboard with it.

  176. not being mean but bleedme how can you be an atheist and still belive in vampires? maybe i'm unimformed bu i thaught atheist dont belive in anything including anything supernatural things.

  177. Bleedme - I dont doubt that Lilith played a real part. What I was asking you was where did it say all that you said in the Bible? I have read a lot of the stuff you have given and it is really interesting, I would recommend others to check it out too. BUT...

    You said "The bible itself tells of Lilith, Adam’s first wife created of red clay and such. She was banashed and punished after she refused to lay beneath Adam and be a submissive good little wife. In the bible it tells of her eating babies and drinking the blood of her victims, claiming her to be a vampire, a (demon)."

    I wanted to know where the Bible said those things. The word "lilith" in the original and tranlsated to "scopes owl" doesnt tell the story you described.

  178. Yes this is true that Lilith is mentioned only once in our Bible, but as you can see there is more detailed mention of her creation and what she is in the hebrew Bible. Christianity wants you to believe that Eve was the 1st but she wasn't. Anyways this isn't what this discussion started about and I preffer not to linger on it. I was just using it as a refference that vampires have existed for as far back as the bible, to the best of my knowledge. :)

  179. Bleedme - No I think you did good and that you have added some good info to the page - all except for the "The bible itself tells of Lilith, Adam’s first wife....." part and only because the Bible does not tell that story.

  180. When God created Adam, he was lonely, so God created Lilith from the same dust from which Adam was molded. But they quarrelled; Adam [the proverbial domineering male] wished to rule over Lilith. But Lilith [a militant feminist] was also proud and willful, claiming equality with Adam because she was created from the same dust. She left Adam and fled the Garden. God sent three angels in pursuit of Lilith. They caught her and ordered her to return to Adam. She refused, and said that she would henceforth weaken and kill little children, infants and babes. The angels overpowered her, and she promised that if the mother hung an amulet over the baby bearing the names of the three angels, she would stay away from that home. So they let her go, and God created Eve to be Adam's mate [created from Adam's rib, so that she couldn't claim equality]. And ever since, Lilith flies around the world, howling her hatred of mankind through the night, and vowing vengeance because of the shabby treatment she had received from Adam. She is also called "The Howling One."

    Ok, seriously I don’t want to detour any further from why I came here, and that was to talk to Xavier. I stand by him and support him. Whether he is being honest or not I do not know. I believe in giving the benifit of the doubt.
    Xavier, I really do have high hopes that you will connect with me. I wish to know you well, and dream of meeting you some night.
    Sincerely, Bleedme

  181. jennieboo, I believe there is good and bad things in life, and I leave it at that. I don't have "a" God I believe in because there are just far too many religions and they all think they are right and all they do is fight. Even people of the same faith will fight with one another over scriptures and what they are supposed to be doing in the name of "God". That does not mean that I worship many gods, don't get that statement wrong please. I go about my life without religion and it works for me. I believe everyone has the right to religion, just so long as they aren't trying to cram it down my throat. Hope that answered your question

  182. Bleedme - I think that is an interesting story and I think it is likely true as not. The only thing that threw me was when you said it told about it in the Bible.

  183. I apologize for that mistake on my part, I should have said that she was only mentioned in the Bible, but more detailed information on her creation and being a succubus is in the Hebrew Bible. Again what I write is to the best of my knowledge. I do get a lil scrammbled sometimes in thought.

  184. Lilith doesn't appear in Genesis, and the only biblical reference to this mystery woman is a single line in Isaiah that mentions her as a female demon. A Canaanite demon called Lilitu, who tormented men, may have inspired the Hebrew Lilith. This demon has been traced back even further to Babylonian mythology.

    The Lilith demon was later depicted as a slayer of infants and women in pregnancy and childbirth. She came out at night and drank human blood. Sound familiar? Lilith may have been the first vampire, predating Count Dracula by thousands of years.


  185. Bleedme, no apology needed I am really glad you posted all that, it is some great stuff that I very much enjoy talking about.

  186. thank you very much. I was afraid I might offend someone, but I try to support facts with what I say. Even if I get them a lil scrammbled up sometimes :)
    I really hope Xavier can read past all of this and get back to me.

  187. Caretaker, I found something I thought you would enjoy reading. If you can't open it let me know and I'll send you the link.

  188. Xavier, are you around?

  189. Icis

    "bracket and Desirae-
    bracket’s comment- ‘They hunted at night because the only way they could describe sickness and disease at that time was some unknown creature making them sick and the only way that could happen, in their eyes, was for them to be attacked and not know it, basically, while they were sleeping.’ And that’s is exactly my point. It never actually discribes them during the day. Only that they attacked at night when no one could say for sure what happened."

    From the Vampire Compedium.

    "the Sriz which, during the day, would climb to the top of the village church steeple and called out names of villagers. If a persons name was called they were to be a victim that night."

    The Ustrel is "a newborn that died on a Saturday before being baptized usually turned into this type of vampire. After the 9th night of burial, it would rise again and attack livestock. If enough blood was consumed, it would grow strong enough stay out during the daytime."

    "Poland had the Upier, a vampire that rises at mid day and returns to sleep at midnight. It has a barbed tongue and consumes large quantities of blood. It also sleeps in blood as well."

    "prevalent among South America is the Asema which would remove it’s skin at night and fly around as a gaseous ball (This is also very similar to the Haitian Loogaroo)." (this implies that it is out during the day.

    "Japan also has the Rokurokubi. It is a Yokai, a Japanese spirit or demon. In the daytime, the Rokurokubi appear as a regular human but at night, they will stretch their necks to extraordinary lengths. Just like a human, they have different personalities. Some will be nice while others can be mischivous and evil. They usually hide their long neck from the general public, only showing them to drunkards or the blind. They were once normal human beings but were transformed by karma for breaking various precepts of Buddhism and like to drink blood."

    "The Malay Peninsula has the Penanggalan, or Penanggal. It is a woman who either has made a pact with the devil, was cursed, or was startled so much that her head fell off. By day they appear as a normal, maybe even beautiful, woman. But at night she will remove her head and, with her entrails hanging from her neck, will fly around looking for victims. Her main prey is pregnant women and children who she feeds on with a long invisible tongue. It is usually followed by an odor of vinegar."

    So as you can see, there are many myths of vampires being out during the day.

  190. Hold up I have a Jerusalem Bible, I will go translate to english BRB!

  191. O.K. 35:14 says the samething as in the Christian Bible and her name is only mentioned once.

  192. mistake 34:14 Isaie La Bible de Jerusalem : Les chats sauvage recontreront les hyènes. Le satyre appellera le satyre, là encore se tapira Lilith elle trouvera le repos. Là nichera le serpent il pondra, fera éclore ses ouefs, groupera ses petits a l'ombre. Là encore se rassembleront les vautours. Most Bibles were written in French, so here is the closest translation I can give: Wild cats will encounter hyenas, the satyr will call the satyr, still LILITH will hide,she will find rest. She will nest the snake she will lay, will make her eggs hatch and will group her young in the shade, still , the vultures will gather (collect).

  193. Xavier, I await anxiously to recieve an email from you. Again, I've read every thing on the post and am very interested in you. I am a willing soul and offer myself to vampirism. I am a true believer. The desire and urge I have is so compellingly strong to join with a coven, to be turned, or at the least be a voluntary human that will contribute her blood for any vampire that wants human blood. The pain I can endure, for I am a cutter to the extreme, and have been diagnosed with a depersonalization disociative disorder. So being away from people and disconnectting from the life I live now would be a easy transition. At least respond to let me know were I stand please. Again you are more than welcome to e-mail me at marybrennan21 @
    Sincerely Bleedme

  194. CareTaker, can I not give Xavier my e-mail address?

  195. Our policy is not to post email addresses publicly but I do make exceptions. Posting your email addresses publicly like that can get you a lot of spam and unwanted emails. Since you have asked specifically I have allowed your email but have added spaces to it to make it non-clickable.

  196. Bleed me, you are foolish. Do not do what one knows not of or you shall end in despair. You know nothing of a world beyond your own comforting one, and as I had previously mentioned since it is a 'fad' (as I think it is called in this time) to be a vampire it will soon end and the classification of monster will return, you will regret it. One's own thoughts can get tiring after a while and living in darkness can make one envy those who remain in the sun. It is true when they say the grass is not always greener on the other side. Also people change, the world changes, everything changes and one day, you will be all alone and loneliness is not the same as long term decided seperation. It will end as felo de se. Latin translation - a suicide.

  197. Thank you very much Caretaker you have been very kind and open minded as well and patient with my scrambling mistakes, I'll get the e-mail right this time. I'm not concerned much with spammers I have wonderful spam protection on my system.

  198. Xavier, I anxiously await to hear from you. I just hope you were able to get past all the religious talk I regretably brought into the post. Of course that is with the exception of Caretaker, I was more than happy to information with him. Again,Xavier I am truly fasinated and interested in you and what you have been through and am more than willing to be there for you and your needs. I await with intince anticipation for a response from you and hope to get an e-mail from you. marybrennan21 @

  199. Adamaris, you are entiteled to your opinion, though foolish you may think I am I asisure I you I know what am asking for and what I am getting myself into. You may believe it to be a "fad", but I have for as long as I can remember, far beyond Twilite, and many other vampire movies before it my yurning desire is real. I didn't start craving to be with vampires or offer myself to them based on books and movies. Sorry to disappoint you but what I feel is deep down in soul has always been there. As for bleing alone all of my life I have always felt alone, even when I have had someone to love me, and family. I have had people in my life in the past, and now as well but still feel alone and always will. I've always felt and known that I was meant to be alone. I actually feel better alone. Please, I wish no one to feel sorry for me, for there truly is no reason to. You say that it will be the end, a suicide. Well, I'm not afraid of that for I have already made 2 unsuccessfull attememts, which landed me in a mental hospital. And now I release my pain by cutting deep slices of flesh on I care my body. I also suffer from Depersonalisation Disosiative Disorder, look it up. I don't do well with the outside world.



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