Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Children Held Prisoner In Underground Asylum

This is a true story. The James family of 1912 lived in a remote area of southeast Arkansas, where nearby a colonial house had been for a century or more. In the late summer a group of white-clothed people bought the house, and that June, they began converting the old mansion into a hospital, adding bars to the windows.

They sent out an announcement advertising new practices and asking for volunteers for a few chemical tests, just to see the average health status of the area. Preferably children from 4 to 8, whom they would keep for two days and give back after the term ended. All assured, of course, that the tests they would run would be of no harm to the children.

The James family brought their twins, Meredith and David James, both 6 years old. They committed them to the hospital on June 18th, a Friday. They never saw the children again. I know this because two months ago the colonial mansion burned to the ground, revealing an extensive maze of tunnels and rooms in the basement, which exceeded the boundaries of the house marginally. There were medical records, and all signs of living necessities. I and my team excavated the records and dug through them. Guess what I found? Horrors too gruesome to imagine.

It turns out the James twins were numbered and tested upon. Many chemical tests were done on the brain and nerve system, taking notes. A psychopath is a man with the absence of guilt, and they extracted blood samples. They then locked the twins in separate rooms, to see how they would react. They had no passage of day or night, and a sound in the corner played screams over and over into each cell. The children eventually went insane, and then the 'doctors', who were taking notes all the while, let them out in the yard.

The James children, 7 now, tried to run and were shot down. There were many stories like this, all gruesome, complete with black and white photographs. It was bone chilling.

Another tale was of a blond girl who's file was unrecognizable, nicknamed: 'Rory'. Rory was chained to a chair in a concrete room with a drain in the floor, and poked with needles. Each time she screamed the room filled with water.

I will continue the tale of the hospital and the James children later. Stay tuned, to find out about their sad fate, and the fate of many other children who were held prisoner in the underground asylum.

To be continued....

Written by Effie Mangrove, Copyright 2009

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  1. Its almost been a year now. I want to know the rest of this story!!



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