Thursday, April 15, 2010

As One With the Vampire

he came on to me in the dead of night,
Like a ghost, she came out of nowhere,
I was mesmerized by her hypnotic eyes,
While my mind was saying, "don't go there".
But I couldn't break the erotic spell,
She cast in my direction,
I looked all around, but couldn't find help,
It was left to my own discretion,
To make my choice and take my chance,
And give into my desires,
And join in her erotic dance,
And become as one with the vampire.

And we danced until my heart was content,
Beneath the stars we danced through the night,
The erotic dance of a lover's lament,
So haunting and spiritual, it set my soul alight.
Her beauty cast it's shadow upon me,
As it softly and gently touched my skin,
And filled me with a longing to concede,
My body and my soul to the wind.
The wind on which she traveled with ease,
Would take her to where her heart desired,
And tonight her heart desired me,
And I became as one with the vampire.

Locked in her wondrous spell of seduction,
I dared not run, I could not flee,
I watched the disappearance of my own reflection,
As she drank my blood and fed off me,
My horror soon gave way to the realization,
Of the immortality bestowed on me,
And the wondrously erotic sensation,
Known only to the vampire's creed.
I owe it all to this huntress of the night,
This lady known only as Carmilla,
The one who granted me eternal life,
And made me as one with the vampire.

Sent in by Borloff, Copyright 2010


  1. I think this was very beautiful and mesmerizing .. Did it really happen or is it just a poem for our entertainment ? =]

  2. Your sure have some good skills!

  3. Firstly, it is a purely fictional tale, aimed at entertaining anyone with an interest in the subject. I have many more poems too, some of which are based on my own experiences, but not all about vampires, or even the paranormal. Strange phenomena is a very big interest of mine, so I have plenty about ghosts and ghouls as well as a collection with reference to Armaggedon. I have only done two paranormal poems based on my own experiences though, but I do have a rather accurate one about Jack the Ripper lol.
    Thank you for commenting on my poem, it is very much appretiated, and if you would like to read more of my poems, just let me know, I will post another here very soon tho, if they'll have it that is lol

    Thanks again, Borloff

  4. What a beautiful write! It so described the lustful desire to reinder to the element at hand,((he suductive imbrase)! Wow! Good play on words and awsome exploration into the elements that hold such a creature of the night! And I say creature out of a play on words - not in fgear or as a insult(more respectful than anything)! I enjoyed it 100 percent! :-)

  5. Vampire Truth AdminApril 15, 2010 at 11:35 AM

    Borloff - I would be glad to see more of your poems

  6. love the poem... <3 u should write sum more plz! =)
    at this website

  7. Wow. I love poems and I have a few of my own. About other things though. That was nice. I wonder and hope that it encourages others to share their poems. It wolud be a nice change from all the facts and stories. When did you think of this and what inspired you? I would also like to hear more of them. ^,.,^

  8. Very neat u should write more :)

  9. by the way, where did you get the name carmilla from? or was that just to find a rhyme? if it is, then dont make up names just to make it rhyme. that messes up the flow and it sounds forced sometimes. i should know. and tell me if my spelling is wrong because i always get messed up with the word "rhyme". i didnt bother to use spell check today. ha ha. once again, cool poem. its really nice. you should do more and maybe have it published. with the popularity of vampire stuff with teens these days, it might sell for alot. ^,.,^

  10. Thank you all for the comments, they are very much appreciated. I have sent another poem to this site, just waiting to see if it's approved. I have also sent another poem to the sister site, True Ghost Tales, but again, I am waiting to see if it's approved. I'd like to read your own poems and any comments about mine are very welcome. The name Carmilla comes from a short vampire story I read years ago an a book of horror stories. If I remember correctly, it was written by Le Fanu. That is the only link with anyone elses work, to my knowledge, the rest is based simply on vampire lore. Thanks again for all the comments and hopefully they will approve some of my other poems.



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