Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rogue Vampires

In the 1980’s I was told that there are some like you but most prefer company. They said that Rogues tend to live longer because they are careful and discrete.

I was told many unbelievable things about some famous people that were vampires and that were made in the 1960’s, like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. That they were killed by slayers and didn’t die of drug overdoses including, Jim Morrison’s wife. I laughed out loud even before LOL was invented. But the filled room was silent except for me. They believed Jimi Hendrix could be very dangerous because he had been in the 101st Airborne Division and had military training. But I guess not.

I was told that a famous photographer named Frank Cappa fell in love with one of your kind. She was a rogue female vampire that lived modestly but had great wealth, that she was ancient, she was of Oriental decent and he had taken intimate photos of her and she loved him too. They used to meet in South East Asia. She became very depressed when he was killed by a land mine while traveling with the French Troops in French Indochina now Vietnam. Apparently, he met her through another one of your kind that he took photos of during the Spanish Civil War.

One of the mandates of these groups were to execute anyone that was famous that became a vampire and always make it look like an accident or accidental OD or whatever. They were privately financed. No government involvement.

I was shown pictures of different suits of armor that had been used by ancient knights to fight your kind. They didn’t work. I was showed pictures of swords that killed your kind. I guess that’s how they discovered the blood of dead men worked to slow your kind down.

I was told that killing your kind had always been trial and error and that there had been many errors and many mortal men and women had been killed. I was told that a 7.62 mm bullet and a full metal jacket 5.56 mm can slow your kind down but that no matter what decapitation was fatal and always best.

I was told that there were also different types of beings like you from different continuums, but not like you, some drank blood but some didn’t need to. That the history was vague and many records had been lost or hidden by other groups that didn’t want to share info. Also, that their may have even been some kind of extra-terrestrial involvement in your condition. No one really knew or maybe they didn’t want to say. I laughed too much and didn’t take it serious.

I know that they were beginning to take better records when I left and I believe they were new weapons being designed too. I was never asked to participate in any action against your kind probably because I couldn’t take it seriously. But they were interested in me because of my date of birth day November 1st. I am still puzzled about this. I now its All Saints Day but who cares. They were also interested in the fact that I could eat those apricot seeds like M&M’s and not be affected by them.

I am telling you this because there are others that may hunt for you and kill you just because they believe what you are and don’t like your kind. Even though, I believe in your kind now I don’t feel the same animosity these groups do. So, you should be careful.

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  1. Hi

    I know the person that wrote this post. He lied to expose a vampire poser. This passage it total fiction.

  2. Again I visit your site and tell you that this passage on rogue vampires is a lie made up to discredit a vampire poser named Samantha Jane. It was written by Mark and you shold really remove it. It makes you're compendium look silly.

  3. Compendium? What are you talking about? Its just a short story on a blogger blog.

    Strnage that it was nothing more than an attempt to discredit a person who was never mentioned before you commented. :O)

    Oh and Samantha Jane... wasnt that some person who was pretending to be a "real" vampire, posting under different names, threatening physical harm to people (even murder)? Yep I remember her. Perhaps you are her yourself or maybe you are just some concerned follower.

    Fiction? Are you kidding? Look at this blog! Of course its fiction as is most everything else here.

    Bottom line? This blog is called Fraky Brain and is titled "The Freaky And The Strange" If I were you I wouldnt worry too much about hwat is written or said on such a blog :O)

  4. Good luck with your blog. But you should not be so sarcastic and condesending when someone responds to it. It makes you look about a silly as the silly story being told.

  5. Dr. Strange Man.

    I am Mark the writer of this passage. I think it was put on Vampire Truth a few years ago. I'm not sure if you were working for Vampire Truth then.

    When I first went to Vampire Truth, I read all of the little blogs on what they called a Vampire Compendium.

    Then I wrote a passage telling Samantha that she was not a vampire and no such thing ever existed except for the Vampires that exist in the movies or Anne Rice's, Bram Stroker, Stephanie Meyer's novels.

    The person incharge of the compendium became outraged and threatened me by saying they would put the passage on but they did not.

    Probably because they knew I was right. To tell you the truth they should have done just that. In retrospect it would have been fine.

    But to catch someone in a lie, you must tell a most outrageous lie yourself and eventually they slip up and make a mistake.

    This is what eventually happen. I believe that poor Samantha the Real Vampire tried to take on the role of her so called sire. I don't recall his name but it was a terrible mistake and she proved to the readers of Vampire Truth that she was a fake.

    Eventually, I found poor Sam on My Space but never apologized to her. She never responded to my correspondence again. I don't think she was a bad person for this just maybe a little confused about stuff.

    Then again you never know maybe she was a real vampire. I doubt it but I never met her or him or who ever was taking on the Sam role in person. I doubt anyone on the compendium was a vampire.

    I must apologize to Barbie and Angelica and all the believers in the supernatural. But all of this is nothing more than a hoax.

    Sam, if you are a real vampire I wish you the best. And my offer still stands. You and I know what that is. Sometimes you really have me thinking that maybe you are.

    Barbie, I believe your story about what happened to you in Chile. As I have said before, hold on to that.

    Angelica, I hope Danny is alright too. You always seem so worried about everyone. As well as, I am sorry to you.

    Now it's up to you Dr. Strange Man to set things right and publish this truth. I am sure you can track my IP address and if not I am sure you have a copy of my email. Hope you do the right thing publish my apology and remove this post.




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