Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Ongoing Debate Do Vampires Exist?

The debate of whether or not immortal (undead) vampires do or do not exist is going to go on just as long as whether or not we were created or evolved.

But do you all honestly think that a real vampire (not the ones that want to be one, or consider themselves psychic vamps or drink blood from donors) would actually go about telling the world or even go online to discuss it with people?

IMHO people who talk about “signs” or they are turning into a vamp are delusional people that need to escape their fantasy realm for a real one. And for those that claim to be a vamp and drink donor blood, or use mind powers to feed are also full of crap. Humanly speaking we have plenty of untapped potential that could very easily explain the reflexes and such (though I doubt your athletic ability and reflexes are any better than an average person).

Now do *I* believe in real vampires? Yup sure do, why? Because there are enough things we can’t explain and there is no proof that says they don’t (of course there is none that says they do either). Do I feel they are like in the movie? Would be nice, but I highly doubt it. They consider us cattle, would you honestly play with your food?

Would I like to be an undead vamp? Sure why not, living for centuries undead seeing the world at night appeals to me very much. Am I concerned about being damned? Nope, give me a good 500 years here and I’ll willingly jump into hell.

Do I drink blood now? sometimes, but not always, blood is very appealing to me. I love the taste, the feel, the warmth and especially the smell. My mouth does water when I get a hint of the smell of blood. I’m more or less pale, I hate sunlight, always cold to the touch, I have sharp canine teeth and my ears are slightly pointed. But does that make me a vampire? Of course not, I’m just your average individual person.

Sent in by Robert, Copyright 2009


  1. Yes. There is no proof that they do exist. But as you have clearly stated (outside of the parenthesis) there is no proof that they don't exist. I like to compare this to what the courts believe, that everyone is,"innocent untill proven guilty". I believe that vampires are real until proven true myth. And of course, there is no way to prove that something doesnt exist, only a way to prove it does. ^,.,^

  2. do you believe in chucky too theres no proof he doesnt exist .... you see my point ?



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