Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My First Encounter that led to Possible Belief in Vampires

The first encounter was the one that made me go from believing that blood vampires were pure fiction to more-than-plausible reality. Keep in mind that, prior to this encounter, I had never watched a vampire movie (not even old Dracula flicks), read a vampire book, nothing like that. I knew nothing, really, of the lore and legends.

This one took place at a nightclub in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in the autumn of 1988. I was 18 at the time. My roommate and I were working at that nightclub, and that night started off normal as any other night. Because we were underage, we weren’t drinking. We were also not ingesting any intoxicating substances of any sort; in short, we were stone cold sober that night.

We had started work around 8 pm and, like I said, it started out as a normal night. About three hours into it (around 11 pm), she and I were walking towards one another and we each felt…something. It froze us each in place. It was inside our heads, under our skins. This was the most powerful telepathic signal I had ever experienced. I looked at my roommate and saw that she was shaking. I walked up to her and she said, “I can hear him, too.” It wasn’t exactly a voice. It wasn’t a song. It was a vibration, but it wasn’t just a vibration. It was totally outside the realm of my experience.

We both sensed that it was male, whatever it was, and no human being that I have ever met, before that night or since, gives off this powerful of a vibe. It was utterly compelling, and we found ourselves listening for it. We knew he was coming closer, and we each felt that he was personally aware of us.

When he finally arrived, it was…strange…it was almost like no one else wanted to make eye contact with him, like people instinctively, subconsciously, recognized the power in this being and tried to step the hell out of his way. People didn’t run, they didn’t freeze, they just stepped away.

When his eyes met mine, it was like nothing I had ever experienced. He did not physically touch me or anyone else in that nightclub. I would guess that he was about two feet from me when he stopped in front of me. I have no idea how long I stood there, locked in that stare. It could have been seconds or years. Everything else vanished; I lost all awareness of where I was and anyone else but this other being. I could not tell you the specific color of his eyes, but I can tell you that they were dark and intense. He did not look “dead”. He didn’t “sparkle”. His skin, what I could see of it on his face and hands and throat, appeared to be in perfect condition, and was not unduly pale–I am whiter than that being’s skin was.

At one point, I remember forming the thought, “Vampire. He’s a vampire.” And hearing him laugh and knowing he had wordlessly replied, “Yes, yes, I am.” That seemed perfectly normal and entirely logical. He was minutely aware of me, but he wasn’t trying to intrude on my private thoughts; I had the sense that he was conveying a message to me, and I found myself thinking in reply, “Of course. I know. I know not now. I know what you’re telling me. I understand. I will see you at that time.”

And then he was gone.

We could hear (telepathically) and sense his departure, the growing distance between his location and ours. When I finally looked at my roommate again, she had turned a really sickly shade of green and was shaking. I asked her what was wrong, and she had difficulty pulling herself together enough to form thoughts and words, but eventually managed to describe a sensation that felt like a “jackhammer under my skin, in my bones, in my head” when she met his gaze. She said that she started feeling physically ill when she tried to communicate telepathically with him and felt that she had been clearly warned that he was not there to communicate with her.She said it was very clear to her that she was in his way and that he wanted to tell me something.

We asked everyone that we could in the nightclub if they had seen this man, and the most that anyone would say was that they had had an impression of “someone different, dark, scary” passing by them briefly. No one could remember any real specifics about this being, other than believing it was a male.

I wrote down all of the details I could recall immediately, on scraps of paper out in my car. My impression was of a male being–a vampire–with dark, intense eyes, medium-fair skin, long dark hair, medium build (neither bulky nor excessively lean) and no taller than 5?10?. Physically, he did not appear extremely young, but neither was he old; I would have guessed late thirties to early forties. His clothing was normal for the time, blue jeans, boots, long jacket, some kind of shirt that buttoned up the front. I could not see his ears to see if they were pierced, and I had the impression of a silver ring or two, but nothing excessive. Just normal appearance. I wrote down, “Old. His eyes were so old,” on those sheets of paper that I later tucked into the journal I kept at the time. I also wrote, “Know I will encounter him again, but not when or how. Felt no fear of him; [roommate's name] says he terrified her, though, and she was glad when she was ‘released’ from his presence.”

All I can tell you about that night is what I experienced, what I wrote down immediately after it happened, what I remember of it…I know of nothing that precipitated this event.

Sent in by Melissa, Copyright 2010


  1. Wow thats pretty scary!

  2. i beleive every word that says vampires are real!!!!!

  3. You right emily!

  4. Wow really interesting...Thak you that you wrote this here...I m still think about it...=)

  5. You're very welcome...all these years later, I'm still amazed by it, and by any time I've sensed that being again.

  6. Melissa , wow that is an awesome experience =]
    i wish i was that lucky !
    but hey im still young , the time to be at a club and meet a vamp is still in the future for me haha .
    do you ever feel like your being watched ?

  7. If my experience helps anyone, it's worth it to me to share it.

    Yes, Barbie, I do occasionally get that feeling. There have been other encounters with this being, although none so up-close physically as this one. It's not a paranoid feeling, although it was strange at first. Now, on those rare occasions when it happens, it's more like I think, "Oh, it's you, okay, then," and go on about my life.

    I have never been afraid of this being. I have never sensed anything bad or evil or dark or scary about him. I have never had the sense that he means me any harm at all. On one of the other discussion threads, one person asked if I thought perhaps I knew him from another life, and, yes, I have wondered about that. I figure I probably do know him, somehow, from a previous incarnation.

    I'd just like to sit down with this guy and get it all out in the clear, why he showed himself like that to us that night, why I've been able to sense him, why he's allowed these other encounters to take place...maybe someday, I'll actually get that chance.

    I don't think it was the nightclub itself that was important about where that first encounter took place; I think it was just convenient for his purpose that night.

    Good luck in your quest, Barbie, and good luck to us all in finding answers to our questions.



  8. Mellisa - Yeah , maybe he has met you in another life , and I don't think he means you harm . But hopefully one day he will reveal himself, and you too could actually have a conversation haha . =]
    i realized that alot of the experiences have happened in the late 1900's , i wonder why .

  9. Melissa-
    You say that you do not feel afraid of this being, but do all other people feel afraid of him when in his company?

  10. Barbie--you know, I hadn't thought about that, about so many people having had encounters in the late 1900s; thank you for mentioning that. That's given me something else--something new--to ponder about this. I would love--wish I could use bold and italics to emphasize that!!!--to have the conversion take place.

    Cerridwen--people who have been in my general vicinity during an encounter seem only to report feeling terrified or overwhelmed if they try to communicate with this being, or if he seems to think that they will somehow interfere with me, or with him communicating with me. My husband believes he encountered the same vampire shortly before we met, and he had the same feelings I recorded during my original experience, and states that he felt no fear whatsoever, that he felt he was in no danger from this being.

    If anyone else had a similar encounter around the same time or place, I would love to compare notes.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend.



  11. Melissa-
    Thank you. The only reason I say this is because I have seen a person similar in look and gave me a very bad feeling. He was just walking by, but I had an intense feeling of fear. It was like I needed to get out of his line of sight. It was the only time I've ever seen him.

  12. Mellisa- =] , glad i mentioned it . but I always wondered why they all appeared to happen in the late 1990's . Another thing I thought was really fascinating , was that in some of the other experiences iv read , the person always gets the thought " vampire ! its a vampire ! " . I find that strange , the way the "victim" always approaches that answer . iv read many experiences like this one. Those experiences also claim to feel a "vibe" come from the "person". weird huh ? lol =]
    and wow ! your husband had the same encounter? maybe it was something like " it was met to be" lol =]

  13. Ah, I cannot freeze someone... it looks like cryokinesis but not..

    Many vampires can make them to get unluck, or accident, or whatever so...

    I had done this with telekinesis one girl was on bicycle and then i pushed her to fall on the ground with my mind, nobdoy caught me. It looked full accidently but she was in love with somebody.

  14. oh God....another vain girl who thinks she's Bella. Girl meets vampire, vampire doesnt scare girl but scares other people(i'v always wondered why), and bam they fall in love, i've read it all before.
    Melissa, you probably encountered a demon do you remember what happened after the encounter, did you do something really bad?

  15. Amazing!
    After reading this, now I know Vampires are real!
    The crazy thing is that I do live in Bridgeport, Connecticut!

  16. telekinesis, pyrokinesis, ects... they are invisbilty so nobody can catch them.

    if you do pyrokinesis you can't see fire in real life, but you can play with fire on candle. I had done this to turn fire on.

    I burned someone on their skin, but i also can kill them not with my fingers only palm under hand because with finger is dangerously for unexperience pyrokinesiser.

    But for humans doesn't have time to get more stronger, but vampires do have time for training being very powerfull as me. But for freezing I don't know, it's not a cryokinesis, this is for colding some stuffs example, your tea is hot but you pull out air from your lungs and it help a bit but with cryokinesis help much. Do you agree?

    I know that I sounds like a scorpion from mortal combat, but my one friendly human always call me a scorpion vampire for joke....

  17. REMEMBER: Pyrokinesis you can't create a fire, but you can BURN without touching or touching someone. JUST BURN!

    if you burn some paper you'll see a smoke, after smoke it will come out fire. Do you agree?

  18. You seem to know a lot about Pyrokinesis, Ive tryed it before but than gave up. Its very diffucult and I dont have the patience lol

  19. Melissa-

    How do you know he was a vampire?
    Did you happen to see his teeth?

  20. This is the same description of the eyes I saw on the boy...

  21. lucky...I want to a see a vampire!!!! The closest thing I get to anthing odd is talking to myselfXDDD

  22. I don't feel like this was a demon by any means. I feel that perhaps your roommate was phsycicaly being drained of her energy as vamps can do. And you were connected to her but his intention wasn't set for you personally in a feeding way. See u and ur friend are connected @ the time mentally w a close bond. So u were in her aura field when the 2 of you were stoped most likely. Him passing threw receiving off of her made her sick and drained and u interacting but not being fed off of got the communication to keep you distracted and sorda froze. He didn't want to talk to her because he was feeding off her prob. You might have been just n the right place at the right time to experience the lustful aura that can penatrate our cores to intise us. Maybe? Just a thought but this shows just how impersonal a vamp can be. I think physc ones r the scariest. Because they just breeze by and take a lot of times. However, not all of them are that rude. In any case, I'd hope all would achieve to have manners during dinner! :)

  23. Very interesting. I think many things are possible but maybe it was an evil spirit simply because it did not try to drink your blood. I think if God exist anything else is possible but to be honest I don't think it's phycically possible for vampires to exist simply because our human bodies are not made to survive only on blood. Unfortunately we all need regular food now and then to survive. But like I said - anything it's possible...

  24. Melissa,

    Are you well, have not talked you in awhile ?

  25. Melissa,

    The one I met looked 30's maybe late 20's and could do the same thing and made me physically sick when he communicated with telepathy. But he always told me he was coming to see me this way. It made me kind of dizzy when he used it on me and left a residual effect. I believe you. In fact, after I read your story my stomach churned with adrenalin.

    Have a good night.

  26. how do they start doing pyrokinesis or whatever that is?

  27. i am a believer, we have active mediums and spirits that connect with this world so why not vampires and anyway humans have evolved since time began so why wouldn't other creatures have done the same.

  28. Wow so when you said I understand I will see you at that time.What happened after that?Did you meet him?

  29. Yes I know alot event for some secrets... I had done on glasses that I broke a cup glasses for wine.

    I made this in bar too. Nobody noticed me. They thought that was God. But it wasn't God, it was me. I understand and realise abou this page, that girl told us about one vampire.

    Vampires are "Gods". But I'm not, because I'm a human and don't have a time to get powerfull spells and secrets. All full bloods ALWAYS have a time to get powerfull energies (spells). How can I explain what is it. Sounds like taht I'm some a real mage? God's son? Yahweh's son? Lucifer's son? Vampire's helper? What? I'm just a homemade human with these energies and spells. <- This last words is for you and you may not have to ask me about this and my personality.



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