Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Shaking Cage

During the summer, I had just gotten a Chihuahua and it would always cuddle with me at night. I had had it with that dog and it cuddling next to me at night so I would always push it off the bed.

One day my grandma gave me a cage for my dog. It was huge that I could fit in it and so I didn't care. I put it in my room right next to my bed and every night I would always put my Chihuahua in it.

One night I was watching TV in my room and I was about to go to sleep when all of a sudden my dogs cage started to shake hugely and fast. I was scared and I told myself that it was just my dogs scratching itself. So to make sure it was my dog I turned on the light and looked in the cage and my dog wasn't there!

I guess she had gotten out and at the time when to cage rattled my door was closed so she wasn't in the cage. I looked around the house and I found her in the backyard. I could have sworn I put her in her cage and I locked it.

Then about two weeks later, at night, I watching George Lopez and my lights were turned off. then the cage started to move again and this time I just looked under pillow cause since my bed was right next to the cage I could see my dog in the cage. So I looked under and I had remembered that I had not put my dog in the cage yet so when I looked under my pillow I saw two red eyes and this pale faced girl who looked like she was about 6 or 7 and she looked right at me and I was freaked out that I screamed and went to my moms room. I told her the story but she didn't believe me.

A few weeks later, I asked my grandma where she got the cage and she said,"I found it in front of those apartments down the street." I told her what had happened to me with the cage and she froze up. She then said that cage was used for kids just like me except it was a timeout area and the parents would leave their kid in there for days or even weeks!

As soon as she told me that I went home and I threw the cage out of my house. Now my dog cuddles with me again.

This story is a 100% true and I was so scared to death to write this story.

Mariana Cruz

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