Sunday, May 16, 2010

McCoin Farm Haunting

It was the first day of winter and it was raining and there was thunder outside. I had just moved in to a new home made in the late 1800's, it was called the McCoin farm. When I moved in I knew something wasn't right about this house but no one believed me.

I was in my room reading with the TV on like I did on Tuesdays. I stopped reading because I heard a strange sound, it was like a weak man saying "I will buy you the dog j-just don't hurt me!" I got scared like someone broke in and got my brother so I ran into his room, nobody was there. I was thinking I was just making myself believe there was someone in my room to move back so I just ignored it.

I lied on my bed and watched TV when my cross on my neck got cold. I took it off and put it in a heart glass where I keep my other crosses. I got up because I saw a reddish thing in my closet and when I did I freaked out. On the ground was a dead cat that was burned but still alive and it was my cat. I screamed
"MOM!" my mom ran up and asked me "What honey!" I pointed to the cat. My mom took it to the vet and it stayed there for two weeks to heal.

Later that night my bed felt wetish and I knew I don't pee the bed. I got up and clicked on the light. There on my bed was blood everywhere and a girl with a knife looking at me with an evil smile and walked to me. My mom's room is right next to mine so I screamed "Mom help, help, help!" She ran in the girl was gone. I was breathing hard holding my chest and my mom said "honey what's the matter?" I had no idea what just happened so I said "bad nightmare can I sleep with you for a while?" and my mom said "yes grab griaffey and come on."

The day after that I went to the library and grabbed a book on the McCoin farm. I went all the way back. I found what I wanted so I this is what it was. "a young woman was found killed and two young boys the daughter and father are OK but a little shocked" I went a few page's more and this was the last thing in a paper "Mickey McCoin was found killed and the daughter Jess had told the cops she has killed them all". I soon found out she killed them all in my room and she didn't believe in god.

I went home that night, put on my cross and told my mother. She said she knows she saw her today playing with your toys and she already called the ghost team. Before they came we had our house blessed he said at the beginning "in the name of the lord" then everything happened to me. I started getting hot and pale. I changed into a different person as Jess went into me. Jess made me evil! She said "there is no god your god is never going to save her before I kill her!" I felt a stabbing pain as I was fighting Jess out. Then when I got out I grabbed the cross that was on my neck and said a bible page. Then I grabbed my cross and put it over my head and yelled "In the name of the Lord I command you to leave forever!" Jess was gone forever.

I will never forget that place. They set all the other ghosts free too. I hope they are happy in heaven and Jess is sad in hell.

Sent in by Aurora Morrison, Copyright 2010

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