Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ladyville Cursed Forest in Belize

This happened to me when I was 14 years old. In a village called Ladyville, North of Belize City, Belize. It all started when my friend Elvis and I were going home after school. We normally walk home together after school. Well on this date we decided to take a short cut home, through the forest.

Elvis told me that if we take this short cut we can get lost in the forest. Many stories are told, of people who get lost in the forest and never came back. I remembered that Mr. Bower told us stories, of strange things that happened in the forest. He told us that, the forest in Ladyville was cursed by a Mayan priest long ago. He said that the priest cursed the forest so that the Spaniards got lost in the forest when they were invading their Mayan homes.

I have even heard of a little girl, age 7, who ran away from her parents. She went into the forest and was later found dead by the villagers. People say that, because of the curse the girl saw strange things in the forest. She died of a heart attack, due to the fact that she could not handle the strange horrible things she saw. It is said that people hear the girl screaming for help, at nights. It is said that her spirit is trying to get back home.

Well all these stories did not stop us from taking this short cut home. Elvis and I were very curious to see, if all of this stories told were real. We took the short cut through the forest. We entered the forest around 4.00 p.m. If we would have taken the long way we would reach home like about in an hour. When we were walking, my watch read 5.00 p.m. By this time we should have already been home I told Elvis!

It started to get dark and I was getting tired of walking and not finding my way home. My watch now displayed 6.00 p.m. We started to hear, hear strange voices of people speaking in Maya. This is very strange, I told Elvis why is it that we hear Mayan people speaking. We can tell that the language spoken is Maya, because my friend Greg is from a Mayan decent. Greg has spoken to us in Mayan before so we know how they speak. Well we were still lost and it was now 7.00p.m. We now Started to hear, the voice of a girl crying for help, now I stared to get very afraid. I stared to get a cold. I looked at Elvis and saw he was motionless. He was not moving. He was looked like if he just saw a ghost. He then came back to normal. Then said Look, Michael look!

He pointed and I saw a little girl aged 7, She was wearing a blue dress and  her face was very pale. All of a sudden she screamed and then disappeared. This was very strange, for me to see. I started to pray, then we heard her voice saying run, run they are coming. Elvis and I started to run, when we stopped we saw a man. He was short had a strange hat on, had a snake on his neck and I smelled a very bad order. I told Elvis to run so we ran. We hid under a big tree. We did no longer see him we stayed there till morning.

When we woke up we head someone calling our names. It was the local police. They took us home it seems like if they were looking for us all night. Elvis and I decided never to go into the forest again. This was a well learned lesson. Never go into the forest or you can get lost.

Sent in by mike, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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  1. how you know the girl was seven...



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