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Vampires a Historical Study

I am a big fan of vampires but I wouldn't go as far as to say I wish to be one whether they do exist or not. I have watched over 100 different vampire films and each one were different in their own way. I believe in what I see, if a vampire was to come before me then I will believe they exist but until that day then no.

What makes me wonder is the fact that all these people on here who claim to be vampires have not once used the original spelling, how I would've thought a vampire would say, after all its their name, that spelling is vampyre.

I have studied vampires from as early as 10000 BC. They were around when Jesus was here, I actually read in the year 31 Jesus healed all the vampires at Capernaum. Then the next vampire to be heard of was in the year in 140 which the vampires reigned victorious till the year 773, when Charlemagne defeated Quadilla the Vampire, saving Rome. Then there was no sign of a vampire until 300 years later when one was spotted in Russia. It was like the vampires would appear then go for centuries then return.

When the 15th century arrived Dracula was born - 1428 - then he was assassinated in 1477. Then suddenly people started publishing books on how to kill vampires. Then Italian scientist Ludovico Fatinelli was burned at the stake for suggesting a biological cause for vampires.

In 1560 Elizabeth Bathory was born, she was a troubled person through her childhood and she spent all her adulthood in prison. She was a convicted serial killer and she claimed to be a reincarnation of Vlad the Impaler (Count Dracula). In 1607 it was said to believe a ship brought vampires from the other side of the world, they called the ship, the ship of death.

In 1610 Elizabeth Bathory was convicted of killing 773 girls, the same number of the year when the first vampire elder was killed (Quadilla). In 1614 Elizabeth then died, the cause of her death is still to this day unknown. After her death books were published on the vampire subject for many years but there was no sight of vampires.

The word vampire was used a lot as it became very popular in the publishing and film industry. Still no sight of any vampires until the year 1872 when Vincenzo Verzeni was convicted of killing two people and drinking their blood. Then in 1897 Bram Stoker released he’s book. Since 1872 there has been no such act that has taken place and throughout the years up to our year now 2010 there has been over 500 different books published and 300 films based on vampires and Dracula.

I have read the scariest books and watched the scariest films. The book that described the vampire most fearsome and one that I would never like to come across was the vampires from the Anne Rice books, which two of them where made into films, The Queen of The Damned and Interview With The Vampire. Her best seller was a book called the Vampire Lestat. The most unfrightning way that a vampire was described was in the Twilight series which there characters are based on beauty but it was the most spot on in a way a vampire could be described.

I hope you enjoy this write up it will be good to see what you think of it. As I said before vampires are an amazing species and so much to tell about them, there is no end in what can be said about them and until the day I meet one I will keep researching.

Sent in by Ryan, Copyright 2010


  1. Hi Admin
    you know one of the reasons I started to come to this website was because I was researching Rakshasa (vampires) existence in Hindu mythology. My grandmother was a psychic, in western terms that can be deciphered as someone who communicates with otherworldly creatures and spirits. This term doesn't really exist in Hinduism or Hindu ideology, some souls have the ability to interact with other beings, my grandmother possessed that gift, she was born into the "Brahmin" cast, which is basically into the priesthood, the highest cast in hinduism. Those born into this cast, one of the duties of this cast is to help release souls trapped on this world.

    For may years I rejected her beliefs, rejected Hinduism, but now some of what she said has come to light. I have a story based on her recollections, her experiences and would like you to review the story for me. would you be willing to do that?

  2. Ryan, like any person, I love asking questions and learning more about whatever topic (currently vampires) I'm focusing on. I hope my questions aren't too much. Here goes. Based on all your research and what you have seen/read, what do you think would be or is the most accurate fictional book or movie description of vampires? Why do you think this? How long have you been researching? Have you also played any vampire-based video games? Are they interesting? Have you ever researched another subject? What are your favorites of each? Which was the scariest, funniest, and weirdest of each? Is weirdest even a word? You don't have to answer all of them if you don't want to. I am a very understanding person and I know that not everyone has a reason for preferences and all that stuff. Answer as best as you can. Thanks.
    By the way, for others out there, get used to the "vampire face because I like it so much that I put it at the end of all my comments. See ya! ^,.,^

  3. very interesting.
    Do you have sources for your research?

  4. I agree with Emm. I think i'd like to start seeing sources. I wanna read this stuff too! When one is mentions i copy and paste into notepad to save it for further inquiry. I love to read and i love vampires!

  5. Let it be known that the story of the vampire research or basic geneology parsay, is a beautiful and very discribtive log full of very important information! I am very much so in ahh about everyones comments and information! As a medium and energy worker I have had many people tell me of very interesting sightings and supernatural events in their personal lives. I never gave the thought until about two years ago of such things being reactivated. When I speak of the word reactivated I am saying that I believe this blood, this old heritatary dna is moreless being awakened threw our new generations and rapidly should I say! This makes me even more @ peace w my inner faith in the changing world. I believe the old world is awaking into a modern society threw many different methods. Not only lenage, but spirtually evolving(old souls remembering and wanting to feel and live as they have in past lives). I feel threw my meditation and discusions with persons of no name(meaning I would never say who or where), that this energy is alive and being reborn daily and even awakened more dramaticly then any generation I've incountered. The veil this past halloween was said to not close completly and every year from here on out it is said that it will not.(For those of you that don't know what a veil is, it is the spirtual wall between our physical exzistance and the very living and real other side). If there was a boat that brought vampires to this side from another realm they would of had to pass threw this veil. I would have to amagine this being a very spiritual and highly evolved prusuit. But none the less, anything and everything is indeed possible. With this being said I hope this finds you all in more peace or comfort to know that perhaps you are not crazy or insane but gifted and maturing. To acknowledge and receive your own individual gifts just might be the most important fet you achieve in this life! It is as I have been told and so it truely must have already began! I would venture to say you all have been only awakened perhaps and yet on the scale of all that is yet to come to be, a newborn in a new world with all of the unknown and unseen at your grasp but for you personally and inwardly to experience and achieve. Know thyself and you are wisest of all! Blessed be! :)

  6. Amazing facts! Bravo for your hard research...People like you shed light onto the "Vamprye" subject(From now on I will call them by their real term) for me to be educated by...If you have any more information(That you haven't posted already) I would certainly enjoy reading it!

    Thank You

  7. Hello from Germany!!!
    Wow this website is pretty freaky!!!Now I am really wondering if there are creatures like vampires living next to us and with us....I am a really religious girl and I do know that there are demons and witches...I mean they are even mentioned in the Holy Bible!!! In some bible translation there also appears this name Lilith...I just found out that she was or is a very powerful the mythology she is also called the Mother of all Vampires and creatures of the Night....means the Mother of all bad....
    Now I am really confused...Like I said, I do believe in both sides...the good One and the Bad One....but can we or shall we really believe in Real creatures??I mean I always imagined those creatures as a kind of fog or dust...something which is not touchable.... Do you know what I mean???? Hope that someone would like to Tell me His or her opinion!!!
    Greets from good old boring Germany!!!

    By the way sorry for my not-so-good english….;)

  8. Whoever posted this "true historical information" on Erzebet Bathory needs a few history lessons. You should read up on your facts and start doing some research before gabbling a bunch of fiction to people. All your facts about her are wrong mate, and it is known how she died. She was put on trial and walled up in a tower in her own castle for 3 whole years, only being fed through a hole...until she died at around the age of 53 inside the tower. All the REAL historical facts are out there for people to see for I would advise you all to do so. She was an evil psychopath who fuelled the fictional legends of "supernatural vampires". Her a atrocities were so horrendous, no horror fiction writer could even make up the things she did. But dearies...yes she bit, ate flesh, practised black magic and satanism etc, ..but she didn't have fangs... just lots of torture tools and devices

  9. Can I ask something about vampires??? well I'm really curious with there race. Well I know some families of vampire living here in the families but I am afraid to meet them. I practice the language of the dead but I'm still novice. Our family was noted as one of the oldest and 1st to practice language of the dead in the Philippines.

  10. Anyone knows about the language of the dead here?

    Is there anyone here who knows the history about vampires?

  11. interesting article. just a thought---you use jesus as a reference in time but the same question that has been asked about vampires can be asked about him. there's absolutely no shred of evidence jesus ever existed and yet a famous book and thousands of years later people still believe. it's amazing what people choose to accept as real what they write off as fantasy.

  12. Stae
    Actually there are various documents that do prove the existence of a man named Jesus from Nazareth. Even those who were not followers of Jesus have mentioned him. You should do a little research before making such statements. Both have travelled through the centuries, but in different ways. It is only in more recent years where everything is being challenged in this strange society.

  13. Vampire Truth AdminJuly 21, 2010 at 10:27 AM

    Anonymous - Yes, there is evidence that Jesus actually existed.

  14. I came upon this while trying to more information of the history of the vampire and thus this comment is rather late. I have to say that I've scarcely had more issues with any one article.
    Firstly, on the 'original' spelling of vampires. Nonsense. "Vampire" derives from the German "Vampir", and in turn from the Serbian "Vampir". The only time in its possible etymology that it was spelled "vampyre" was the French word. Arguably, one of the first times it was spelled "vampyre" was with Polidori's famous book, published the better part of a century after the word "vampire" entered English. If a vampire lifestyler is referring to themself as a 'vampyre', I'd think that they were trying to make the term more 'gothick'.
    Ryan claims that his studies go back to 10000BCE. If so, I'd love to see the cave pictures that depict vampires, from an objective interpretation - *proto-writing* only developed over 3000 years later. Now, even if this claim is correct, why would you skip 10k years to 31CE? Why would you neglect the Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Hebrew, Chinese or Greek vampires (to name but a few cultures where they existed)?
    Furthermore, the idea that Jesus healed vampires is pure speculation. There is no evidence for vampires ever existing in Capernaum, and in all the Scriptures (the New Testament, the Apocrypha &c.), any mention of Jesus healing anything is limited to the healing of the paralytic man [Mk 2:1-5], the ill/feverish [Lk 7:1-10, 4:31-44] and to casting out evil spirits[(Lk 4:31–36 & Mk 1:21–28]. Now, unless paralysis is a common trait of vampires that I've somehow never come across, this speculation refers to the evil spirits. But, this is extremely ambiguous, and any claim that they were vampires is extremely dubious.
    Vampires in 140CE. I've heard this story before, which claims that Longinus, Emperor of Rome was a vampire. The actual emperor at the time was Antonius Pius, and there was *never* any emperor called Longinus, nor were any said to be vampires. Other people claim that Longinus reigned in 68CE, so the consistency of the claims shows you just how much you should trust it. As for Quadilla, the only mention of him is in the exact same information recycled ad nauseam between various websites that claim to show a history of vampires.
    The mention of Vlad III in a history of vampires shows poor research. Dracula was first associated with vampires in Stoker's 'Dracula', over 400 years later. For the same reason, Bathory never claimed to be Vlad III reincarnated. J, above, has written enough about Bathory, so I'll refrain from talking about her.
    Ludovico Fatinelli was burned for the same reason as many of the witches during the witch hunts - they threatened the Church in some way. In Fatinelli's case, yes, it was his treatise that brought his demise, but only because a biological cause went against the Church's teaching that vampires arose from immorality. So, although not incorrect, per se, to say that he "burned at the stake for suggesting a biological cause for vampires", it is inaccurate.
    "Still no sight of any vampires until the year 1872". From 1614? There were no vampires in one of the biggest vampire crazes in history? Just one example to research on is Peter Plogojowitz. I have no further comment on this claim, just because it's ridiculous.
    It may be fair to say that there has been no case of vampirism since 1872 - ignoring the self-described vampires (either serial killers or lifestylers) - as the world moved into a more scientific and enlightened mindset.
    "Twilight series which there characters are based on beauty but it was the most spot on in a way a vampire could be described." Justification needed.

    As others have said, please note your sources in future for any such writing.



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