Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vampires and Retractable Fangs

All I would like to say is whether one is a True Vampire or a Half-breed… there isn’t such a thing as retractable fangs… impossible!

Although many pictures or cave dwellings that exist or have existed may depict elongated fangs… they are what they are… depictions. For those that have blatantly declared their Vampirism… foolish don’t you think? Why would you expose yourself to the world? I do not believe that Raven is whom he claims to be nor the other gentleman on this site! Wannabees! I will not debate this… for I do not need to gentleman. I am stating my opinion in these cases.

This will be my only post on this subject. Most of the hype encompassing Vampires is not true. Do I believe in Vampires? I do. No such thing as retractable fangs, and garlic? Well it stinks and it is lore. In the times that garlic was posted to the windows and doors of homes it was due to mere superstition.

Dear friends, all I am trying to convey to you is if you believe then believe, if you do not then don’t! Any Vampire worth their salt knows that you never out yourself or the others… it is against Vampiric Law!

By the way, since there aren’t retractable fangs perhaps the partaking of blood was merely caused by a sharp fingernail or object?

Vampires are also not the undead, no such thing, the smell would be terrible wouldn’t you agree? Perhaps, Vampires age much slower and maybe exist for a longer duration than most people.

The feast of ones soul (blood) is not to be in excess! It is to be relished. For it is impossible to digest, whether you are a True Vampire, Half-breed or Human. Just enough to sustain ones thirst for such a delicacy. One Vampire can not “turn” a human into a Vampire nor turn into a bat…so funny to me. Alas, one may become a Vampire by mere persuasion… and need to sustain an urge to taste the life-force of ones soul.

I Would love to inform all of you more on this website… but I am bound. I will say this… believe!

Sent in by Christiana, Copyright 2009


  1. Indeed, Christiana - it is too bad that you are "bound" (by which I assume you mean you are prohibited from explaining any more than you already have) against imparting us with more of your personal knowledge of the Vampire.

    Retractable fangs do certainly seem implausible. I have considered the notion of fang-creation upon a "newly formed vampire", and have conjured up only one possible manner in which an already formed human canine/bicuspid/lateral-incisor tooth can somehow elongate, and sharpen:

    If a human-to-vampire change would actually change the person's physiology, as well as physical appearance (like teeth), then there must be some kind of...material, or medium - perhaps wrapped in a coccoon, to cover and insulate the body of the person during the "change" - to allow the change-working-substance (vampiric blood, or whatever mystery molecule)to affect physical change.

    There is an almost negligible blood supply to the human tooth. That is why antibiotics are rarely sufficient enough to kill off any infection in/around a tooth - like those that call for a root canal. This leads me to believe that the vampiric substance could not affect any kind of addition to the enamel/bone material of the tooth to make it/them longer and sharper. So - if there was a cocoon around the person, then there would be a sufficient medium through which the vampiric substance could actually reach, and work upon, the teeth.

    Perhaps this is why - in some vampire lore - a person who has been recently infused with vampiric blood, in an attempt to "turn" him/her, has to be BURIED to affect the transformation and complete the turning. I can imagine a sort of chrysalis occurring around the buried person - affecting all necessary changes to physiology and anatomy.

  2. I know a real vampire 99 percent of the Hollywood stuff is crap I didn't believe he was one when I first met him but he blew my mind and everyone that didn't believe me I introduced them to him. He hates what he is I see him as amazing
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  3. What about coagulants and anticoagulants? Do vampires really have any of these substances? Either hollow fangs or perhaps saliva?

  4. Christiana,
    You are right by what you say: a real vampire's fangs are not retractable! I know this from a friend who is one. The fangs are slightly longer and humans do in general not even realize this. The fangs are razorsharp.
    Also real vampires are out hunting humans at nights and in general don't live on animal blood - at least not the ones I know...
    Take care



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