Monday, August 10, 2009

Lust Demon Attacks

I'm writing my stories so others who go through demonic oppression/possession don't feel alone in there struggle. I have always loved God and have always had a strong desire to serve Him! What I'm about to describe is very graphic and may not be suitable for children, I will try my best to keep it clean and tasteful.

As with most young men sex is something I thought about a lot, and at times it consumed my every thought. I started to get sexually attacked by women lust demons when I was 24. I was sleeping and was woken up to a feeling of something touching my private area. I saw a gorgeous woman in perfect physical condition, she was in human form but her eyes were black. I felt a horrible dread coming from her and fear beyond measure. I also felt a lot of pressure on my chest and couldn't breathe. She told me that if I give my soul to her that she will have sex with me forever! I told her no! She kept touching me and then forced sex with me. I couldn't control it, I felt completely paralyzed and felt completely helpless, she started to talk to me in my head telepathically, and audibly at the same time, she continued with all this for four hours. When I could use my mouth to speak I would tell her No! You cant have my soul! She kept ignoring my requests and continued to do sexual things to me.

I've been attacked like this for over 10 years now, and I never invite it or want it to happen. I try my best to fight and never tell the lust demon women they can do things with me they just do it. They have even entered and possessed women around me, the women had sex with me and I couldn't stop it.

Some of you may think this sounds great but its not, when you're being raped by a demon possessed woman and the woman is not even aware of what happens! After the sex is over the woman gets dressed and walks away and doesn't remember any of it! I will tell her what happened but she doesn't believe me.

I know this is hard to believe but its true, and its happened so many times that I cant count. I get sexually attacked every day but I continue to keep up the fight and call upon the name of Jesus Christ to rebuke them, I continue to say no and never say yes no matter what lust demons do to me.

Written by Tim Sullivan, Copyright 2009


  1. It is a succubus. Likely the same demon taking on a different form. Get help for this. Demonologist or something. Try the demonologist and see if he can help you or refer you.

  2. Get with another christian who is strong in the faith and they can pray for 2 people can make all the difference.

  3. I have also experience something similar to this. I wake up to someone groping me and I cannot stop it, I try so hard to yell or wake up and I cannot. I am completely paralyzed. when I awake in the morning, I do not know if this is a dream, or if it all really happened.

  4. This has happened to me before too just recently before I got saved an started getting the word in an the devil doesn't like that an I'm a teenager so I struggled with it a lot plus I was in a relationship that perverted my thoughts...I remember it like it was yesterday I had a dream that I went to a friends house to do some homework an this is a girl I used to speak but she didn't believe in god so I stopped messin with her..the demon that attacked me in my dreams used her appearance.. So I was doing work an then all of a sudden I touched the printer an then I started to feel like I was drugged like I was drunk or something then I walked up to her told I something doesn't feel right she walked me to her room put me on the bed an got on top of me an started kissing me I tried to move but I couldn't move in my dream nor could I see my hands an arms I woke up but I didn't wake up I could see myself struggling to get up tryna move I had my mouth all open drooling everywhere I could see that it felt so real but unreal at the same time I can't remember if I screamed Jesus or just thought his name but I heard it an I woke I felt violated but idk I just woke up an started praying out loud walking back an forward

  5. Try asking her to leave

  6. I've had something similar and i'm a girl. it's happened a few times actually. i will wake up but can't control it and i never see its face. it will be like i'm awake but i'm not there.

  7. Kinky, that's some potent stuff you've had wish I could have some of that

  8. I had these experiences before though not with sec, but this shadow with human form. Feeling the pressure over my body pinning me down. I know I wake up totally in fear. Struggling to get up or speak out loud. In my mind I keep telling it to go away in Jesus name. When I finally get the words out, it goes and I can move. Thank God its been a long time that this doesn't happen



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