Monday, April 12, 2010

Vampires in Texas and Indiana

My parents introduced horror movies when I was about 9 or 10. The first vampire movie I ever saw was "Interview with the Vampire." After seeing that movie, I was instantly hooked to vampires. Not sure why, being that at the age I was.. it most certainly wasn't because of any sexual attraction to the thought of vampires. Mostly it sparked my interest as to if any such creature really existed. So I grew up.. wandering and researching. Vampires weren't so common to talk about back then. So I just kept it to myself.

My family moved to Texas in 1998. I got my first job at McDonalds. Customers came and went. Everyday the same routine. I worked drive thru. Same ole day until I had a man in a SUV pull up to my window. Immediately... it seemed that everything behind him... and everything around me... turned green. It was hazy... kinda like looking at a hot road and seeing the heat radiating off of it. As soon as I saw him... I thought "vampire". I didn't have to think about it, it just came to me. Extremely attractive, dark haired gentleman, who said nothing. Just took his drink and on his way.

Once he left my window the hazy look faded out and everything was normal. I'm still not sure to this day what happened to my surroundings as I am sure no one else saw the same background as I did. Let me described more in detail:

The fountain drink to my right looked blurry. There was a gas station that you could see from the drive thru window  that was no longer visible. Everything in my eyesight capabilities was completed voided out and all I could see was this guy. So since seeing this website I've come to believe he must have been a physic vampire. Only conclusion I can come to.

On to the next believed sighting. We moved from Texas to Indiana. Indianapolis to be exact. I was in high school and I used to ride the Indigo bus home to Beech Grove after school. So, standing there waiting for the bus to come I saw a man in a hoodie, walking down the same side of the street I was on. He had his head down. I didn't think anything of it, until he got closer to me and looked at me. The first thing I noticed, were his eyes. They were red. I was so stunned that I found myself starring and scared. He looked at me and put his head back down; kept on walking. I immediately thought "vampire". I contemplated the idea that he was wearing contacts. But part of the eyes weren't red... the whole entire eyes... were red. It creeped me out for the longest time because I felt he was evil. That was in 2003.

Since then I've  yet to encounter any other beings that instantly brought the "vampire" idea to my mind. After seeing these two individuals, I 100% believe that is a possibility of such beings existing. I still to this day hope to meet another one; and instead of fearing them actually being able to hold a conversation with one face to face and having that personal encounter.

I currently live near Bloomington, Indiana and have found out that such a place exists that holds conventions, if you will, that allows the actual vampires or people who "pose" to meet. I'm so tempted to go just to see if I can meet a vampire. That's my story. Comment if you would like. Thanks

Sent in by Jennifer, Copyright 2010


  1. when you say the whole eye is red , do you mean the entire eye area , or just the iris color was red ?

  2. I wish I could do the same... From the beginning, I though I was reading about myself! Interview with the Vampire was my first vampire movie... I was about 7 and I actually cried when Claudia was burned alive... Anyway, I think you should go to this meeting place just to find out for yourself if real vamps live in your area. I live in Louisiana (but no where near NO), and I haven't seen one since we moved. Heck, I don't I even saw one before I moved!

  3. Those were cool stories :)

  4. Hi,
    That is really fascinating,and at the end you mentioned a place where you can meet vampires?and thinking about checking it out? I think that that could be dangerous because there are good and bad vampires and most of all the vampires are selfish,bad and think that they are always right so if you really wanna go to that place you need to find somebody who is experienced and if you would go alone take something for protection,anything can hurt vampires they are stronger than humans but you can still hurt them.Be safe!

  5. Barbie- Well when I saw the guy, I was standing about 3 feet from him. When I saw his eyes, it was such an overwhelming red.. it was like nothing Ive ever seen with any contacts. I used to have an ex boyfriend in texas who was into the contacts. Like the white outs and the figure 8's Even the red ones. And this guys' eyes were so red.. it almost liked they glowed. So I'm gonna say the entire eye. It was very wierd. I've yet to see anything else like that.
    Rae-Yea, that movie is quite captivating.
    Arianna- Thank you
    BooBoo- I definately have been thinking about your suggestion. I researched the place that holds this "gathering" if you will, and the place actually changes it's name for this one day of the month, just for this event. Luckily, where this place is located, its full of college students and located on a main road. So hopefully nothing gets to crazy. I have also been wanting someone to go with me but the problem is that one, I would have to tell someone that I am going to see if I could meet a real vampire. I don't know who that would be. I don't want someone to think I'm looney. And then the second problem is that I really dont have any friends that I would feel comfortable enough to go with me. So.. the night they hold this.. is at the end of the month. I still have a while to think about it. Thank you for your suggestion

  6. You're welcome..
    I've been thinking about this..Maybe you could research someone on google that lived in or close to your area and you might be surprised of what you could find..
    This is really a quite interesting situation..The thing is all of the paranormal creatures have rules but the most important one is ''Do not let inferior mortals know about us'' and don't know why the Elders called humans ''Inferior Mortals'' =D funny..
    Anyways..I bet the Vampires or whoever holds the meeting don't know about the rules or the Elders..though Vampires have mentors to teach them the Vampire-ly ways...
    Hmm...seriously..everything I know might help you but this is complicated to figure out..

  7. Uuuh and the people who say ''Go there you might find vamps there'' :@ seriously that is such a stupid thing to say,for one reason if there would be vampires you don't know if they are dangerous,it could be a place where they find and get humans and feed on them(not likely) BUT it is still a possibility,and also she needs weapons or something for kill one usually anything hurts them but takes a whole lot to kill 'em..holy water does hurt them too(doesn't kill 'em)..

  8. Jenifer,
    Your welcome :) But I think the only people that would tell you there a vampire is a lie and a scam. I would think that possibly a real vampire would hide in the shadows and be a loner and keep most secrets to ones self. What you saw simply was amazing and very rare you seem like a lucky kind of girl.


  9. Jennifer,
    Can you tell me where you read about the gathering?Was it a site so you might be able to post a link?

  10. There are different kinds of vampires..
    Vampires aren't thatr cool..
    -Always think that they are right
    -ALWAYS at all times find something they can argue about..
    Believe me..
    Ok..The vampire I know isn't really that bad I know only one vampire,she is smart but like I said always get's an arguement up in the conversation..
    Anyyyywaaaays...All vampires are different..Of course there can be clans and groups like you know for example witch clans...I know a witch too..all witches are kind peaceful creatures..but it can depend on what kinda of witch it is...but all the creatures don't get lots more information..I don't think anybody actually have read this..but if you're reading this than ''YAAAYY'' :)

  11. Vampire Truth AdminApril 14, 2010 at 1:06 PM

    BooBoo that doesnt make sense. You say "-Always think that they are right -ALWAYS at all times find something they can argue about.." then you go on to say that "All vampires are different" - first they are all the same then they are all different....

  12. Sorry with all the nonsense im just a bit tired..sorry.but it is still true..

  13. I know it doesn't make sense..I myself am only getting used to it..
    Like..All vampires think they are right but at the end of the day they are all different..Do you get what I mean with that?

  14. I know only one vampire and one witch and they have told me that vampires are the kind of creatures who think they are better than other creatures and like to make arguements,that's what I got told..

  15. Red eyes? LOL!

    I saw red eyes from twillight, biologically is not possible these red eyes can be glowed in dark. Animals and humans cannot glow their eyes in dark. Never.

    Ban jefiner.

    However, we humans and animals can be glowed eyes with bright green eyes. Not red-

    while cameraman is recording video at us in night or somewhere dark area.


  16. Hi Jennifer,

    I have read your story. I find it interesting. You have mentioned about 2 places where you kind of saw vampires. Did you try & figure out, if these places were ever haunted?
    "Vampire" looks like your subject. You are too much into it (just like me).. After those 2 incidents, did you ever experience anything as such? I have been doing research on this subject, I would be glad to help you out (in case of you need).. I also at times feel that, may be what you saw were not vampires (they could be some different creatures).. Why do you wana meet vampires?? (Just a question, it's ok if you don't wana answer)..
    As far as I know, vampires don't like to be in public & say that, look I am a vampire.. We have to find it for ourselves.. But again, you need to be very careful. Like you find, good & bad people, you will also find good & bad vampires.. Just be careful..
    Yeah, one more thing, they don't like to be judged, they want humans to believe in them..
    There are lot of links & sites which will help you on "How to identify a vampire"..
    You can try looking for the above information if you really interested.. Before meeting vampires, please study about them, do a lot of research, know more about them (just to be on a safer side & be prepared).........

    Nice chating with you.. I am sorry if i said something wrong..

    Take care

  17. Lux - You said you would be glad to research and things,but I've gotta say most of the things you would research wouldn't even be true..

    Just hate when people make stuff up !

    And Lux I do agree that it couldn't have just been a vampire..It could have been a werewolf...Shapeshifter...Dunno if Shadow Mocker's would've been involved...

  18. Oh the beauty of such a world... I just love getting on here and making this stuff up.. because I'm bored and have nothing better to do. These stories.. 100 % true. It was purely out of just sharing an experience ,Lioness. Who said anything about Twilight? It's no different than people coming forward to tell someone they've seen a ghost. Things happen in this world that go unexplained all the time such as Stonehenge. No one understands it but they want answers. I'm simply curious and just wanted to share two simple experiences. Guys.. Ive been reading this site along time. I see how hateful everyone can be to eachother. Honestly.. it took me a while to put these stories on here, just because I knew someone would call me a liar. Pity... . It's really sad that we can't discuss stories without rudeness.
    Lux- I really appreciate your approach in talking with me. You didnt come off as offensive or anything. So much appreciation. Thank you ! The two incidences that took place- well the first place was at a McDonalds. I had been there about 6 months. And nothing wierd like that happened before or after that. The second incident.. I was a senior in high school in indianapolis. I was standing on the sidewalk waiting for a city bus to come by to take me home for the day. The guy I saw was just walking down the street and as he passed me.. he looked up. He was wearing a gray hoodie and a pair of jeans. I rode that bus for two years and again.. nothing happened like that anytime before and not afterwards. And I graduated in 2003. So its been about 7 years since I've seen anything else wierd.
    And I very familiar with nightvision and laser ops. I am familiar with thermal heat signatures. I'm serving in the military. Deployed to Kuwait and Iraq. I know the difference between the eyes of night vision and normal eye color.
    Last note... Thanks guys for those of you who took my story as it is.

  19. Hi BooBoo,

    I must say, I like your user name..It's cute & peppy..

    Yes, during the course of research I found that most of them (not all) are fake.. But we can't also not ignore the fact that vampires do exist as god does.. It's just like 2 faces of a coin. Good comes along with the bad... Some vamps aren't bad at all...
    If you see, out of 100 %, 50% of the population believes in vampire stuff & the rest doesn't...

    Just a question Boo Boo - Do you believe in in vampire stuff?

    When people create their blogs & print their article, they are very much aware that, people like you & me would surely comment & when they dare to do so, either it could be fake or true, you never know. As far as I know, Jennifer needs our help to figure out why is she facing all this..

    What do you say?? Let me know..

    Take care


  20. Hello Jennifer,

    It seems like you have done a lot of things in life.. Good...
    I just wana let you know that, there were many wierd incidences that have happend in the places that you have moved on. I will tell you know more about them as we continue to chat...

    Jennifer - Please remeber that things that you have experienced so far on these kinda stuff, others haven't hence they don't believe so just ignore it coz I know that it would hurt you a lot.. You know, god has created some rules for humans & the rules are, humans can't see things which god believes that it shouldn't be seen by humans BUT when people like U & I start learning more about them, we tend to see things & it's difficult to make others believe.....

    Yes, I like chating with you as well. Thanks a lot..

    Let me know if you need any assistance from me..

    Take care


  21. Lux - I'm glad I am talking to you!I do believe in the vampire stuff because I know a vampire and a witch and I am a witch myself..yeaah..I'm sorry to like spring it at you like that but you seem the kind of person to trust with this..
    And I agree..There are vampires that are good and bad ..
    From what the witch and vamp have told me vampires are stubborn..
    Oh..And I must say ''Shadow Mockers'' are creatures that pretend to be your shadow and feed off of your energy..but don't be scared at all!I was a t first but they're not's how they have to survive and all the other creatures make them look bad because they are stronger than some other creatures!
    If you need more info just ask!

  22. Hae BooBoo,

    I will never mind what you said.. I understand how you would feel as well.. I am glad too... There are many people who talk bad about vampires & stuff but they do not get into the depth of the truth & understand what's wrong with them? Why are they different?? There are few, who make an effort to understand the roots (I believe I am one amongst them).... All the creatures that exist on this earth have their own way of living & it's their right to do what they feel like... Some people don't believe in all this stuff but still they watch lot of movies, spend hours together talking about them, why so???

    I believe you are good as well (irrespective of what you are).. If you are bad, we are bad too.. As I said, good qualities will be found in humans, demons, vampires & ghosts.. It's upto us to make it good or bad..

    I like talking to you. Like I mentioned before, I like talking about such things, I will definitly get back to you.. Thanks for reading my note.. Forgive me if comments hurt you in anyways...

    Take care


  23. I don't mind anything..
    And what I hate is centuries ago they burned kind..and some people harmed other people and put it on witches when they did nothing wrong..
    Witches like me are not harmful creatures ofcourse we could be if we would have to defend ourselfeved like any other creature would do.
    Vampires who are newly turned have they're own mentors to they're own vampire-ly ways,ofcourse some vampires might not get that opirtunity and get wild if you know what I mean :) ..hehe

  24. Oh and one more thing that is important..Ya know ghosts are the earthling spirits,but it is really disrespectful of people to do all the ouija board things and interupt they're peace even if they are not in peace people shouldn't get involved it could be dangerious and everything..
    Ok,I respect whatever people do but it is kinda unfair doncha think?

  25. What exactly made you think that they were vampires? Or was it automatic like those thoghts that come to your head automaticaly?

  26. Hi Jennifer - How are you ??? Have you experienced any wired things yet (after those 2), I would like to hear it from you...

    Hello BooBoo - I hope I am nt bordering you much.. I have few questions for you. If you don't mind, please answer (I felt you are the best person to answer them)..

    1) What is the difference between Vampires & Witches?
    2) How are Vampires different from Demons?
    3) Are witches immortal (just like vampires)?
    4) Do all the above creatures have any purpose in life for what they are?
    5) Do you love/ hate humans?
    5) Can I be your friend,BooBoo? (LOL.. Irrelavant question, it's okay if you don't wana answer)......

    I am looking forward for your reply..

    Take care


  27. Lux- :) sure i'll answer those questions :)

    1)The difference between vampires and witches..well..they can both do magic they are magical..well it is also the difference between the vampires and witches some might be good some bad!and witches are kind peaceful creatures but most vampires can be selfish,stubborn(I am stubborn but not in an evil vampirish way :D)you get what I mean don't you?
    2)I don't know if there are actual demons out there..
    3)Witches are immortal but both CANNOT live forever!
    4)Well..witches are more powerful with magic but vampires can do basic magic..I'm not sure about this's really complicated ..
    5)I dunno..Most of the humans are so insensitive and mean..and get what I mean..but ya know I love my best friend in a sisterly way and there are people I love that are humans..but you wouldn't get it how hard it is like imagine if I were in the times when they burned the witches I would've been burnt and stabbed by you see how pathetic and insensitive people were those times..and I must say that witches are not bad..well there can be bad witches get the point..
    6)Sure I'll be your friend :) lol

  28. BooBoo- to answer your question about demons, they are real.. i see them everyday, kind of odd that you dont, im a vampire and i thought we seen them everyday, and so does Admire.. hmm so tell me about your vampire self :) and you should do it on samantha the real vampire, cause i dont like coming to other posts.. I only came here because a friend wanted me to explain something to her, but i dont see the comment.. Oh well :)

  29. oh forgive me, you didnt say you was a vampire, you said you was a witch, im not feeling right today, so sorry, i was reading a comment, and who ever told you that vampires thought they was better than everyone and liked to start arguments was wrong, i dont think im better than anyone, and i try and keep peace, i love everyone :) even people who dont believe in this stuff :) anyways to rephrase, please tell me about your witch self :) i feel like your very interesting

  30. hey Samantha -
    Me?Interesting? *ho ho ho (evil chipmunk smile)* hehe..I should stop being sarcastic...
    Anyways..I get the witch thing from my family..ummm..I don't really know what to tell you about me?What would you likkkke to know?

  31. Hi BooBoo - Thanks for answering all my questions.. I am sorry for what you have gone through in your life. You have a very strong & genuine reason for why you hate humans & vampires & you are correct on your side.. You also admitt that not all the vampires & humans are bad, that's really kind of you.. Thanks a lot for accepting me as your friend. Keep commenting.

    Hello Sam - Please tell me that you are not mad at me for logging in to a different site..

    Take care


  32. Lux - Yeah..I've gone thrrough a lot in my 12 and a half years of life phahaha :D anywayzzz..what you upto?

  33. Lux,
    Sorry that I havent been on in a while. I have been so busy with school and midterms. I really felt a relief in being able to share my experiences with you and having you understand. I have yet to see anything wierd. I have been so inspired about this whole site and the overwhelming information that I decided to do a persuasive research paper of, Vampirism and How it's Possible, for my english class. I am sure my professor will be very intrigued. I've learned so much from you guys. So thanks to all of you who came forward with being vampires and sharing your knowledge. Unfortunately, I won't be able to use just this site as a reference for my paper. I also have to provide periodicals and newspaper articles. That could be challeging. I know it still sounds ignorant, but I can't leave the idea of meeting one of you or another vampire, alone. It weighs on my mind constantly. Your all just so intriguing. I found another site that had "vampires" discussing how much they hate their lives.
    Lux and Samantha... you don't feel that way.. do you? In your personal opinion, if someone were to have the choice to be made a vampire.. would they, in your opinion, end up hating themselves and their life? If you have already answererd this in a previous post, please forgive me.. I haven't read all the comments on the site yet. Thanks guys.

  34. Hello BooBoo,

    I am ain't fine these days.. I am really upset with things going on in my house. The sad part is I am responsible for everything..
    Anyways, tell me more about yourself. Your likes/ dislikes/ thoughts.. I would like to know.. (You need not answer if you don't wish too).



  35. Hello Jen,

    Thanks for responding...
    No one wishes to be a vampire unless they have a purpose.. Personaly, I believe that I would want to be a vamp to be strong only for the reason that WE humans don't have any special powers, we get weak when we face any problems but being a vamp is not a solution at all, trust me their life is not easy & beautifull, they go through a lot of pain.
    Even vampires say that their life is not easy at all. Many would want to be a vampire just coz they like to be one but they don't have any purpose of turning from human to vampire.. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me..

    Best of luck on your research & vampire assisgnments.

    Take care


  36. Jeniffer - I think if somebody would have a choice to be changed into a vampire they would say 'yes' before knowing that it also isn't that cool !

    Lux - Well..quite complicated this..I don't really know what you would eally would like to know!Well ... yah said my likes/dislikes/thoughts .. but i'm not sure what you want to know about me or the creatures .

  37. Lux - If I may ask,how do you know that the things you read on the internet are true?

  38. Like I looked at what the internet writes and it isn't true,only stories in history that show vampirism but nothing but lies about vampires!

  39. Hello BooBoo,

    Please don't be so doubtfull about what i ask? You can trust me on this. It's ok if you don't want to disclose coz i don't want anybody to comment on you about your life.. Everybody have their own life & they go through a lot of ups & downs & we are no one to comment on others.. I ask you questions to know you better so that when I am interacting with you, I don't hurt you in anyways. I consider you as my friend hence i thought it's always better know each other. I don't have any special powers like you, I am a normal gal.. Please don't disclose anything on sites as t will be harmfull to you.

    Yes, I also agree that not all the stories about vampires are true, some are real fake but rest are true. It's also complicated to conclude on the real & fake story but as & when you questions more & more about it & do an in-depth research, you will find out something atleast..

    Nice talking to you BooBoo.

    Take care


  40. Lux - What do you mean it can be harmful to me?

  41. BooBoo,

    What I meant was as & when we discuss about our personal lives in the blogs, people tend to comment on it without being aware of the truth.. I have seen many sites wherein everybody talk about what & who they actually are but the kind of response that they get is actually bad & they quote us as liars..Please ask if you still unclear on this..


  42. Hello BooBoo,

    How have you been?? It's been long that I have heard back from you. I hoope, all is well with you.. Take care...


  43. So, I thought I'd share with you guys about that place that holds the special night for "vampires" to meet. They quit doing it. The woman who owned the bar at the time.. moved it. She held the event and they haven't had anyone else interested in doing it. So.. I have to say that you guys dont have to worry about it. And at the same time I feel aggravated because I really wanted to maybe meet a vampire. I know those of you guys who visit this site.. if you actually had the chance to meet Samantha or Vincent, then you'd understand how irritated I am about not gettin this chance. So.. looks like I have to keep living, being frustrated. I've even went as far as doing my college reseach paper for english on vampires. I found quite a bit of interesting articles along the way. Well.. guys take care. Jen

  44. Uh, I'm sorry if I am interrupting this.. But, I want to write something here and I don't really know how. Can any of you please help me?

  45. Vampire Truth AdminMay 2, 2010 at 12:59 PM

    Look at top of site for "Submit Your Story"

  46. i was wondering if any1 else knew any vampire places?i was thinking about going to one but i dont know should i go??

  47. yes, there are covens,secret societies,gangs
    and much more.To find a coven, a real one
    would probably take years unless a person
    was nice enough to show you. As I have stated
    in previous posts on this sight that also
    coincides with this article- yes there are posers
    and then there is the real deal counter-culture
    that if people really saw it- people would be

  48. Noodle j CampbellApril 6, 2011 at 6:40 AM

    If vampires are real how can I find one in weatherford Texas n know he's real

  49. That's a topic that's recently entered my mind. I've Been having vampire like dreams and I think about them all the time. I really would like to meet them and have a freindly conversation. The scary thing about this article is that I live in IN indianapolisand if one poped up in my face I woulndnt know what to do. Vampires are something to think about.

  50. where is thy place i would like to find it some where we can all get along,does it really exist? and are thy humans not scared?
    well young one i hope you stay safe and remember you can not trust every one please take care. "be safe"



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