Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shadow Figure in the Middle of the Night

I went to Wimberley, Texas for a visit to see my sisters, their families and my mom and dad. I was there during July 20 - 27 2009, but my last night was the night I had the experience. I was staying with my sister, husband and four children. I had brought my son, 12 yrs old and my daughter, 15 months old.

I was staying in my niece's room which I noticed to be very cold compared to the entire house. I did think it's got to be - a presence. I knew that I might feel or see something in this house so I just relaxed about it instead of dreading it. I want to also say that during that week I was there I taken photos of everyone in the house but one photo had orbs. I think it maybe the spirit's wanted to be in the picture, why else were they there?

My last night I had been getting up with my daughter it seems more than usual, getting her a bottle and putting her back in the play yard. I woke up at middle of the night not for my daughter but from something penetrating my vagina. I actually couldn't wake completely. I knew that I was feeling this but I felt as though I was in paralysis. I remember that I looked up but I couldn't move. I had my clothes and blanket on. I went back to sleep which was weird to me but like I said I already thought if something happens... then it does.

I woke up again... don't know how much time went by but that's when I looked up to my left and saw what seemed to be a dark shadowy figure. I wasn't thrilled with that but I looked away very quickly and paid it no attention. I did think for a minute... well that must be one of the spirits, ghost, demons... whatever it maybe hanging around this home. I don't know how I went back to sleep. I guess exhaustion from getting up with my daughter and having sex with a ghost that did it.

I'm not mad this happened, just glad I was not hurt physically. I'm not afraid of this presence. I wish I knew why this happened.

Written by Melissa Salamone, Copyright 2009

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