Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am an Adapting Sanguinarian

Well, I guess it’s relatively safe for me to admit that I am an adapting sanguinarian, or at least that is what I’m classified as according to a vampire support page.

To be honest, the changing was horrible, it took place during my mid to late teen years. I thought it was some neurological/mental thing going on, but luckily it was not the case.

I blamed low melanin levels for my pale skin, weird grey eyes, uber sensitivity to sunlight or any sharp light, and the fact that I burn easily in a very short amount of time. I even though that I had a mild sun allergy (though I used to be a beach baby, now I don’t dare,)

As for my constant hunger, tiredness, migraines, muscle cramps, etc… Well, I though it was because I may have an Iron or some other type of vitamin/mineral/supplement deficiency. Turns out it wasn’t the case, according to my doc. I was healthy, they just assumed it might be due to somekind of virus or sleep deprivation (since I don’t sleep a lot. I don’t need a lot of sleep. I struggle falling asleep at night, even when I am really tired. Insomniac? Maybe.)

So they gave me supposed treatment which did not help.

I feed (for lack of a better word) on prana/life force either by psychic methods (other’s emotions, their energy, thunderstorms, etc) or via the purest form of prana, blood. Though the latter is extremely difficult to come by. Sadly. for me. and not sadly. Mixed feelings about that.

My so-called abilities are: dreams that foretell, precognition, clairaudience, clairsentience, seeing the spiritual world, sensing emotions, empath, knowing what’s going on in the mind of the person I am draining energy from (reading their minds, if you will, ), influencing other’s thoughts and influencing equipment (like lights, computers, etc) etc.. I must add that some I have no specific control over, just mildly. But when I am on an extreme energy low or high, or have a specific overpowering emotion (like anger) it gets extremely intense. I recently caused my PC and laptop to malfunction, my room’s bulbs to fail and some other instances. I can name more or go into detail of some if you wish,

I must, however, add that everyone is capable of doing these things. Not just human vampires.

So I have no disease, I’m not mentally unstable, my IQ, as tested when I was 17, is between 145-150.

I’ve never been normal (though, what is normal? Everyone feels this way I guess), always thought differently, did things differently, perceived things differently, had a different sense of style, was always said that I seem way more older than my physical body because of the way I act and think, I am odd-looking, etc..

Now, many other, err, normal people are or was also in the same boat as me. I’m just saying these things as it may be of relevance and it may not be. I don’t know.

I wish I knew why some of us are this way?

Is it because of somekind of recessive gene that only appear in some generations?

Is it because of demonic activity in early childhood? (I think I had Incubus incidents as a little girl. It happened when I was alone, locked up in my room and even when my family was at home. I’m an extremely light sleeper, always was, and the slightest noise would wake me. During these activities, I never woke, only shortly after.)

But why? I have been looking for answers for four years and my own conclusions are similar to Alpha’s. Though I still feel there’s more.

Alpha, do you think you’ll be able to shed some light on my situation?

If you would like to know more, please ask. I have typed this in a hurry as I am on my way out.

Thank you.

Sent in by Mina, Copyright 2009


  1. Sanguinarian Vampires are a mortal form of Vamp. They are born a vamp and it dosnt awaken until the age of about 16. When the body starts purbity it realses a chemical which awakens the vamp side. The body then goes under some changes. .When the person is awoken , they can become sensative to the sun , thirst for blood , eyes burn from the sun , sleep all day, cant sleep at night, etc. However the major problem with the Sanguinarian vampire is that they are mortal , they have most of your weakens and none of the strengths of the "immortals". Most say that it is too do wiht the soul of a vamp been born in a human body. it then alters the human body when awaken. However personally i think it is too do more with DNA. i hope that answers some of your questions.. i however am a immortal vampire. i was turned this way.. but i cant remember. i lost that memorie long ago.

  2. there are so many people claming to be vampire's or half vampire, maybe its some kind of trend or something, ive looked on the internet but there is no solid proof, im not sure if vampire's truely exist, lisa x

  3. gosh lisa! hahahaha.. your kind of amusing really..

  4. Oh my god. I cant believe this site acutally exists.
    I cant believe the twilight series has acutally made people believe they are vampires.

    Like it’s a movie people.

  5. Jd - people have been fascinated by Vampires and many have claimed to be one long long before that movie came along.

  6. There have been vampire myths for a long time. Twilight hasn't brought it up. And I hate that it is mentioned everywhere I go.

  7. Vampires go back centuries. They turn up in loads of cultures and relgions. The fact that the legends are so similiar and so common seriously shows that there is some reality there, even if it is just a purely human longing for blood and a DNA strand that hasn't formed correctly, or something. Whatever it is, there are people out there who thirst for blood. If you don't believe in the existance of vampires, at least believe in Sanguinarians. Despite what people think about vampiric souls, etc ( I personally don't believe this is the case because a vampire is an immortal demon and I don't think they posess souls), it can be just a thing in their mind. It might not even be physical. But for the parasital sense of "vampire", it exists. Possibly not all the other stuff, but blood drinking - indisputible.

  8. you know what.. im tired of fighting.. you dont believe me.. so what.. but when a vampire comes to your house i dont wanna hear OH! I BELIEVE YOU NOW!

  9. Thank you for sharing your information with us, Mina.

    Honestly.. I don't know what to think. Vampire legends go back's hard to believe that there isn't SOMETHING to it. I don't think that the "stories" of vampires have it right...but I do think at one time there was something, some grain of truth in the legends.

  10. I believe. I would like for an immortal being to show their self to me.

  11. well i personaly believe that the existance of vampires is mainly based on a person's belief beacause if u call things as if they r then they shall certainly become.The more u believe the more it becomes the truth SEEK AND YEE SHALL FIND.

  12. Real vampires (full transformed like vince almost full transformed of between low and medium sensitive) doesn't want you to meet them on the net . Probably doesn't want you to transform into that type of vince and you don't want to be. Trust me.

  13. I find this all very interesting.
    Is it true that some people can actually develop a taste for blood through puberty?


  14. I had an encounter more than twenty years ago that changed everything for me. Until that time, if I had been asked, I would have said that vampires--the blood kind--lived only in the pages of books or in movies. I had never picked up a vampire novel, a vampire fact book, a History of Vampires book of any sort prior to that night. I'd never even watched 'Dracula'. It has been twenty-one years, but I remember every detail of that encounter as clearly as I remember what I had for dinner last night.

    Yes, the "Twilight" novels are responsible for a lot of easily impressionable, and generally directionless, people to imagine that they are vampires or werewolves or something else--but just because some people imagine that something is real does not stop it from being so in other, or all, cases.

  15. Could you tell us about your encounter Melissa.

  16. How about your first encounter. What was that like?

  17. Hi, Ariana.

    The first encounter was the one that made me go from believing that blood vampires were pure fiction to more-than-plausible reality. Keep in mind that, prior to this encounter, I had never watched a vampire movie (not even old Dracula flicks), read a vampire book, nothing like that. I knew nothing, really, of the lore and legends.


    Note from Admin - Melissa wrote a much longer comment, her story has been published as its own entry at

  18. Wow did you ever see this man again in your life? Sorry im asking too many questions, but your story was amazing and freaty at the same time!

  19. You're very welcome, Ariana, and no problem at all about questions--that's how we get to know and understand things, by asking.

    No, I have not yet seen him again up close like that. I have had several other encounters with that same being, but none so immediate or intense. He has not yet allowed himself to get that physically close to me again, but I do feel that he will some day. I've had about two dozen additional encounters with him over the years.

    My husband also believes he has encountered this being, with the first encounter having taken place shortly before we met. He came away from that incident reporting almost exactly the same things that I recorded originally.

    I really would like to sit down and talk with this being.


  20. What do you think this strange being wants from you, do think its a bad entiy or presence, or do you feel that it's something you might of know in a different life,
    - Ariana =]

  21. Hi, Ariana.

    No, I've never been afraid of this being, nor sensed anything troubling, upsetting, evil, bad, or dark from him. That very first night, I felt that he didn't want anything from me, necessarily, but to show me that he existed. I felt like he was trying to tell me that there was something he wanted to share with me, but that was not the right time, the the right time was still pretty far off.

    I've wondered about that, whether I know him from a past life or not. My instincts say that I do. I really, really would like to sit down with this being and him, find out what prompted him to turn up that very first night. Was I about to do something that would have taken my life in a direction he didn't like, or that wouldn't have turned out well for me? Was he just curious what my reaction would be if he got that close?

    I would love to talk with others who have had experiences like this, too.

  22. Hi Melissa,

    Have you tried talking to a Psychic, im sure they would help you figure out who this mysterious figure is. And maybe they would help you tap into your past lives.

  23. Hi, Ariana..

    Actually, I am a psychic ;-)...I've been in a number of past-life studies and studies about psychic abilities; I am taking part in two studies right now (one on dreams, one on reincarnation and soulmates). I believe that one reason the experience, the original one, was as intense for my roommate as it was, was because she was highly telepathic.

    But--yes, I have recently spoken with other friends and acquaintances who are experienced in using their natural psychic gifts, but each of them feels "shut out" or "barred" from this being's secrets, which I found to be highly unusual. I am going to be doing some intensive past-life recall work in the next month or so; hopefully, that will yield some additional information.

    Thank you for the suggestion; I do appreciate it. It also seems that another person who may hold a piece of the puzzle--although not directly, I don't think--may have entered my life yesterday. I will be very interested to see what this new friendship reveals. I am also anxious to see what my husband's past-life sessions turn up, since we believe he has also encountered this same vampire, with the first encounter having taken place shortly before we met.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend.



  24. Hey Melissa im having a wonderful weekend thanks for asking, how about you how are you doing?

    Oh that is very strange how your fellow friends cant even tap into his mind. What can they pick up about him? Do they feel the same way you feel about this man or being>?

    I also hope this person helps hold the key to some of the answers you seek, and is helpful to you. I also wonder if your husband maybe knew this being in his past life as well, and you all were linked together some sort of way and still are.

    - I was wondering if you didn't mind, but can you help me tap into my past lives, its fascinated me for quite awhile but I have no clue of how to do it, and you seem very intelligent and very spiritual and this might sound weird but even though I don't know you I feel that I can trust you over a forum, and talk comfortably unlike any other person or claiming to be thing on here.

    I hope your studies are coming along well :)

    - Ariana

  25. i think i am a Sanguinarian Vampire how do i exactly know if i am

  26. I am so speechless, I literally almost got paniced when I read this. I don't know why I have hesitated to read your story, but you sound just like me to the tee! And it really scared me. It gave me a creepy feeling. Oh I truely wish I could go into detail w you about my childhood and teenage years up to now. I think we'd have soooo much n common that it might scare u!!! ( Though I doubt that) it was so weird reading this, for a minute I was like:"ok did I write this and forgot?) That's a verrrry weird feeling. I haven't had words hit me so hard in a while. Now I need to go meditate and remember. Woooow!I just got a creepy chill! That's when I know its real! So ok. Let's talk on here sometime! Wbs plz!!! Blessed be!

  27. From what I understand, there's ALWAYS some truth behind every myth and legend.

  28. Try looking up pranic vampire there might be some useful info on how to deal with some of your mental abilitles.

  29. i would love to be turned into a vampire, i just don't know if any are around where i am.

  30. Carlos HernandezMay 11, 2010 at 8:16 AM

    Dear Steph,
    I'm sorry if I sound rude but a Vampire is already a Sanguinarian, they drink blood that's what they do so either you are a Vampire or a Sanguinarian (Human).
    -Carlos Hernandez

  31. @Anonymous (4/20/10); You can't be turned into a vampire. Whomever gave you the notion is sadly mistaken and either was kidding or needs a little touch of reality.

    As for the post itself, kudos for having the gusto to post it. Most newly awakening vamps wouldn't do something like this.

  32. Steph ;)
    Do you crave for blood and feel the burning thirst?
    If yes, then you know.

  33. You are not any vampire. every human has all of those abilities. Consider there are other reasons for these things in your life. And learn the power of your own mind. It is more powerfull than every star and sun you see in the sky.



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