Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Do Vampires Require a Period of Sleep?

This question was posted as a comment Through the Eyes of a Vampire.

Xavier wrote "I am about to be entering another “period of sleep” in what I am estimating to be less than 2 days from now, so until its over I am leaving one of my friends in charge of overseeing my posts, his name is Hekter"

Maia replied with the following:

Xavier / Hekter

Here is an area we haven’t explored and it would be interesting to understand. I have several questions if you don’t mind answering:

1) Do you have to prepare in anyway prior to entering a period of sleep?

2) Why do you need to enter a period of sleep? (I assume you do not sleep 8 hours a day like human)

3) Does one increase cycles of feeding knowing it has to sustain you?

4) Does the sleep evoke some type of vampire regeneration process? if so, can you elaborate? (Is it similar to humans regeneration process or completely different)

5) Can you be awoken during this time or are you dead to the world? (no pun intended because I don’t think you are dead)

6) Can you dream and do you remember your dreams?

Sleep well Xavier and don’t let the bed bugs bite

Sent in by Maia, Copyright 2010


  1. 1) Yes, he must gather a blood supply for when he awakes.

    2) Its called period of sleep because its much like a bears hybernation, only vampires get it from time to time and some more often than others like Xavier.

    3) Yes, Xavier has consumed a lot of blood recently for this very purpose, since he wont be moving around in this period, he will not need as much to sustain him through this.

    4) Periods of sleep are just a hybernation period that vampires experience periodically, it can last up to 2 years for Xavier and other vampires that have an unnaturally occurring period of sleep.

    5) It is impossible to awake a vampire during a period of sleep.

    6) that question is beyond me, if he did dream he hasn't told me yet.

  2. Hekter,

    Thats very strange, why do vampires need to into a state like hybernation, It\s it because they never sleep like humans , so they make up for it?

  3. 1) Well, of course i have to scrub my face and brush my teeth duh

    2) Because it mother nature, our bodies secrete certain chemical that help us regenrate and make energy

    3) Not necessarily

    4) It's just normal sleep

    5) I can be woken up with physical contact but a lot of people have described me as being "dead" when i have my 8-hour "hybernation"

    6) I always dream but I rarely remember anything even when i try

    But as for the guy, he probably went on a weekend vacation

    Anya :p

  4. hello Hekter
    I'm kirill
    I have been a member for long now but I never talk to a actual vampire before your a real vampire I can see. Can you help me or give me some tips of how to become one. I have searched for Vampires for a long time... I have a chance now :) Thank you for reading Please write back

  5. wooohoo.. an actual vampire.. i have a few... uhm.. different questions than some of the others here.

    1. I've noticed many of my friends, as well as i, have strangely long( not horror movie vampire long but a little bit longer than normal) k9 teeth. could this mean what i think it might mean?

    2. i am well.. un-naturally strong, or as some of my acquaintances have called it "Stouter than i look", i'm always being told to wait up by others( could be explained by my long legs, but still) even while i'm walking. i can be right beside someone for a few moments , and they have to look directly at me, or i have to let my presence be known in some way for them to know i'm there.

    3. i have a friend who stays up days, if not weeks at a time, is just super strangely smart, and doesn't seem to consume allot of food, or drinks9 though he loves my family's cooking and will occasionally drink one of my sparkling teas) could he possibly be a vampire and either not know it, or just not have told me?

    4. could i possibly be a vampire and not know it? i don't drink blood( at least not while awake, i don't know about asleep) i have an incredibly hard time falling asleep, and I've tasted blood before.. tastes kinda tangy.. ^_^ along with the other evidence I've gathered, i have suspicions, but i do sleep. and it's very hard to awaken me. i have to know if there is some possibility.

    thank you very much for reading all of this, and if you reply i'd be just as thankful.

  6. I am not a vampire, merely a vampires friend or acquaintence rather. I help a vampire known as Xavier.

  7. i see, i must have gotten it mixed up. sorry.

  8. Kirill,
    Hekter is not a Vampire he is only helping Xavier while he´s asleep, but I´m a Vampire so you can ask me the questions you have. As for tips what do you mean with that? You want to become a Vampire just get bitten since I assume you´re a Human. I hope that answered your question.
    -Carlos Hernandez

    creature boy,
    1. You and your friends might just have long canines because of your genes or someone in their and your family has them too and it passed along to you and them.
    2. You´re really fast if that happens, there is a possibility that you´re a Vampire since you´re strong and fast as for a scientific explanation I can´t find one.
    3. Your friend could be a Vampire or he suffers from severe Insommia and is really smart as for him not eating I don´t know about that, but if he s a Vampire he can´t eat food or drink tea unless he´s a Half-Blood like me.
    4. If you were a Vampire you would know, trust me. Unfortunately, I doubt that you are a Vampire if you don´t drink blood, every Vampire (Full-Bloods,Half-Bloods or any other) need blood no matter what there´s no way they can survive only with Human food.
    -I hope I answered your questions so you can understand your frinds and yourself. If you have any more questons just ask me.
    Carlos Hernandez

  9. to Carlos-

    You forgot what Xavier has posted a while back Carlos, if someone had a vampire in their ancestry they CAN inherit traits of a vampire and still be human.

  10. HarukosHellKittenMarch 29, 2010 at 1:12 PM

    1) No I usually don't prepare
    2) I go through a period of sleep because I continue to go on untill I am physically exhausted.
    3) I used too until about 5 years ago when I met my current boyfriend who allows me to feed from him though I only take what I need and not over drain him.
    4) Not that I am aware of.
    5) It usually depends. I usually under sleep and am easily awoken unless my period of sleep is much longer then I am not easily awoken and sleep like the "dead"
    6)Depends on the type of dream. If it's a "happy dream" then no I don't remember it. If it is a nightmare then yes I remember it.

  11. It took a while to find this post again, but elaborating on what Hekter said,

    1. Hekter usually gathers a blood supply for when I awake.
    2. Hekter more or less covered that with the exception that I do not sleep like a regular human, I stay awake which is probably what causes my abnormal periods of sleep.
    3. Yes, I do increase my feeding before periods of sleep.
    4. Its just hybernation due to the fact I do not sleep.
    5. No vampire can be awakened from a period of sleep, that is why we are supposed to find a safe place to let it occur.
    6. I dream, but I do not remember them.

  12. are you people dunce?

  13. I hve sixth sense, everytym i predict and it becomes true.People i hate always gets transferred or leave their jobs and get out of my lyf.I like eating non veg but hve never tasted blood.My smelling is also strong.I like to stay alone and so hve only 8 to 9 frnds I hve also suffered Tuberclosis but now i m f9.Now i dont know whether its a stupid question but would like to know whether are this indications of vampire.One imp thng i worship god a lot.Hope to get ur reply.Take care.Thnks



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