Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Little Girl from Hell

The girl in our house is playing hide and seek and she's no angel.

Me and my mom and two little sisters just moved in to a new house. The story of the house was about a Doctor who made the house into a little hospital. So one day me and my mom took my two little sisters to boarding school. When me and my mom came back from the boarding school we felt that something wasn't right, so that night, when we were unpacking our stuff me and my mom heard a girls voice, she said "Find me I'm hiding, Come mom Lets Play."

When we heard that, we thought that's really strange because my sisters aren't at home and its just me and my mom. So we went and looked around in the house for any sign of what we just heard. Well when me and my mom crossed the hall we saw I little figure. What we saw was no imaginary thing, this was the real deal. The next thing we noticed is that our bedroom door is closed and we knew that we didn't closed it our selves. So when me and my mom went to that bedroom door, I reached out and grabbed the knob, but when I did it the door wouldn't budge, and then we heard a horrible scream. That was really awful, I almost ran a door in to a wall... no jokes.

Well the next morning we went and we found a sweater laying under the table in the living room, and then the little girl starts to play hide and seek. Every time I could hear her little voice saying "I'm hiding mom, Come find me" And then the doors began to slam shut and the table in the living room starts to move across the floor, it creeped me and my mom out.

After that I was so scared that I didn't even want to sleep in that house. Neither of us wanted to stay there anymore But soon after we decided that we didn't want to live there anymore, we couldn't get out of the house, we tried to break windows and break down the doors but nothing helped, we were trapped in our new house. If it were you, you wouldn't even go there to look at that house, its really creepy and that little girl isn't a friendly one she is a bad, bad, bad, ghost. The girl tried to lock me in, in my own room, she played with my porcelain dolls and if I tried to take them away she would scream and make things even worse.

Friends or family can't even come and visit, this little girl always messed things up. Like one day I got a little puppy, the sweetest thing ever. She would literally kick the dog and bite his ears. The poor dog died after all that has happened to him.

Eventually we could move out of that house, but it didn't stop that little girl from finding us and making our lives even worse than before. Guys and girls if you ever come upon such a thing, never try to convince them that it is your house and you want her to leave. That didn't help us at all.

She was with us until last year 2008. We lived with this little girl for almost three years, then one day she just disappeared and we never saw her again. This was my story about the little girl who played hide and seek but she was no angel, she was the little girl from hell.

Sent in by Sindie, Copyright 2009

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  1. Maybe you could have called exorcist child protective services, ha



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