Friday, November 27, 2009

Born a Vampire

Someone who is born a Vampire is not a fiction or corrupted ideas from "Hollywood". I will add, that many legends have their root based on a truth. From the time of a Vampire’s birth, a Vampire is a target  for the good or bad, from both worlds, the natural that we know and can see with our naked eyes on earth, and the supernatural that we cannot see behind the curtain of the natural world.

A Vampire goes through many or a few paranormal experiences that are not caused intentionally, such as some people, who open the doors of demons activities by practicing witchcraft and so on. Vampire’s go through extreme social abuses, from their infancy to the later as adults and for the rest of their life. It could be abuses from family members, people who demonstrate extreme envy and jealousy towards Vampires, being beat up by kids in schools, in the work environments, etc. and being abused in all areas of life in all shapes and forms by any one. The opposite applies at the same time, where some people gravitated towards a Vampires all the time, showing favoritism, friendship, love, curiosity, positive social relations etc.

Vampires can go through many career change, or not, and or never stay in one place or country for too long, have difficulty to find a loving stable relationship, because regular people cannot reach the level of their values, based on their wisdom, their spirituality or faith, the way they see things, (usually a Vampire needs the same amount of spiritual wisdom from a partner, showing loyalty and dedication as well and who they can trust with their life) or they will move on.

A Vampire has extreme loyalty, passion, devotion, been seen in their ways as eccentric or different in their body languages and verbal ways of expressing themselves. Vampires are emotionally profound, warriors in all area of life, forgiving regular humans showing patience as much as they can, but does not tolerate been exploited, insulted, lied to (because a Vampire knows when someone lies ), and will definitely go on their loner ways if things don't change with immature people that are weak in the flesh of their actions and thoughts.

A Vampire, is not someone that shows off, but who stays hidden and low key towards the world as much as possible. A Vampire is not someone who tries to impress any one, because any one, are 80% impressed by them, in a good way, or bad way. A Vampire gets very sick, when not eating red meat, and a lots of it, to sustain basic bodily functions. Vampires are never satisfied when it comes to regular foods, until they eat the raw red meat , then their body stop the cravings.

A Vampire, can choose which side to take, God’s ways or Evil ways, and in either case, are a target for both supernatural worlds. A Vampire who has true knowledge about God, risks his or her life, deviating towards a path of evil ways. Vampires indeed, are special, but there is a price to pay by being one. It take a very long time for a Vampire to figure him or her self out. A Vampire has a soul, in search who wants to search all their life the purpose of their life. A Vampire's love does not start in the flesh as physical sexual need, but in their soul without touching. On the opposite, A Vampire who does not love, will only satisfy a (sexual physical need).

Vampires do not get attached but to a very few people going through their path, because they find most regular people totally boring, with the same boring agendas, no spiritual wisdom what so ever, no purpose in most regular peoples life. The opposite of this, is a Vampire who is faithless, and will be socially extremely active so to satisfy their evil ways and agendas.

A Vampire is not someone who pretends, they are what they are. Vampires, are night souls, with different type of beauties not necessarily what the society portrait as beauty. Regular people would approach a Vampire, with curiosity, knowing that something is different about this person, making small talk and asking questions, with much curiosity in their eyes.

A Vampire does not age as fast as others, and also gets very sick or not healthy at all, when eating regular people foods. A Vampire does better with mostly a meat based diet, sadly, because some Vampires, actually hate the idea of killing animals and become vegetarians. Vampires experience paranormal activities, they are gifted, can feel presences or situations in advance, not at all times but most of the time.

Vampires, who have chosen the path of God’s ways, are amazing to be around with, but a regular human who even come to recognize a Vampires worth needs to cope with all that comes in the personality, ways, and looks, of a Vampire. If a Vampire says, "I am a Vampire" and express their true identities and ways, most regular people will look at them like they need to be in a mental hospital. Therefore, I have said only to one person, what I am, who I have loved dearly, and yet, not knowing the next chapter in the decision of his free will, because one God’s perfection I understand, is free will, to be used for good or evil, a given choice, that could be used for the good only.

Many dream of meeting a Vampire, you may have met one, or not, but if you have enough knowledge, and stay mentally alert, with a genuine interest, you will recognize a Vampire in true. Regular people have a soul, and Vampires have a soul as well, who are used as messengers on this earth. A Vampire's biochemistry is surely different, then regular people, indirect attraction towards blood, and much more, but a Vampire is a gentle beast, when approached the right way.

When a soul reaches divine maturity Vampires have similar, regular human traits, but are so different in so many ways. A Vampire will always look onto regular people with a curious look on their face, and will be more attentive in what you have to say. A Vampire is more forgiving, within limits given a chance, due to the fact that their divine maturity was reached at the time of their infancies, while most regular people need a life time to figure wisdom out, and are driven mostly by their poor desires in the flesh. You will never know, the identity of a Vampire, unless they find you special enough, to reveal the truth about them self.

Written by Hadassa, Copyright 2009


  1. is`t so strange and it is unbelivebel is true cuz how can people thing a stuf like that and talks about tha for a thusend years i dont know really

  2. i am also a vampire along with my best friend, its confusing and scary because she is changing faster than me even though i am older than her, if you have any advice... thank you

  3. is this true? 0_o

  4. is that really true holy 0-o

  5. Micayla,
    i dont mean to be rude but i was reading other entries and comments and there was someone named samantha who claims to be a vampire and said she has a best friend named micayla who is human.... Hmmmm... Im not accusing you of lying but really how common is micayla????
    Does any1 agree???

  6. well obviosly, its pretty common because my friends name is abbie, not samantha

  7. Not to be a skeptic or anything, but can humans really be born a vampire?


  8. Dear Cherish,
    As you phrase it,there is no possible way a Human can be born a Vampire. What I think you meant to ask was can someone be born as a Vampire? but it could just be me. Ok but to answer my version of the question that I rephrased for you. Yes, people CAN be born Vampires in fact I was born a Vampire well not exactly a Pure one but a Half Vampire one of my parents is a Human and the other is a Vampire so you get a Half-Blood or a Half-Breed. When both parents are Vampires then you have a Pure-Blood Vampire which are even stronger,faster,and smarter then any Vampire out there. If you have any more questions you van ask me on the artivle called Vampires and Secrecy ok? Well thank you for your questions!
    -Carlos Hernandez

  9. Carlos,
    Thank you for your response :)
    You seem to know a lot about this subject. This really helps me on my research paper. I thank you again. You've been a lot of help to me.


  10. hey if u want to ask a real vampire who lives among humans i can answer you questions if you have any

  11. Cherish,
    Your very welcome it's my pleasure helping you. Tell me you mentioned something about a research paper, are you researching Vampires? If you are here's one that can help you as best of my abilities ok? I will answer any question you have.
    -Thanks for reading
    Carlos Hernandez

  12. Carlos,
    Yes, right now I am doing a research paper on vampires in mythology and in real life. It is taking forever to finish and I need some sources for information. I have always wanted to talk to a real vampire and i have by meeting you :) I will let you know if I have any more questions to ask you, though.


  13. Cherish,
    Thats really interesting I hope your paper is a success and everything goes well. Best of luck, also I'm always here for questions and that goes for everybody you have questions? Well I have answers.
    -Thanks for reading and posting,
    Carlos Hernandez

  14. I know some say there No such vampires or ghosts or anything in paranormals, But I am tired in my health way always sick and tired and take medince for relax of my life. Wish i have good strength.

  15. yea I got a few questions umm this may sound realy freakin weird but I hope mabe you can help me out or tell me something that could
    lately I've been noticeing some realy crazy stuff going on with me for the last few months

    I've been haveing a hard time sleeping and im not just talking about yea take some nightquil and ill nock out every night for the last few months ove been wide awake every night till about 6 30 around the time the sun comes up and finding it so much easyer to sleep in the day

    I've also been realy hungry all the time and I would sit down and have a 6 cors meal and still be craving something else

    latly my gf has been tellin me there's something weird about me like im a different person we where walkin the other night and she told me there was something wroung with my eyes she told me they where bright yellow I thought it was just a refelextion of the street light in my eyes but when we got home she showed me and they where yellow like yellow yellow

    then this realy got me started she had cut her hand rly realy bad not to long ago and I never felt so hungry so intence
    like I wanted to just drink it ...
    idk what this means idk if im goin nuts or there may be something goin on I don't know and my girl friends look some ledgins of vampiers and she even told me she belives it
    so I was hopeing u could help me or give me some tips
    or tell me where to resurch this stuff

    and I know u may get a lot of bull like this all the time but I realy need some answers im not here just for kicks

  16. hey carlos,
    I got a question... that how long vampires live?

  17. I dont want to insult any one here but youe all mad!!!!!
    How can ya be vampires???? I bet most of ye that say your vamps are living at home with mammy, have good jobs our in collage. Do ye turn to ash in sun light, do ye hunt down people and eat them???. If your drinking blood (Your own or who ever is mad enough to let ya drink theres) its all in your head, ya ave issues. Fair enough ya might fully believe your a vampire but its all in your head, ya say something to your self enough times ya start to believe it.
    Sorry if your insulted but ye are CRAZY!!!!!!!

    Many dream of meeting a Vampire, you may have met one, or not, but if you have enough knowledge, and stay mentally alert, with a genuine interest, you will recognize a Vampire in true. WRITTEN BY HADDASSA

    If you tell yourself you really want to meet a vampire, that you are one. Its such a mind game. As anorexic people see they are fat, you really believe something, it will be true.

    I dont no wants true and wants real but I dont think a vampire wouldn’t be able to find enough time to be on the net!!!!

  18. Many dream of meeting a Vampire, you may have met one, or not, but if you have enough knowledge, and stay mentally alert, with a genuine interest, you will recognize a Vampire in true. WRITTEN BY HADDASSA

    If you tell yourself you really want to meet a vampire, that you are one. Its such a mind game. As anorexic people see they are fat, you really believe something, it will be true.

    I dont no wants true and wants real but I dont think a vampire wouldn't be able to find enough time to be on the net!!!!

  19. Vampire Truth AdminFebruary 17, 2010 at 7:17 AM

    Aisling - you start by saying you dont want to insult anyone and then you proceed to insult. Your opinions are welcome here but I recommend that you figure out a way to express them without insulting others and without lumping everyone here into one group. Also, judging from what you say in your comment I doubt that you have really read very much of what has been said here. There are all sorts of people here.

    Why do you think a Vampire would be too busy to get on the net?

  20. @Aisling all an immortal (and i use the term loosely) would have is time, i would assume.

  21. hey, I am not a vampier, but i have had an odd experace so to speak i know that one for some reason "cheaks" in on me every once in a while. I'm what one might call sencitive to things around me and know most of the time when you think you have seen something out the corner of your eye but when you look you see nothing, i know that most of the time there was acctually something there. I want to know if "my" vampier comes back how can i bring him/ her to me? Also i know alot of things i should not know or have never heard of it but know it anyway. my maid thinks I'm a demon which is not very nice to hear, and also so far i have not had the pleasure to meet someone like me who can um do the things i can. i won't say what i am cos i know that at lest one of my kind was killed for being so careless. but I grow very lonely and was wondering if anyone out there coulod give me a had. thanks ( sorry about my spellin, i have a problem with it)

  22. Dear Anthony,
    Well you could be a Vampire, there´s no way for me to know over the Internet you have to be around me or something so I can pick up your scent and tell you. I´m really sorry I can´t answer your question but tell me have you tasted blood? If so, do you like the taste of it? If you have and liked it you could be Sanguinarian, but about all your features, your eyes glowing yellow yellow (like you said) well I don´t know what to tell you I mean I have never met a real Vampire with yellow yellow eyes we have a very interesting eye color it´s a mixture of different colors they aren´t one solid color sorry. About ou not sleeping it could always be insomnia and then you get sleepy exactly at 6:30 A.M. I don´t know that is a possibility. I don´t think you can research if your a Vampire or not because the Internet does not contain any information like that if you search it in Google it´ll problably send you to Wikipedia and other links (which most are stupid).
    -Well thanks for asking questions and if I haven´t ansewered your question I apologize
    Carlos Hernandez

  23. Sumbul,
    I can´t exactly answer that question because it depends in a lot of elements like if they get killed and stuff like that. Another thing it also depends if they´re strong and healthy if they eat a lot of Human food they won´t last long, but the average age for a Vampire to die might be either 1,000- 5,000 years old a lot of Elders and Ancient Vampires took potions from witches or made their own to live even longer!
    -Thanks for asking questions, and if you have any more just ask
    Carlos Hernandez

  24. Dear Trish,
    Well since you do not want to reveal your race type I will try to answer it like your a Human (which you are not as you implied) You can always use Blood Letting, where you cut your self in the arm and let the blood flow out of your body, (IF you contain any blood) if you don´t have blood flowing through your body then kill an animals that might bring him/her back. If that doesn´t work then let me know.
    -Thanks for posting
    Carlos Hernadez

  25. lol ya i have blood running in my veins, but i already tried that and for some reason he/she wont come to me if you get what im saying. i have met others was quite a meeting and very tens, i have found one other person who claims to be like me so im guessing that my breed is very rare, yay for me lol im working on finding a meeting place but that is not as easy as i thought it would be. i was just wondering do immortals have dating sites? ok im babbleing sorry.

  26. hello, if you are reading this, you probably read the article. I loved it by the way.

    I just have questions. Like if I maybe a vampire. I've been studying this for a while now, and I hadn't received alot of help.

    thank you for your help.
    Note from Admin - Comment has been edited DO NOT post your email address and ask others to email you here. The rules are stated very clearly by the comment box!!

  27. This was a unique perception of a inward look on someone we might not ever see or believe to see. I found this full of insight and I feel that I to must agree with this section. Very helpful. So my question is- How does one acquire such information and seem so positive about it? Lovely and interesting!

  28. Carlos, I am new to this site and must say a I enjoyed the article and many of your comments.

    If I may be so bold I would like to ask you some questions i.e. was it difficult for you growing up with your condition, were your parents loving and supportive in what happend to you, do you have a strong bond with your family, where do you life, how old are you now, do you wish that things could be different for you?

    And lastly, the one you loved, was she like you or human?

    Hope to hear from you soon, my apologies for all the questions - but I find you very interesting!!

  29. Carlos HernandezMay 11, 2010 at 7:25 AM

    Dear Trish,
    Sorry for the late reply everyone. Ok um I think so but I'm not sure I mean if Humans have dating sites why wouldn't immortals have them also I mean we still date and stuff right?

    I don't know who you are directing your question or comment to but I'll assume the position, just ask me your questions I will gladly answer them.

    I don't know how to answer your question but I get my information from my mother and my grandfather (which are both Vampires as well).

    Dear Chantell
    Welcome to I hope that you like this site and don't worry about asking "too many" questions there's no such thing as that ask as many questions as you have. First off, yes and no my 'condition' did not affect any of my abilities like playing, or going to school it still doesn't. Your second question intrigues asked if my parents were loving and supportive in what happend to me, well I was born a Vampire so my mom was supportive my father in the other hand did not accept me at once but he came around after a while. My family and I have the strongest bond of all we stay together no matter what,and I live in the United Staes if that's what you meant, I'm 16 years old, no I'm happy the way I am I wouldn't change this for nthing in the world. About your last question I don't know what you mean can you explain to me your question?
    -Well thanks everyone for your patience and your support love you all.
    Carlos Hernandez

  30. Dear Carlos, thank you so much for your prompt response. I am so glad that you are happy and that you have your family to support and love you. Life can be so complicated without people who care and nurture you. I have also been blessed with great parents. If I may ask - how long have you been 16. I am so interested in your story, if you don't mind - can you tell me more of yourself, etc.. I feel like a little kid again, I am so used to the normal conversations, and yours is so much more interesting!! How long have you stayed in the States, have you lived in other countries, have you travelled abroad? You seem like such a kind hearted person, I love the way you address everyone in your comments, it is so mature and comes across as genuine. Hope to hear from you soon, me

  31. wow, this is really scary. i just posted a story with some quiestions innit but didn't ask them all and things that happend to me also didn't tell all couz it would be too long. but what i'm reading here are the exact things that are going on in my life... this is weird.
    hope some1 can help me out here!!!

  32. Dear Chantell,
    I was born a Vampire so I've been 16 for 16 years. I dnt age as much as other teenagers though. Also what would you like to know about me, you can ask me questions if you would like I'm an open-minded person you can ask me anything I won't be offended. I've been in the United States since I was born but I have traveled I love traveling I have gone to so many places some of them like: Australia, Japan, Korea, China, and so many more. Thank you a lot of people say I'm mature for a 16 year old but I just treat people the way I like to be treated.
    -Well thanks for your questions and comments I hope I hear from you soon take care.
    Carlos Hernandez

  33. 16 for 16 years? :D what were you like - came out of your mother 16 years old? :D

  34. Dear Beyond,
    I've been 16 for 16 years... in other words I was born, 1 year passed by I was 1 year old then 1 more year passed by so I was 2 and so on do you understand what I'm trying to say?
    -I hope I didn't confuse you I was not intending to do that sorry.
    Carlos Hernandez

  35. @Carlos:
    you sound to me like a were...are you? ;)

  36. Hahahah I kind of agree with Aisling bt yea, kinda calm down on the insults abit there, mate. Things seem more interesting when you have an open mind, lolz :D

    Kuki Izland!!



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