Monday, November 16, 2009

How Does a Vampire Ingest Blood?

I am no vampire, yet I am getting quite put-off and annoyed by all these strange requests from people, naively desiring to “meet” or “become” vampires. What’s even more frustrating, is how often “Twilight” is mentioned. That movie must be the furthest from the truth, that I have ever witnessed. There is a worldwide vampire craze, and it’s because of that movie, and shows like True Blood, Vampire Diaries, etc.

“True Vampires” continue to mentioned. Where did the idea of a virus come into play? If these True Vampires exist, and they are the first brood of vampires to have been created thousands of years ago, then they would most likely be fully and completely WHAT THEY ARE: Vampires. NOT ex-humans who were magically infected by a super-selective virus that went after them back then.

So, how could a being that is technically a humanoid demon with human-like intelligence and a diet consisting purely of mammalian blood, transfer its affliction to humans?

I don’t mean to split any hairs, but it would be impossible for a foreign body (virus, prion, whatever) to change a person’s DNA, real-time, and actually affect physical change - particularly like the sharpening of teeth, modifying the digestive system.

Science will tell you that blood cannot simply enter your bloodstream through your stomach wall. It can be assumed that there is no such thing as any creature with a digestive system that allows the whole transfer of an ingested substance directly into its bloodstream.

I have often wondered what the rationale behind most vampire stories must be: specifically, how the vampire ingests the blood into their own circulatory system, instead of it being broken down.

Here’s what I think: Assuming the transfer of vampiric blood to an almost-fully-drained human, through their mouth, works in the same manner that the vampire draws the blood into its body. The Vampire is supernatural, and infused with some kind of spiritual energy from who-knows-where. This is what animates them; what keeps their brains functioning. The spiritual energy crosses a barrier somehow, reaching through its realm, into our reality, and physically infusing itself into the vampire’s blood. So, it can be postulated that when a vampire drinks human blood, it courses down their esophagus, into their stomach, where the spiritual mechanism (whatever it is) draws the LIFE-FORCE from it, and infuses the tissues of the vampires body with said life-force. Since the blood IS the life-force, then it’s the blood that is being energetically drawn from the stomach and pushed magically into all it’s tissues.

So, the vampires blood is now infused with this spiritual energy. Now, when the vampire decides to offer his/her blood to a human who is almost dead/almost drained, the human drinks it in the same manner, and the spiritual infusion process begins in the human. The change here is that the person is still alive, and has their own life-force coursing through their veins, so the vampiric blood, being stronger in energy, takes it all over, mixes with it, and pushes itself into the humans tissues, affecting transformation.

Think of it as Supernatural Osmosis of Blood.

So, this would explain why vampires of myth can pull off superhuman stunts, like vanishing, or drifting through the air, or appearing suddenly. If the being’s entire body is infused with the spiritual force, then that force has control over it all, and could manipulate it however it “wants”. So, it would seem to me that being a vampire, assuming supernatural origin, would be a rather scary situation. Where does this energy come from? Whose is it? Could it be revoked at any time by the owner? (God, Satan, Demons, whoever)

Another question: Vampires of myth and legend have been known to be rather brutal, manipulative, and seemingly uncaring about their human brethren. How could this happen, all of a sudden? Why would I die (in transformation) and wake up HATING everyone? Wanting to kill them? The blood is addictive, yes, and calls to a vampire more strongly than any drug you and I could imagine. Though - we never hear of a vampire having any meaningful dialogue with people (in the real-life stories).

If I woke up as a vampire, and felt a burning thirst, of course I’d find some animals to drink from. After having enough to have control over myself, I would definitely seek answers. At some point, I would speak to someone I knew, without giving away the fact of what I had become. Why don’t we ever hear of this?

Theory: the spiritual energy that infuses a vampire is NOT of a positive, benevolent nature. It is predatory and quite evil, it seems: even if the infused person is NOT “evil”. So, they are tormented, torn between the evil pull of the life-force inhabiting their bodies, and their feelings/intentions towards the world. Perhaps the reason so many stories involve the aspect of “evil” or brutality towards living people, is because perhaps some newly formed vampires are emotionally/spiritually weak, and they give in to the predatory pull of their new vampiric blood. These are the ones we may assume will become tyrannical monsters, eating whoever they want.

I wonder about all this. I must have answers.

Sent in by Robert, Copyright 2009


  1. dude vamps may or may not exist i beleive they do i have read the Twilight Saga, True Blood and Vampire Diaries and i think the last 2 r awesome Twilight is boring!!!!! and if i meet and vamps i will let u no

  2. how do vampires suck in the blood
    thats impossible that how tey only fed on blood

  3. i love twilight, edward cullen is soo hot. yet unlike most people i know the difference between fact and fiction. all girls dream about meeting a tall dark and handsome mysterious guy, oh boy i would love the idea of that, lisa xoxo

  4. i liked twilight too.. but they ruined us.. we dont sparkle.. and 4 that i am thankful

  5. I've always hated Twilight. It completely make fun of vampires.

  6. Um.. the whole way viruses WORK is to change DNA, and they can take effect very quickly. Ebola is a virus. If you have 500,000,000 virus bodies changing cells at the DNA level, you better believe that technically they could change physical attributes.

  7. JCDenton

    Yes but a viruses mutation of DNA is ALWAYS degenerative.

  8. "...where the spiritual mechanism whatever it is..." That my dear friend would be the Solar Plexus region or the Base of our spiritual antenna or pillar of Love! Read William Henry's The Cloak of The Illuminati about the Meru Pillar!! It forms the base and the rest moves upward from there to our crown chakra at the top, or crown of our heads. Because this body we inhabit does have a soul and therefore a subconscious elemental energy we do not require any substance like blood to sustain us! However if vampires are actually walking around undead and stuff, then they may require others energy from their DNA and other parts of their blood to survive. Did you know that Deoxyribonucleic Acid or DNA is the program and the proteins do the rest as per coded instructions from DNA? However the energy unit is really the mitochondria because they actually use the oxygen from our blood to create heat units of energy called ATP that allows most of our body to function properly. It's called our body temperature!! It goes too high and we feel like poop! It goes too low and we feel deathly cold, either way we die if it varies too much one way or the other!! Just incitefully brainstorming. Get out your umbrellas!! LOL

  9. WOW. You peple, because your not vampires, need to get out and live life. Wheres your proof on any of this. This is therory based on a character of therory. You cannot and willnot ever find or prove vampires exist.

  10. Proof of a thing is not a pre-requisite for it to be interesting. Furthermore if we only discussed topics of which there was absolute proof we would be silent on many different subjects, many of which would even be in the realm of science and history.

  11. you guy's are unreal.
    How does any one believe/disbelieve of this proof has yet been confounded...every ones story seems to be near enough the same...looking at your comments closely your methods are based on films,book..myths of what people have conjured and made up.
    Vampires...huh! they believe or not why do you care if they wanted to be discovered or found dont you think youd be drinking some ones blood right now or possible DEAD. i mean they have the strength,speed of nothing youve ever come across....dont you think you'd be one of them by now if they realy wanted to be found.
    dont waste your time, youl never find this kind.

  12. Hey, so anyway im like 12 and have always loved vampires and such, personally twilight defaces alot of myths, when i was asked to go i wondered how much i'd get paid for going with my Friends.

    Anywho on the subject, I've read as many vampire books as there probably are still in tact, The Darren Shan ones a while ago but that changed some stuff so was'nt too sure...

    , Im not too sure if vampires are real or not, so im pretty devoted to finding out so a question since you were born in europe what was your original Name? I hear that alot of the time second names were given according to your jobs, EG Lots of Smiths, are they decendants of Smiths

    ANyway im too chattery XD just Curious



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