Thursday, April 15, 2010

Discovering Powers and Controlling Them

I remember those days! It happens by trial and error in my experience and those I have chatted with. My best advice is if you are beginning a new path, with new gifts and new ways then you should learn to meditate, cleanse and empower yourself. If you receive psychic cognitive forms you will experience migraines and aura colors at random when you first acknowledge that perhaps something is different.

I have been called everything in the world to many different people. Today because of this sight I have a better category of grouping that I might call myself. I even studied Wicca, Druidism (even though I’m not male), Pagan, Christianity, Mormon, Buddhism, Hinduism, Nabarnatale, Kabala, and new age in search of where and what I might be.

Even though I do not suck physical life force I do require energy other than my own. It was learning to not pass by and take that was my biggest challenge. So for me this name “Vampire” is more comforting - and maybe the closest name I might ever find to classify my attributes and abilities. And it is what it is if you are what you are.

What I’m trying to say (and I do realize this is very long), is that be and feel blessed that you are what you are and maybe on the right trail to what you might be. Because I have searched high and low since I was a young child. I learned my gifts by awkward experiences and hurtful lessons. I had to harness and create a faith in my own abilities(that someone or something gave these things to me). I was born this way and I scared my parents on a regular basis because of my gifts. I was never the normal baby or child. Starting at birth. (Who is born with a spiritual sword over their body and three cloaked spirits) I would still love to know who they are. I have never had contact with all three of them. I believe I have one on a regular basis.

It was so traumatic for my mother she swore the house haunted and moved. They built a house in Kentucky and a week before it burned down I packed a toy bag and told my teddy bear to climb out the window when the house blew up. My mother wouldn’t let me take my bag the day I wanted to. As we left the house red waves dripped out of the ceiling and fell down the walls like a mix of blood and dust. My mother was pregnant and very full term. We held hands walking away from the house. We returned watching a mushroom of black smoke over the mountain. The closer we came… the reality was growing. My fathers work at hand had erupted and feathered over the mountain in a canopy of decay.

While staying at my grandmas house after the fire - a train would come directly behind her house. I would place my ears to the floor daily, hands on palms touching the floor elbows up. I’d stay this way forever. And then laugh as the train passed. I suppose in my mothers depression, while sitting in a chair in the living room she noticed. I could detect the vibration of the train way before the noise ever came to their level of hearing or their feeling. This gift has become very intense as it is the first of many I had ran across very early in life.

I have settled today with many gifts and a very interesting story for the right listener. My children have their own gifts. But who did I get this from? It was once told to me. Lie? I do not know. That my mother had an Italian boyfriend before she and my father developed relations. The timing is all off in the dating story. Perhaps this mysterious man is my father? It has been questioned by the scarce few that witnessed the drama!

Nonetheless - we are what we are and there isn’t a manual on how to manage your gifts and what you might be given these signs. I wish there was! Its just knowing thyself and loving thyself enough to care to learn about what you can do and what your purpose is. Isn’t that what we all search for anyways in this life? Isn’t this desire what locks us in anyways? We are what we were destine to be. And we all are given these gifts, powers, abilities (whatever you wanna call it) because it is time to evolve and be more than mundane.

So whomever you are, whatever your wondering what you are… Know that you can feel the call inside your soul and if you listen it will bring you home. Blessed be my friends!

Sent in by des, Copyright 2010


  1. Des,
    What other abilites do you posess. This is very cool and some things youve mentioned relate to what I experience. Thats very sad that your house burnt down that makes me sad ='(
    Take care


  2. Ariana, Thankyou for your sympothy. It's hard starting over but life will always move forward even if we want to stand still... Other gifts... Well, upon puperty I started seeing spirits. It was the day of my babtism, we were becoming members of the Morman church. I was 10 years old. It was morning, I woke to the bed moving. As a child we have fears of the buggyman. I was a natural scardy cat of lurking spirits. This morning was like no other for me. It was the begining of a new time in my life. I would never be the same, ever. While deep in slumber I arose to what felt like a jump on my bed. The fear came when the realization was that there was nothing physical in the room but myself. In a split instance the room seemed to become small. It is a weird feeling but it has become a familair sign of unwelcome spirits. As I lay n my bed, covers almost over my head. I turned to the door-and there- nomore the highth of my door nob- was a small impression of a childlike figure. Only the outer shell seemed to glow in rainbow colors. The intity moved as if scratching its nose. And seemed to shift in motion as a small child would do if figiting in place. I was struck with fear! I covered my head and stayed long enough that the breath of my mouth heated the inner sheets and produced a swet on my face. After building up courage, I quickly uncovered, flew the door open, ran downstairs and proceded to tell my mother franticly about the unwanted visitor. Finding her sleeping on the couch, and being awakened by a more than frantic child- needless to say she was not happy. Her reaction was simply "get use to it" and thus I am now in my early 30's and very much use to it. I have medium abilities. Meaning I have the ability to do automatic writings, medium spiritual advisory, some forms of ESP w family members and close friends. I can see some spirits now and I haven't figured out why I don't see all of them. But I do know when they are around. I specialize in rock healing and energy work though and find myself very good(not bragging) in this field alone. I do counceling at no charge locally and have performed blessings and healings on locals. I do spell work for spiritual assistance and gain and not bad spell work ever. I can do tarot, though that isn't a gift. We all can be intune enough to do tarot, I believe. But my love in life is to assist w the spirit world and help people become positive souls and become enlightend. One gift I love that I acquired when I was 13 was the ability to know when it was going to rain far before the weather doppler raidar knows! And I can tell without any instruments vibrations of a very low key and detect water masses of any sort even if I'm not fimiliar w the area. I discovered this while on my way to hilton head , SC in the back of our family vehicle. A intense pain started in my legs. This means water mass for me. Pain in my arms means rain is coming or storm or snow. Pressure change in atmosphere is a tension headache and a bad storm is a weiry feeling. I feel like I need to flee w the birds. This happened when a tornado came threw our area. Itwas the most crazy sinsation before it came. I can recgonize it now after many years. But when I go to the docter as a child- nothing was wrong. I was a healthy child. _?

  3. I want to say that I'm sorry to hear about the losses in your lifeand I will pray for them to get better. I would like to hear more about you and your story.

  4. Two thumbs up =) lol
    what abilties does your children have?

  5. My children are all different. They are my life and love. I do not bring them into conversation to much... Paternal instincts perhaps. I will tell you that some of them I have noticed are more visually intune then myself. It seems when you are little, you do see more then as a adult. Children are so very special. Each child has life and unknown feits- they may see and do things we could never amagined. They carry our seed and place footprints of our own distinct heritages amoungst these lands. All children have gifts, each one of us from birth were given gifts. To help us along our travels. I will tell you, that with each child I have gave birth to- I knew they were boy or girl, I could see their aura's- before they were born. And I know that now each one has special gifts. Some simialar to mine. Just in their own way and character! I believe their most powerful gift- is their unconditional love for life and their will to live and expand. This is what builds all of our future.

  6. Opal Lady, Thankyou very much for the offer of a prayer in my behalf. I believe that prayer is a very powerful tool and a productive, positive, and uplifting element. It has been spoken that during prayer, we increase our Aura's and energy to a very high level. I find this interesting in my research because I am a little obsessed with energy work! But if you were to ask me what I felt was beautiful about prayer, I would gather to say-"The loyal love and cognitave thought and belief that this one spirit is being comforted in a state of complete awareness by the fact that they themselves are interacting with(and believing 100 percent),in this one Mighty Creator whom they have never actually seen or heard- Yet know without a shadow of a doubt in their deepest of thought - that they are one in that momment with a higher source. I say higher source because- there are many names for the same profound God. The one with many faces and many names but is AlfaOmega and one in all. That is the most beautiful momment for a human. This goes far deeper than being told a story and wanting toi believe it and fantasising, this is a secure implanted testomony of acknowledging a higher source. So thank you for this offering and blessed be.

  7. Des,
    You sound like an amazing, interesting person being able to control your powers the way you do ... I agree with you in that we are what we ae destined to be, i also believe that we chose what we wanted to be before we entered this life, we did this for a challenge and for new experiences.

  8. I, too, have powers. I can see spirits, I have dreams that both metaphorically come true and completely come true, I can usually sense anything paranormal and supernatural, and I can also usually sense when another person has powers of some sort. I can see auras simply by looking at a picture but only if I'm meant to see their auras I think. My eyes literally change colors, I actually have a picture where you can see a bit of red in my right eye and white in my left one. I have been told I have cat's eyes. And I just know things sometimes. Things I shouldn't have known because there's no way I could have known. All in all I get very confused and sometimes I feel all alone. I have an affinity with crystals and I can tell when it's gonna rain. I also can call a storm to me if I want. I had experimented and that's how I know I can do this. I appreciate your story because I personally feel a connection with anyone who has powers simply because I feel that that person can help me and maybe even teach me new things. I felt as if I should share this with you. And I wish you peace and happiness for the rest of your days.



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