Thursday, October 15, 2009

School Hell

There he was, in the empty hallway, a knife strapped to his ankle and a gun held firmly in his grip. Lurking, as if ready to aim for anybody who went his way. He was tired of the pain, agony, and stress everyone had set on his shoulders. This was the moment to make it all go away.

"Hey look at the new loser!" Bryan, the senior jock, teased.

"I love your clothes Albert!" Clarisse mocked.

"Oo... I'm scared of that nerd!" Josh accused.

"Leave me alone! What did I ever do to you guys! Go live your own lives!" Albert screamed. He was tired of how this clique and everyone else at his school treated him. He didn't understand why they all made him look like such a push-over.

"What did you say punk?" Bryan said pushing Albert up against the chain-linked fence.

"Uhh-," he stammered, "n-n-nothing.."

"That's what I thought you said," Bryan had finally let Albert down with a loud thump to the concrete.

"Lets go guys." Michelle dismissed.

"What are their problems?" Albert mumbled picking up his things. He finally arrived home to find himself face to face with his drunken dad. His mother had died two years before from a case of cancer and Albert's dad had went through a dinking depression. Every day Albert would come home either to find his dad laying on the sofa after an injection of heroin or find him wasted after an all day drinking fest.

"Where the hell have you been?"his dad asked suspiciously.

"I had to stay after school to finish a test," Albert lied taking a risk at getting caught and beaten.

His dad eyed him for a numerous amount of seconds and slapped him, "it took you that long? Get out of my face. I don't want to see your face!"

"Burn in hell," Albert said under his breath.

"What?" his dad had lunged toward him but Albert ran and slammed his door shut and locked it.

"That's it! Why does everyone treat me like I'm inhuman?" After a couple minutes of punching his tile floor, Albert got up and looked through about a dozen shoe boxes until he finally found his hand gun and a six inch knife. He knew exactly what to do with it.

He finally arrived at school ready to start his plan. He grabbed the gun out from his bag and held it up in the air and let out a warning shot. The alarm had already came on before but he wanted them to know he was there.

"Michelle." he whispered. He saw her run past the hallway he was standing in. He ran after her and held her hostage. He dragged her outside and saw the police's faces shocked.

"Put the gun down and let her go," Chief Lopez told Albert calmly. Suddenly Albert felt extremely dizzy and weak. He let Michelle go and held the gun to his head. "No! Albert! No!" The shot was fired and everything went dark.

Sent in by Cynthia Martinez, Copyright 2009

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