Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shadow Man With Red Eyes

Hello my name is Bryan Anthoney Derral Barnett and I'm only 18, but I have seen crap that would turn you white. It all started when I was only 12 year old, I was in a foster care at the time and I knew very little of the house and it's history.

As soon as I moved in I always felt like something evil was watching me, every where I went I always felt like eyes were watching my very move day and night but I just through it off like it was my imagination and at the time that is what I thought it was. I was WRONG REALLY, REALLY WRONG. Months went by. I still felt uneasy.

Then one night when I was half asleep I was still very cautious but I swore I heard a voice that said "I'M COMING FOR YOU!" And at that point and time I'm awake I open my eyes and there it was, a tall shadowy figure who looked like a male around in his 30's but all I cold notice out of him was his bright blood red eyes. The figure flew across the room on to my bed and instantly I was paralyzed. I wanted to scream but I couldn't there was too much fear in me I wanted to close my eye's but I couldn't then a big ball of black cloud like mist spewed into my nose and I started to have visions of roman like people and... this one monster or demon but all I focused in my mind was his eyes bright blood red. It looked at me and the next thing I heard, "you shall not hurt this boy." I look to my left and I see a bright light and a man tall looked like he was in his late 20's early 30's long brown hair and a long brown beard and at this time I did not know who god was or Jesus for that matter.

All I could hear and feel was rage like I hated him for coming but in fact I was really glad and happy but all I could feel was anger, and rage. I came back to focus and I could still see this shadowy figure still on me and I still can't move but the name "JESUS" in a deep warm voice popped into my mind and it was being repeated in my head like a broken record and the shadowy figure got off me and took off. and after that I could feel a warm presence around me like I had a army of angles surrounding me. after that I began to look up the history of the land I was living on and it comes to find out that in around 1500 B.C. a group of Romans made a deal with a powerful demon named Ligion now I don't remember all I read but if any body who reads this have any questions or comments please fill free.

Sent in by Bryan Anthoney Derral Barnett, Copyright 2009


  1. how did you fond out about the Roman history of the location?

  2. Mr. Barnett, I am already white. In fact, I was born that way. Go figure.

  3. this is strange but I was praying for my husband and I just got an image in my brain of a gray looking man with bright red eyes as well I'm praying to God why did this image come to my mind.

  4. You saw a battle between Jesus and Legion? In the bible Jesus evicted a demonic force from a man, the force identified itself as "Legion, for we are many." So some-thing tells me Jesus and Legion go way back.

  5. What if it goes after someone in their dreams?

  6. ^sorry for my bad english^ heh i like to test out magick spells i find in old books that i randomly search through ebay or i think you might have seen something called a pagan god not the god ones but the bad ones it steals childrens souls by controlling their minds to make them commit suicide or mabye kill people next to them then commit suicide but if you have a family he makes you kill your family members then he takes you into an image of a hallway or really old paintings of him when he does you will be trapped for thousands or millions of years untill he comsumes your soul i think JesusChrist might have actually banished him i forgot the pagan god's name but early christians burned most of the paintings of him but 3 remain i think one of those painting might have been near you since the paintings act as a doorway to his realm so i think you encountered a sinister pagan god good thing your still alive



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