Friday, October 30, 2009

Not Your Typical Vampire

I believe Vampires are as much different from each other as you are from I. Vampires are perceived by many (me included) to drink blood in order to survive, and that maybe a similarity in which all Vampires share just like how you and I must eat and drink. But think about if it wasn't just blood they craved?

About 3 years ago in Fresno, California, I was attending a funeral with my father and brother and in our culture, it lasts 3 days.  It is said in our culture that the body has 3 spirits that when you die, one stays behind at the spot where you died, one ascends to the gods to be judged, and the final one guards the body at all times.

On the first day of the funeral the spirit is said to roam the funeral home, drawing out its boundaries, securing the body from spiritual and physical harm. It is said that the second day is when the spirit is allowed to freely roam the world, away from the body if it so chooses. This day was the night my brother and I saw what we came to conclude as a Vampire.

My brother and I sat a fair distance from the coffin, able to see the weeping families standing over the coffin.  When the families stepped away from the coffin to sit, a  man no different from anyone else in the room stood and approached the coffin. At first it seemed as though the man was showing his share of sorrow placing his hands on the coffin and looking straight down at the body. Moments later, however, he started to fidget with the body almost as if to take something from it. My brother and I noticed his awkward movements but weren't sure if it was something preplanned so we sat and watched. A funeral attendant happened to see the man and called for him to stop. Several people ran towards the individual which at that point turned to hiss at the rest of us with two small fang-like teeth. He quickly turned towards an exit door and fled leaving nothing behind but the small amount of blood-stains on the door.

Never had I ever seen anything like that before and, to this day my brother and I both, still debate among ourselves whether or not it was reality or just something our minds created in light of the situation.

In addition, we both spoke to many elders about this incident in which we received information regarding Vampires that attend funerals in order to steal the hearts of the recently deceased. Interestingly it would seem that the Vampire struck on the day in which the spirit who guards the body leaves it.

Written by Sao Xiong, Copyright 2009


  1. This is an interesting, one I LIKE it, Thank you for sharing
    and to my questions
    Didn't anyone else noticed the fangs or the bloodstain or blood in the body?, did you notice it clearly?
    and as being a human u must be running to stop the guy why were you sitting like ducks!
    sorry if i asked too much questions!$!$!

  2. Regarding the body, the heart was not taken but I do remember several scratch marks on the chest, deep ones as if you were to grab sand with your hand from the ground leaving behind finger gaps. Some small pieces of skin were missing. There wasn't too much blood left in the body so it wasn't pouring out or dripping from the allegded 'Vampire'. I'm sure my brother was as much confused and terrified as I was that day. We couldn't summon enough strength to move or react to the situation. I don't attend too many funerals, however, as mentioned in the story, an elder did testify to the fact that these 'Vampires' do indeed attend funerals in attempts to steal the hearts of the recently deceased. All I can really go with this is that if this happened right before my very eyes, who else out there besides those present at the scene, has witnessed a similar scene.

  3. hi we are fasanated by this story did any1 else say anything or see anything? Did that man say anything or look any different to anyone else i.e pale skin? Did he look like a vampire basically? thank you for sharing thanks again bye bye!

  4. It was agreed upon by both my brother and I that that man was a Vampire. His skin was in fact pale, but not nearly as pale as the boy from Twilight. We both agreed to have seen the fangs but as far as anyone else noticing them, that was never confirmed. That night I remember people expressing more concern over what had happened rather than whether the man was a vampire or not. I don't recall any other features such as eye color or fingernail length, only what stood out most to catch my eyes, the fangs. His face looked much like any other persons; more human than any movie portrayed vampire such as the ones from Dusk til Dawn. Just a very human looking face with fangs.

  5. i really like what u wrote its very interesting to me
    how do u feel now that u have seen this?

  6. is it not said that if a vampire drinks blood from the dead it can make them very sick or even kill them .. if what u say is the case why dont vampires dig up dead bodys to eat/drink.. why would they do it at a funeral and risk exposure seeing as how there so secretive...



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