Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vampires Keeping Away From Public Eye

Everybody, did you ever stop to think maybe vampires are keeping away from the public eye for a reason, I'm not going to pretend to know what that reason is but maybe but I'm sure you could all think of a few. People saying how come they never reveal themselves etc. I just believe that if I were a real vampire, psychic or blood drinker, it would not be something I would talk about so casually. I do martial arts, but I don't walk around saying I'm a fighter I'm a fighter, it’s just my way of life, something I do, you know.

For those claiming to be vampires here. Who would know if they are telling the truth or if they’re just kids? To me email and texting (although fast and useful ) is a very impersonal way of communicating. You could come up on here and say I'm a vampire I'm a vampire all day and no one would ever know the truth.

But you know what they say, it’s good to talk, but I cannot get so aggravated from people claiming to be something they only understand from Hollywood movies and books (which is not a great source of information in my opinion) nor can I belittle them in anyway, it’s quite simple to catch people out through kind words.

So in conclusion. I also want to say to believers and non believers out there, that vampires you see from Hollywood movies etc are for entertainment purposes only. Vampires in reality are nothing like them, as I've experienced so far anyway. But when a movie is made based on real life it’s always shown as being glorious, which is understandable for entertainment. I had a friend that watched a war movie or played call of duty I forget but anyway he now wants to join the army. Anyone who’s played call of duty will know they never wish to experience war. Anyway before I deviate from the subject, thanks for reading.

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  1. You are correct in that they stay away from the public eye.. but there are ways to tell if one is a vampire or not by certain questions... watching the way they speak, certain skills they have, etc..

  2. look around this dang website.. that is why us vampires dont come out into the open.. but whatever im tired of debating with you humans.. so little all you are.. so closed minded.. i dont care.. you make me sick...

  3. samantha - If you know what you are then it shouldnt really matter what others say one way or the other.

  4. but its still frustrating

  5. Hi Samantha,
    Not all humans exhibit attitudes of intolerance and it is unfair to accuse all humans of being closed-minded. I am certainly not closed minded or ignorant. I have dedicated most of my life to scholaristic research and I would like to listen to your story and experiences.

  6. gabe im not saying all humans are closed minded.. only some.. and some vampires are the same.. and i would love to tell you what i know and remember... just ask me and ill tell you.. i love telling people about me.. ive only been able to tell one person my whole life and its finally good to get it all out :)

  7. Hi Samantha
    I can definitely state that I am not ignorant and I am just as interested as Gabe. In fact, I am a researcher and this subject is fascinating. I would like to know more than you have outlined in this blog. I was wondering if you have recorded your thoughts, experiences, whether pleasurable or harrowing in a journal.

    I have many questions, but thought we could start with these:
    In what ways have you changed your lifestyle so you remain out of the public eye?
    Do you have the same credentials (citizenship, Social security, health and dental records) as other humans? With reference to health and dental records, how were these obtained without humans suspecting your DNA is different?
    Do you work? if so, then do you work at night and in what field?

  8. Happy New Year Samantha.
    I hope 2010 will bring you happiness.

  9. Im guessing that all of you have seen Twilight Saga whatever, right? Vampires are not real, thats why they stay away from the public. Kinda hard to show up when your not real, isnt it? If you think you are a vampire, why not get a blood test, walk into the sun and see if you burn up or melt or whatever it is yall supposedly do. I need proof, not stories.

  10. Dinah i love to answer questions... i have none of that stuff you just named... no one really knows i exist besides my friends.. but if you tired to look me up you wont find me.. i had to delete everything.. i dont go to the doctor because i never get sick.. i never go to the dentist because i dont have to.. i do not work.. i live with my friend who is a human and she does know im a vampire and everything about me.. i have few friends.. but only one knows my secret .. anyways people who did know me a long time ago have died.. so being partly unknown is very easy.. kinda.. the government doesnt know exist.. vampires are only seen when they want to be seen.. or at least thats how it goes for me. could be a power i have.. but im pretty sure it goes for every vampire..
    so if you have anymore questions please ask. and happy new years to you as well

  11. I am very open minded to everything. I would love for an immortal to find me and turn me. I believe i could do great things in a long and well desired life!

    Samantha, don’t worry about what others or humans think alot of them are very closed minded. I do agree on that, I know quite a few myself. I believe that 99% of all myths were real and some of them still exsist today! Like vampire truth says, “you know who you are and it really shouldn’t matter what others say or think!!!”

  12. CJ thank you.. im not saying being a vampire is bad i do love it alot. but just think about it for awhile before you go off and become a vampire. i didnt have the choice. there was many things i love have loved to done before i was turned. but i dont regret anything.. just look before you fall.. not everyone can handle being a vampire. you have to be strong and able to control your emotions. sometimes controlling my anger is very hard. ive been here so long it just seems like the worlds going in slow motion.. but fast at the same time. i worry everyday what will become of me at judgment day.. but anyways being a vampire isnt all bad. :)

  13. Samantha, Believe it or not I have thought about it for a while Years should i say. I am probably one of the strongest people that most will ever meet. I am a very good person, and I know it is hard for some to control thier emotions as i have had to learn to do so myself. So if one is willing to turn another I'LL be here!!! THANKS!!!

  14. What does it feel like to be turned. Is it painful? how long does it take?

  15. Hi Samantha,
    Do you eat food? if you do then what are your favorite foods and drink (apart from blood)
    Are you partial to any specific blood type? For example, is type "o" more tasteful that type "b" ?

  16. CJ- if thats what you want and you can handle it.. go for it.. but do something you have always wanted to do first.. trust me..

    Dinah- i dont remember if it is painful. and it takes a couple hours.. i think.. i dont eat food even though i could.. but soon my body would reject it and i would puke it up.. just like if a human drinks to much blood their body would reject it and you would puke it up. and any blood taste good to me

  17. Samantha, I have already done everything I have wanted to, trust me! I know what I want now and that is to find a true immortal vampire who is willing to turn someone. I am a very strong willed person and always have been. How would one find an immortal vampire to turn them? Please let me know!!! Thanks!

  18. CJ- well thats easy.. let your self be vulnerable . walk alone. go to a very dark club. vampires like to hang around dark quiet places. but dont be to vulnerable. it will kill you. umm ask around for vampire clubs. Manhattan has many vampire clubs and cults. if you do run upon a vampire reason with it. tell it what you want. almost demand it. vampires do what there told. sometimes. dont be to demanding it will feel threatened. offer it a life of devotion. vampires like to have loyals. because when a vampire turns someone they feel the need to watch over the person. almost like a mother or a father. and you will feel like a child. promise the vampire loyalty. most of the time vampires hang around grave yards.. because they are lonely and they talk to the dead. but you can never see them because they dont want to be seen. find the creepiest graveyard and just walk around lonely. it may not happen soon but if you keep going a vampire will come to you thinking your lonely and will change you no problem. this is the best i can help you. but dont be afraid. if you are afraid so will the vampire. and it will go away. most vampires are scared of humans, so you have the upper hand on that one. if you need to know anything else just ask me.

  19. Samantha, thank you for the info. Are there any in Texas And where about? Thanks again!!! Much Love.

  20. CJ- im sure there are vampires in Texas.. they are everywhere.. and as i said they will be somewhere dark and alone. like a graveyard. or just dark clubs.. or walking during the dark very isolated.. but be careful who you walk upon.. it could be some weirdo wanting to murder someone.. dont get yourself killed. and im glad to help.. if you need to know anything else im always here.. good luck

  21. Hi Samantha,
    I was just wondering if your anatomical systems work the same way as a human female. I know this may be a little embarrassing but are you periods regular? Do you know if you can bear children?

    Maybe these questions may be better answered by Vincent:
    Do you know if the babies suckle on breast milk or do they drink blood? Is the genetic division passed on or are children essentially born human and then turned?

  22. Samantha, thank you so much for your help. Would you be willing to turn someone if they were to ask it of you? And how old are you if you don't mind me asking? Much Love!!!

  23. hi samantha

    how are you?
    i agree with you that most humans are simple minded, but at the same time,we all arent bad. i believe that the main reason humans do not believe in vampires is because they are afraid of the unknown, like science for instance- in order for them to believe, there must be sufficient proof.
    dont get me wrong, i believe in vampires and have been fascinated with them from a young age. If its not too much, could you answer 3 questions for me?

    most people talk of vampire sightings in the USA and UK, are there vampires in Africa too? i've never heard of one.

    what do you think of twilight? do you think it is similar to a true vampire lifestyle?

    why do vampires prefer not to trust humans?

    thank you

  24. Alyissa,
    It is not the fact that vampires do not prefer to trust humans. Fact is that vampires mingle among humans - they do befriend some while others are simply considered as meal. Look at how any large predatory cat behaves. It's the same scheme for real vampires. A leopard wouldn't go for the strongest but rather the weakest...
    A vampire alone could flee from a human, considering the human being strong enough to defend himself.
    Take care,



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