Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Haunted Crack Shack

Well I moved in to this tiny house with my mom her boyfriend and our three cats. Well when we first got there the bathroom light would always shut off by itself and flicker every time it was on, we figured it was just the old house.

Our house used to be a crack house (people who sold, did and made crack) and I heard that someone overdosed in there. But nothing really happened (besides the bathroom light) until maybe about eight months after we moved in. I was sitting at the computer and my mom and her boyfriend were in their room with the door closed. Now the computer is far away from their room so when I was sitting talking to people when we all heard a big bang and my mom and ray come out of their room and ask me I just kicked their door open, I said no I didn't I was sitting at the computer. They didn't think to much about it but it got me thinking. so after that nothing happened (besides for the bathroom light).

Now I've been seeing Shane for nine months (tomorrow) and his house is haunted.. but that's for another time. and he really believes in ghosts and is as interested as I am. Whenever he comes to my house (which is when no one is home cause Ray doesn't like him) we always hear footsteps like Ray is walking around (Ray is a big guy and stomps around a lot and makes my mirror shake). This one time we were getting high when we heard and felt the foot steps. It sounded like it came from the front and just stopped before my room so we went to look out, I was looking towards the front door when I felt Shane grab me and he was shaking, he told me he saw a shadow move in to the kitchen from the front, I told him it was probably just one of our shadows but he said our shadows weren't moving and I thought about it and he was right.

Whenever I go to bed I always get this creepy feeling that someone is watching me. One night I looked and my room is pitch black at night and when I looked I saw this figure darker then my room standing at the end of my bed I got so freaked I just went under the covers.

We have a dog now and he spoil him, we brought him this squeaky toy and I put it on the black end table in the living room, I was sitting and watching TV when all of a sudden it just flew off the table. I saw it with my very own eyes.

One time I was doing the dishes when I heard the front door open then slam I thought someone was home then I heard my dog barking, when I heard my mom's voice say "Oh Hi Lucky, Hey My Boy" and so I thought she was home I went to go check and lucky was barking at nothing and no one was there. there is way more but my class is over. I shall write more later.

Written by Paige, Copyright 2009 Willard E Hughes Jr.

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