Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Green Monkey

See this started when I went to Nevada I think I was about 11 when it happened.

Anyways I was with my mom shopping I didn't want to go shopping but she did (she made me go with her.) So while we were shopping she spotted something that she wanted (she likes funny stuffed animals and nick-knacks.) She made me go see it to it was a green monkey with cotton inside it.

The minute I saw it I did not like it. It had a weird smile but she really wanted it. I didn't think it would bother me. Well we spent our time in Nevada at my moms best friends house then we went home.

I sleep in my room it feels really scary also I believe in ghosts my room is another story send comments if you want to hear about it. Anyways I started sleeping in the living room alone my mom put the green monkey in the living room because she wanted visitors to see it. When I was trying to sleep in the living room I felt like I was being watched like in my room. So I looked around and I saw the monkey staring at me I really hate being stared at so I turned the monkey around so it was staring at the wall. The next morning it was staring at me again but closer it was just a few feet away from me.

I asked my mom but she did not do anything my brother was 3 at the time and he couldn't reach that high.So I was freaked out.

The next time it happened was close to my birthday I was sitting down watching TV when I saw the monkey it was on the chair right across from me I was sitting on the couch and it was just staring at me. Of course my mom and brother did not touch it.

I was really freaked out by now by the monkey of course this time I was 12 I was just outside and was going to play the video game in my house and in the living room. Just as I was playing I saw it behind the chair, again I was sitting on the couch. It was creepier this time though I could only see half of it the other half was hidden by the chair. Like I said I hate being watched and this the final straw so I put it in a jar and closed the lid and threw it away. My mom forgot about it anyways so she did not care. I thought it was over.

This is the last time but the scariest. See my grandparents live next to us in a house right. I visit there often but this one time I was asked to get something out of the closet at my grandparents house this is when I was 13 now I went to the closet and opened it and I couldn't believe it the green cotton filled monkey in a jar was inside the closet. I remember throwing it away in my house and my grandparents did not get it I was so shocked and scared so I acted on instinct I picked it up (it was still in a jar) and threw it in a nearby dumpster right when the dumpster truck was coming I remember seeing the monkey in the jar going inside the dumpster truck.

Well that's the last time I saw it.Its almost my birthday maybe it might come back I hope not it was scary beyond belief. I still feel eyes watching me in the living room and in my room. Well that's the end comment if you want to hear more stories from me.

Sent in by Max Burleigh, Copyright 2009

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  1. So what's up with your room story then? I wanna hear it, heh. I would've torn up the monkey or burnt it, hahah. Maybe not aye, lol.



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