Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vampires and Bardionan Magick

As I have posted before on sleep paralysis and other topics, I am a “closet’ magician of many years and have much experience with entities. I am not claiming to be better or more knowledgeable than anyone else, (that is pointless really), but I do have much experience that you can take or leave as you desire.

Vampires very much do exist. I have never known or encountered a Hollywood version of them though. They are entities that are (sometimes) sentient and self aware, occasionally very intelligent, cunning and creative. And some, less so. But they ALL share the same basic fundamental need and thirst for life force, energy.

Vampires very often start out as thought forms, they are the strong passions of repeated thought and feelings of people. Also in Bardionan Magick known as phantasms. What makes a vampire real, is that they are able to self evolve and become self aware. since they do not have a soul, a fountain of everflowing life force and energy to sustain them like a human, they must passively or aggressively absorb that life force from living creatures.

In renaissance times the blood was considered the life force of the body, but in actual fact the vampire’s lust for blood is really a lust for the life force and energy it needs to survive. So, these psychic creatures drain the living of their vital force, this may sound like a fantastic fairy tale, but I can assure you, it is not. If a vampire is powerful enough, or there are enough of them in a family, they can actually cause a physical death. In my career as a magician, I have only seen this happen once when I was very young. Perhaps a story for another time.

The image you saw, I believe I can offer you an explanation. It was most likely a phantasmal force, the vampire has the ability to implant images into the optical region of your neurons, and create a hallucination effect that you see with your eyes. Similar to recalling pink elephants under hypnosis. the vampires hallucination does not make it any less real, it was most likely very much there as you saw it, but unless it had tapped the brainwaves of others they would not have perceived it, except through maybe an eerie feeling or a cold chill.

Because the vampire is an astral creature by nature it is able to fly, take on any form it wishes, implant suggestive thoughts and create visual and auditory hallucination as it desires.

Some vampires are human beings that have deceased and become trapped on a astral level that their spiritual progress is stopped to the point of becoming part of the dimension they occupy. This is a very sad case indeed. Vampires are considered evil because they steal life. But know this, they do it because it is instinctual and they must in order to survive, some are extremely malicious and evil, you may even be able to classify them as demons, but not all vampires are evil, some are simply trying to survive.

I hope this helps friend

Sent in by Santa Remo, Copyright 2009

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  1. hi, canyou tel me more abut your career as mgician...and if i wantt to ee vampires on astral level what
    doo u suggest me to do (techniques).thanks



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