Friday, October 23, 2009

Old Lady and the Blood

It was the summer of 2001 and my family and I had gone to the Dominican Republic to visit my family out there. It was a sunny day when we arrived at the airport. Once we came out of the airport, we got in a taxi and they took us to our town where we were going to be for a week. Later that day, we ate lunch and then we talked for a while. We were recalling the fun times when something fell in the kitchen. It sounded like a plate fell.

We all hurried over and there was blood over all the plates but the plates were not broken. My grandmother picked up the plates and threw them away. At night, we all went for a ride in the camp near our house. This camp was very cold at nights an very windy in the daytime. We were passing this house which had been abandoned by this old lady. As we were passing it, I saw a figure inside the window and I told my dad. He said that it was my imagination and that it as seeing things.

As we were going to leave the camp, the car stopped abruptly and my father that had been driving screamed. I got so scared and we all got out of the car. He said that there was a little old lady standing in the middle and that he stopped the car abruptly. He checked under that car and there was nothing. I then said that I thought that I was the one imagining things. My dad said to stop and that we are going to go home quick.

We got home and when we entered the house, there was a little old lady. She had white hair, red gloss and a big old yellow dress. I screamed so hard that I peed in my pants. The lady then opened her mouth and blood started to pour out. I then tried to kick the lady and then she disappeared. My mom and dad came running over and asked what had happened. I told them and we decided to stay at a friends house over that night and go back in the morning. We stayed at out neighbors and the night went fast.

We went back the next morning and everything was good until we saw the body of the little lady on the floor. She was dead. She was very old and when we went to the kitchen to get a body bag, she wasn’t there when we came back.

A few years later, we found out that the lady died in the 1950’s and that she was going all over the towns trying to find her little son that died because he was mentally challenged. Since then people have reported that she still roams around and that she doesn’t bother anyone anymore.

Written by Jonathan Rodriguez, Copyright 2009

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