Thursday, February 18, 2010

ZOZO and Carrie

This happened to me and my friend Mandy. Here's what happened.

I've wanted a Ouija board for a long time, but my mom disapproved of them and told me they were dangerous but when I moved in with my dad everything changed. My dad never believed in ghosts while me and my mom strongly believed so my dad bought me a Ouija board the night before my friend Mandy was going to sleep over at my house. Well that night was a little weird. When I was staying up late watching movies by myself I started to get a eerie feeling. Then I turned my head and looked at where I put my Ouija Board, it wasn't where I left it. Weird I thought to myself and begun to search for it. finally I found it still in the packaging how I left it in the creepiest part of my basement, the oilroom/laundry room. The reason why I'm a little freaked out by this room is because I thought I saw a little boy in there asking to play a year ago. So anyway I gathered up my courage and went in there to get it. I quickly ran in and back out and shut the door to that room very quickly and went to bed a little shaken up.

The next day me and my dad went to pick up my friend Mandy. As soon as we picked her up she asked if I got the Ouija Board, we both were really excited to play with one. When we got to my house we went down in my basement and started to play. You hold it first I told her (She's done it before and this was my first time), ok she replied happily. She held the Ouija Board and asked the first question. "Are there any sp-rits here" she asked. Nothing happened so we made it move ourselves for the first couple minutes or so. Then it moved on it's own because and moved differently and my friend had a startled look on her face. So we asked the question again, and the planchette moved to yes.

Then we asked it's name, it spelled out C-A-R-R-I-E, Carrie. Carrie said she was 17 and was killed when someone was beating her. We found Carrie in my oilroom. We asked if we could see her, she said we could maybe see her but only if we made it like pitch black, so we did. At first Mandy and I thought we probably wouldn't be able to see her but then I saw this tall, skinny, pale long-blond-haired girl standing in the dark. I even remember what she was wearing, a strapless black mini-dress, with a white belt on the waist, an old fashioned diamond heart necklace, and strappy zebra heels. She even had pink highlights like Avril Lavigne. Carrie became our spirit guide and loved us like sisters. Carrie would also do weird stuff like sometimes I would feel like little shocks on my face but the only thing near me was air, and I felt someone tickle my back, but Mandy was in the bathroom. So you can tell Carrie was a really nice ghost and would protect us if we needed her to.

When we were sitting on my bed calm and relaxed talking to Carrie something weird happened to both me and Mandy, we felt pains on our arms like claws were scratching us. At first we thought Carrie was playing a joke on us, but when we said "Carrie, Stop!" something freaky happened. The board started spelling out something fast and furiously. I was holding the board at the time and while this was going on both me and Mandy felt the same thing sad, mad, depressed, felt like there was no happiness left in the world. Finally I realized what the board spelled out, when I did I was terrified, terrified enough to almost not tell my friend, but I decided I had to. She asked me over an over "What is it saying?" finally I choked out "ZOZO", "It said, this is not Carrie, it's ZOZO."

It took my friend a couple seconds to put it together, but when she did she gave me the most horrified look I've ever seen before in my life. If you're wondering why we were terrified it's because ZOZO is an evil devil who some people have said has murdered innocent people for fun. Anyway when we figured this out we had no idea whatsoever except to just read what he said.

ZOZO started asking questions, weird questions, like "do you like to watch people die?" and another was "do you want to die tonight and join me, it won't hurt, that bad." Then he started saying he was going to kill us at 12:00 am. You'd think as soon as he left we'd be smart and put the board away, hope it never happened, but no we kept playing it. As soon as ZOZO left Carrie came back asking us what happened we told her and then she left to try to go and stop him. At the time it was 11:00 pm. So we had a hour. We stopped playing for a short while to make popcorn and watch a little TV. By 11:30 pm we felt better and almost forgot what happened but as soon as the clock said 12:00 am weird stuff started to happen. Doors slammed upstairs, my radio turned it self on blared, footsteps above our heads and weird demonic voices filled the air. At first we thought it was my dad but when we went upstairs he was sound asleep like he had been at 11:00 pm. Then we started to freak out. We tried to wake up my dad, no use he was a heavy sleeper, and plus he didn't believe in ghosts anyway. So we were on our own.

We ran downstairs and waited. Just as we were starting to calm down again the stuff happened again only three times worse. Even the scratches on the arms started again, only this time when I looked down at the marks they spelled out something. "You will die tonight." Mandy got the same one on her arm. Then amongst the horrors I remembered something. Mandy had brought Holy water with her in case we needed it. So I yelled to Mandy to go get it and I was searching through my brain for a passage from the bible to read to vanish ZOZO. Finally I thought of one, and I yelled to Mandy to say it with me, we said over and over as we blessed my house and sprinkled Holy water everywhere. Then suddenly we both felt the evilness go away and we knew we had done it. We were so happy. Mandy and I are creeped out big-time still, but we still may play with one again.

Sent in by Kailee LaBelle, Copyright 2010

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