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Vampires Amongst Us

Our culture delights in tales of the Vampire; that suave, powerful creature that preys on the blood of mere mortals for its sustenance. But no one has ever dragged a blood drinking, immortal "Count Dracula" wanna-be into the light for proof so this creature continues to thrive in myth and storytelling. But behind all good tales there lies a grain or two of truth and herein we expose the vampires amongst us.

First let us dispel the classic form. Through misunderstanding of disease and only recently studied aspects of the physics of decomposition have scientists been able to adequately explain the cause of some of these myths. There are conditions of humidity, airtightness and makeup of human bodies that have been shown to slow down and sometimes even suspend the decomposition process. However, when these preserved bodies are exhumed; brought into the sunlight as it were, the reintroduction of fresh air has disrupted that balance and the decay sets in, sometimes at accelerated speeds.

The pathology of comas are even now not entirely understood but sometimes research doctors have studied people who's life signs have dropped so low that it requires advanced technological devices to see that they ARE still corporeal. So it is no wonder that people in the past would be horrified when someone "dead" would suddenly rise up again.

Since the first recorded instances of vampires; coming from the Sumerians who five thousand years ago wrote of the "ekimmu" the "evil gust of wind" that drains the life force, people have tried to determine what comprises vampirism. Today, research has shown that there is truly a vampiric force at work in the world. Any scientist will tell you that all life is comprised of energy and it is this energy that is the target of transference by what has come to be known as the "psychic vampire".

No, the psychic vampire is not a demonic revenant; it is a much more frightening phenomena in that they are living, mortal humans. They are the individuals who's life force, the "pranic energy" which emanates from all living things, has gotten out of balance or has been depleted.

Under normal circumstances, we each create and use this energy to propel us through our lives. It is usually a balanced flow from creating it with the energy absorbed from food and air and used through the muscle and mental activities we perform. There is a normal fluctuation in the energy flow. When fatigue toxins build up in our bodies we feel "tired". After a rest, so these toxins can be removed by the blood, we will feel "refreshed".

The psychic vampire is a person in whom this flow is perpetually imbalanced and therefore they boost their own levels by contact with other people and "absorb" that energy for themselves. You will most likely recognize the signs of psychic vampires. They are the individuals who need constant attention, sympathy, or reaffirmation of their worth. They are the often belligerent people we meet who demand they be noticed and obeyed; the ones who waste our time being made to give them our attention or else.

To their credit, this phenomena is not usually a conscious process. They feel weak and run down and for some reason talking to or being around other people makes them feel better, for a while. Without realizing it, they create a psychic vortex around themselves that draws life energy towards them. Meanwhile, those who have been in balance find themselves increasingly "drained" of energy and can find themselves "exhausted" after dealing with these people.

The main defense against this type of parasitic attachment is to recognize the symptoms and try to avoid these people. Keep a clear mental shield up in your thoughts that they cannot absorb you and make sure to hang up the phone when you are through, no matter how hard they try to keep you on the line and sucking you dry.

Vampires Amongst Us Contributed by Wm Douglas & Simone Mefford and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.


  1. VERY interesting!! I agree about the psychic "vampires" although I hate calling these people vampires!!
    They are just extremely tiring people that drain your engergy just because they ARE so needy and self-centered! I have met MANY of these people in my life and yes, they completely drain my energy.
    But I truly don't believe in them as vampires.

  2. i agree it very interesting

  3. Its intresting but i don't know what to believe i heard the word vampire came from count dracula drinking killing people and drinking their blood is that true

  4. Hematophagy (sometimes spelled haematophagy or hematophagia or hemophage) is the habit of certain animals of feeding on blood (from the Greek words, haima "blood" and phagein "to eat"). Since blood is a fluid tissue rich in nutritious proteins and lipids that can be taken without enormous effort, hematophagy has evolved as a preferred form of feeding in many. The animals feed on blood extracted from the capillaries of the gut. Some fish, such as lampreys, and human or animal mammals, especially the vampire bats, also practice hematophagy.

    Hematophagia: /he·ma·to·pha·gia/ (-fa´jah) {hemophage}

    1. blood drinking.
    2. subsisting on blood.hematoph´agous

    Drinking blood and manufacturing foodstuffs and delicacies with animal blood is also a feeding behavior in many societies. For instance, cow blood mixed with milk is a mainstay food in the African Maasai. Some sources say that Mongols would drink blood from one of their horses if it became a necessity. Black Pudding is eaten in many places around the world. Some societies, such as the Moche, had ritual hematophagy, as well as the Scythians, a nomadic people of Russia, who had the habit of drinking the blood of the first enemy they would kill in battle. Some religious rituals and symbols underline the importance of metaphorical hematophagy, such as in the transubstantiation of wine as the blood of Jesus Christ during Christian Eucharist. Psychiatric cases of patients performing hematophagy also exist. Sucking one's own blood from a wound is also a behaviour commonly seen in humans, and in small enough quantities is not considered taboo. Finally, human vampirism has been a persistent object of literary and media attention.

    Judaism, Islam, and Christianity forbid drinking of blood. There are references in the Old and New Testaments clearly prohibiting this practice (see, for instance, Genesis 9:4; Leviticus 3:17, 7:26, 17:12, 17:14, 19:26; Deuteronomy 12:16, 12:23, 15:23; 1 Samuel 14:33-34; Ezekiel 33:25; Acts 15:20, 15:29, 21:25).

  5. I wonder what the repercussions and possible implications of blood-drinking are, and why they are so prohibited by said major religions.. There is many a legendary ritual that involves two or more people drinking each others' blood (or the blood of one) as a sign of loyalty or in a pact of some sort..

    ..but what "power" does such a ritual entail, aside from the obviously psychological power involved in ritual?

    I imagine that there is immense power in blood, and that knowledge of its use and/or manipulation is limited to the darker, more occult worlds within our own.

    Any takers on the question of what is the "power" of blood?

  6. Perhaps its just another for self claimed Vampires.
    I;m impressed.

  7. hi lilith.. are you the one everyone is talking about? the first vamp?

  8. I believe that these are simply not vampires they are considered succubus or incubus attacks.

  9. Hello. I am Lissette, and I have been among people for 150 years. I have not come across any older vampire, just some young wreck-less vampires. They die in a week of there transformation. They have no concern for the human, unlike I. I believe that we should not feast on another living creature, but that is just my opinion. You could say that I am very old fashioned. PLease respond, it would be nice to here back from another vampire.

  10. the Bible teaches that LIFE itself is in the blood...those who do not have a connection to the Source of all Life (like those who practice darkness willingly) must get their 'LIFE" from somewhere. They get it by stealing it from others. Like a mosquito or a tick. Duet 12:23 and other places.

  11. Vampire Truth or MythFebruary 23, 2011 at 2:12 AM

    mosquito and ticks are after carbon and minerals and nutrients not "Life". They are consuming the blood as food the same way we eat food for our sustenance. There is nothing magical or spiritual about the feeding habits of a mosquito or a tick.



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