Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sharing Our World with Inhabitants of Other Realms

I am not from America so pardon me if my English grammar isn’t perfect. The folks from my part of the planet are rather superstitious.

The people from the small rural Asian villages tend to believe in a blend of folklore and religion. And as you probably know, when people believe in something en masse (be it legend or real) whatever they believe in finds a way to materialize. Perhaps its partly the “Law of Attraction” coming into play - seeing that whole villages or towns believe in something, so the thought-strength is definitely high.

Yes, what we call “reality” is just one of many realms. Other “realities” co-exist with us eventhough most of us cannot see the inhabitants of these other realms or alternative realities. However, there are some of us who are born with the ability to see or feel and communicate with them - to varying degrees. Some of us are aware of our “gifts” (some call them curses) and some of us are not, and yet there are some that blatantly disregard their gifts - perhaps out of fear? We do not know… people have their reasons.

Knowing we are sharing our world with inhabitants of other realms, I feel that vampires do exist. In my part of the planet, a very popular creature of the night called “Pontianak” is feared. I encourage you to Google about her and learn more about this Asian spirit.

As for the moon, I am very attracted to it, especially when its full and silvery with an aura surrounding it. On the annual celebration of Buddha’s enlightenment - Vesak Day - the moon is seen here as huge, very bright and with a large surrounding aura. It is such a gorgeous sight to behold... and I feel a sense of peace and calm seeing it in its full glory and beauty.

I wish everyone who reads this joy, peace and light. If you want respect, have respect for the spirits that surround you.

Sent in by Namaste

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