Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ghosts Witches And Psychic Abilities

My names Megan I'm a witch/psychic, my best friend is a changeling and I live with ghosts. I only found out about what I was in the summer of 2009 when I finally faced my fears about what had been following me and haunting me for a while. Me and my two cousins (who are also witches) were downstairs in Kristin's basement, we were staying the night, and we were talking about our fears. I never like to talk about them, the ghosts I mean, but somehow for that night I felt... safe. So I told them everything from doors opening and bishops rattling on doorknobs, to feeling presences and hearing my name being called from the other side. I could feel it behind me laughing and staring at me. My cousin Cassie told me to tell it our not afraid to face him, so I called him out told him I was sick and tired of him that I wasn't afraid and to show himself. I just thought he'd leave, I wasn't expecting my entire life to change... Drastically.

I had 5 ghosts haunting me. Nick, a 32 year old man with short brown hair and brown eyes, he only just recently told me what he did to get himself the death sentence, he was a serial rapist killed 16 people, but he would never hurt me because to me I am like his daughter. He's been the only actual father like figure I've had, he's protected me from all of the evil ghosts who have wanted to kill me because of what I am, but I will talk about that later.

Another 2 are twin brothers named Lucas and Ben they are both 25 years old with chestnut brown hair and green eyes they were sentenced to death because they went on a killing damage and killed 27 people. Another is Danny who, for reasons unknown, killed himself by shooting himself in the temple with a gun, he is to me my Teddy bear, because he is too sweet and not too bright because of the hole through his head, he has slightly long brown hair and blue eyes. The last is Mark he was killed by his brother for again reasons unknown at the moment, he is very strange and perverted, but is funny, he has black hair and green eyes.

For the past while after that time I began to be visited by random ghosts at night. One of which wants me to die. I call her Maria, she is a shape shifting ghost with minions who she sent after another friend of mine. His name is Joey I never knew him before all of this me and my cousin Cassie go on walks down a haunted trail and as we would walk I would feel eyes watching me. I could see him watching me because for some odd reason I could see through his eyes.

One night as my cousin was Cassie was sleeping over and while talking I began to hear a voice in my head now I know this may sound strange to you people but you must believe me when I say that after what comes next everything gets vey strange and scary but you must believe me when you read this. The voice said hi in my head and me being myself weird I asked my cousin if she had said anything she said no and the voice began to talk again. Joey was communicating with me through my mind, we began to talk and soon we became friends, but later that night I had a weird mike like thug play through my head it was Joey, and Maria's minion were after him. I saw him being chased and he ran, ran to the golf course across from the trap because her one minion was not able to leave the trail. After he escaped I was given a threat, she showed me my cousin, running away screaming down the trail all of a sudden you saw her thrown the ground and saw her face being slashed with three claw marks down her face.

The haunting voice of Maria whispered in my head that he was going to kill me and my cousin. I do not understand what we did to make her so very angry with us, because we had not known about her till she started threatening us. After that we have had many encounters with Maria, she had come to try and kill me in my sleep one night but some unknown white force stopped her. Another night he visited my cousin Cassie and began speaking to her in a language that we did not know. She had threatened my new friends here now too even after my family move from that place.

Every night I see black shadows race across my floor, her minions, they watch me as my powers grow stronger, thanks to my new friends and a boy named Zachary who I have a strange connection to. My one friend, who I will not name, is a changeling and knows about my past, the boy Zachary somehow only with his presence has made my future telling's and powers much stronger although he does not know does. I do not understand why I was made be way I am, but i do know that there are people out there that want my powers and want me to die, while others are here to protect me.

Some days I wake up and immediately have a vision of something or someone, and almost all throughout the day I have feeling that I go with and then outcomes hated surprise me happen. I do not understand most of which is going on, but I do know how it will all end. And sometimes the outcome will be the hardest to handle. Every day I walk through school, knowing what other people are thinking knowing what they are feeling, it scares me sometimes, but it is something I must do in order to overcome my known death and be able to live my life the way I see it to be.

Thank you for reading an I anyone has any questions or want to know more about me you can comment.

Sent in by Megan Clarkson, Copyright 2011


  1. Hello,

    Thank you so much for sharing it. Relaxing and slowing down are an integral part of developing and nurturing psychic abilities. psychic is a completely natural way of being...

  2. So how did u discover your a witch??



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