Thursday, February 17, 2011

Unknown Slasher in Southeast Missouri

My grandmother lived in a small town somewhere out in south east Missouri. The town that she lived in took pride in its peaches. They had orchard after orchard of peach trees, and this was the way of life for many people, growing peaches. My grandmother's house was built on the land that was previously a peach orchard owned by a man named Harris Moore.

In 1974 Harris caught one of his younger employees sitting down eating peaches in the shade when he should have been working. Harris was infuriated and fired the young boy immediately.

Later that week the young boy got together with some of his friends and they started snorting cocaine and drinking alcohol. After they had done enough drugs they went out to Harris Moore's house right on the edge of the orchard he had worked at. They stormed in kicking the front door clean off its hinges and started looking for Harris. When they found him he was in his bathtub, which was full of his blood, and there was an ax lodged in his head.

Too high to react to what they discovered the boys were paralyzed. A near by neighbor had called the police and reported a lot of yelling and screaming from Harris' house. When the police arrived they found not only Harris but the young boy and his friends as well all butchered up in the 2nd story bathroom.

To this day in my grandmothers house at 11:28 every night you can see headlights from a car driving through the orchard in a drunken rage, they disappear before running into her house. And you can hear foot steps coming from the back door up the stairs and to the bathroom. My grandmother has reported seeing faces in mirrors and TV screens and other things with reflections but nobody else has ever seen them. To this day nobody knows what happened at Harris Moore's house in 1974

Sent in by Blake Rivers, Copyright 2011

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