Monday, December 22, 2014

Two Demons And A Succubus all started about 7 months ago I was watching my 4 yr old niece at my moms house which she has lived there for 23 yrs we knew it was haunted but nothing never hurt us. But anyway I was babysitting my niece and she just starts screaming saying aunt Nina there's a monster make it go away. I mean she was terrified and crying you can see the hallway from living room thats where we was the living room.

Well I didnt think much about it and about 1 to 2 months later me and my boyfriend of 8 yrs stayed the weekend up there house sitting while my mom went camping we went up there on a Friday afternoon well about 11:30 that night I found pornographic on my boyfriends phone so we ended up arguing that night.

Well about 2 weeks later while we were home at bedtime my boyfriend starts moaning and his body was moving like he was having physical sex I woke him up and he told me he wasn't dreaming ok its now been over 5 months he has been doing it every night he says he isnt dreaming well my mom was telling me about the succubus I had no idea bout either of them and the thing is he dont believe in demons.

Well the 7th of last month my boyfriend was doing that at bedtime well I felt this horny urge run thru my body I wasnt thinking about it well I ended up making myself orgasm that night 3 nights after that I was waking up to being swollen down there and fluid coming out of me so now I have a incubus.

The thing is I'm goin up against 2 demons by myself I dont know what to do mine is attached to me I have prayed every single day and hes still here I'm scared also to sleep with my boyfriend which I woke up to the incubus flipping my boyfriend in the bed I need help plz!


  1. ok Im Catholic and you should really talk to a priest. Do not try to communicate with it. Demons are filthy liars that work their hardest to break your will. Keep praying, don't fight it alone, fight it with God and give your problems to him. He will take care of it. Trust me, i'm not a stupid.

  2. Pray to Jesus he will save you, he saved me, I kept having dreams about a women and then I would wake up paralysed while the women sat on my chest taunting me, I am a pretty care free guy but this terrified me I have never been so scared but I called out to Jesus three different times and when the third time came around it stopped she was angry and kept trying to grab my foot and raise me, I know Jesus saved me and can save you but you have to mean it believe and he will help you

    1. Amen that's exactly what you should do

  3. Play praise music and tell it to go in the name of Jesus

  4. you need a preacher of strong faith to bless the house and you yourself have to be saved. but understand this. once saved not always saved. you have to stay the path sister cause demons can and will come back. also just a basic lesson in entities sancubuses and incubuses are not demons. the difference is that the sancubus and incubus were once living people. a demon has never walked the plain of the living.also to, the older the demon is, the more powerful he is. hope this helps. goodluck and god bless.

  5. Ummm how about a doctor first? then we can rant about demons. SOUNDS like your boyfriend isn't too squeaky clean in the genital department.

  6. Five Repelants to fight the devil
    1-Holy water
    2-Pray rosary
    3-Saint Michael Prayer.
    4-Bind Demons in jesus Name
    Am a catholic Ive proved this above work

  7. I know demons exist I had a horrible experience in Germany with them two years after not closing a Ouija board properly. Fight for your soul dear,affirm yourself with God, then stand up to them, fight back.

  8. Been researching incidents like these for years but haven't found one individual who will talk much about it. If you want to talk about it please contact me



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