Saturday, October 17, 2009

Things to Ponder About Vampires

Some babies exit from the womb yearning for the first taste of food, but instead is the first taste of blood from the mother and this distinct smell and taste impressed in their sub-conscious mind until one day the same recollection should bring back the yearning. Then the biting need emerged. The recollection of baby’s chewing the rubber comes back with full delight.

This primitive urge and memory bring one closer to animals with a lower level, that gives one more comfort in sharing with. They are not worshippers related to the devils realm. But only independently by one’s own obsession to be the king on earth. The isolation he feels and the distinction of oneself is unbalanced. To keep from the injustice of depression, one chooses the extreme, is in love of oneself only. Fear cast onto him, but in belief to make oneself stronger, then trying to transplant it onto others.

You won’t call Michael Jackson, the one always with the umbrella, a vampire. But how many are there can be compared to a superstar. But many people’s skin disease can be developed by weakness and by kind of collapsed lungs, these are the symptoms of starvation of oxygen.

There is a saying. Three times the lie to convince the people. 100 times the lie can convince oneself. To the Catholics and Christians, lies are forbidden.

Blood becomes the pursuit, but garlic is disgusting. A bloody tampon worn all day in hot summer will be full of garlic smell. What’s the contradiction here. Will like it or not? If food comprised of is only 1 specialty, the blood, then the sensitive and unaccustomed stomach induced in long term is comprehensible.

Garlic is one of the indigestive food that can be a burden to a weak stomach! Even an ordinary mortal will burp too.

Weak body results with sensitive to sunlight. With further more accustomed to dark environment, the eyes’ pupils dilate, and can see more clearly in dark. There, a person is isolated into more concentrating of details of trivial surroundings, that develops perception to minute change, then the reflex seems to be progressing. Just like blinding your eyes, can help improve the quickness of reflex. It’s just a practice in effect.

Glaucoma, an eye disease that changes eyes color, gifted like the eye sight of a bat. If bitten by a disoriented ‘rabies’ bat, you can get all benefits that a bat has, the ultraviolet sensitive, and all that made up a bat. On top of it, it is the liver, which harbors the diseases, can cause eyes problems.

Staying in places without sunlight, the ghosts also are attracted to their sides finding interest in encouraging them even more.

In blood, the diseases are plenty, like bird flu, mad-cow disease, pig disease, and a particular bacteria in cat that can change a person’s character to be lusty, and the human’s bacteria H. Pylori will damage the stomach further more.

These diseases they carried are contagious through mucus and saliva exchange. Constipation or diarrhea is common.

The mixing of various diseases develop cancer kinds of cells, will mutate the behavior substantially. The rage rises accompanied by hate of isolation. The compass magnitudes abnormalities of these malignant diseases by the degrees of turning, however thought by oneself possessing the ‘Force’, without realizing it’s just a magnet of chaos.

Only after death, without the brains, they mutate further more into beings they dreamed of, only at last they turned into the real vampire-ghosts sucking blood of animals and even humans, and capture the was-human ghosts as their companions as a compensation they can’t have in real world.

The vampire-ghosts are usually found in remote abandoned houses.
Only if human lives are victimized, will these ghosts be destroyed by the able. In some cases, the red-eyed in human form of creatures or ghosts is just a signature of hate, not necessarily a demon nor a vampire.

To me, they are just poor souls of the abandoned.
Xavation can only be done in your real earth years!

Sent in by Sai Chan, Copyright 2009

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  1. Im sorry, But your thoughts seem random and very hard to follow. I can see why no one has commented yet. Still, I see your point...whatever that is. ^,.,^



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