Saturday, February 19, 2011

Something Red Skin With Wings

When I was 13 years old, I had an experience I can never forget.

My family had to go to church so I was left alone in the house playing computer games. As I was playing for an hour straight I had this weird feeling that someone was watching me from upstairs so I got up took a look around my house then heard my character die in my game. So I rushed back to make it respawn in town. After I made my character respawn I heard a weird noise this time it was coming from my grandparents room and it sounded like a demon screaming with joy.

I was scared but I swallowed up my fear and took at look at my grandparents room but when I got there the noise stopped. After a while My family came and asked what happened I didn't say a word about what happened to me.

The next night my buddies and I decided to take a walk around the subdivision at night so while walking I heard that weird laughter again this time it was in the bushes. But I decided to ignore it to net get my friends all freaked out and go back.. While walking around the church it was weird we split up into 2 groups for no particular reason as if it was all set up. I was stuck with my best friend I told him what happened to the other two he said he had no idea so we went through the grassy grounds of the church then heard a devilish voice say "GET OUT OF HERE!" I asked my friend if he heard it and he said no. So that got me all freaked out So I said lets get out of this grassy area and head back home those 2 might have already went home by now." So just as we got passed the grassy area this time I saw a white lady standing in front of the Mama Mary.

I thought it must be wanting some help from us so as we were walking home I could feel that someone or something was watching us from the bushes so I decided to take a look at my side once in a while hen at the top of a tree I saw a demon with extremely red eyes with a big grin, red skin, and wings. I said to my best friend "RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!" when we got home he asked me what's the big deal with running during the night. I remained quiet when the next thing I knew when we both got to my home my 2 friends were waiting for me asking where have we been we said that they disappeared suddenly and they also said that we just suddenly disappeared and we both disappeared at the same spot like we were actually getting set up.

I was so freaked that I said I was going to go home now. When I got home it was weird I was a alone in the house and the only people there were the caretakers of the house and one of them was taking a bath while the other was sleeping downstairs... But when I took a look at the room of my grandparent the thing I saw on the tree was standing there looking at me... And it said "Why did you run away? I was just here to take a good look at you." I was so scared but I remembered that I had a rosary in my pocket I put out the rosary (which was blessed) and threw it on the thing when it hit the thing it gave out a big scream of pain and disappeared. That was one experience I could never forget.

Sent in by Azrael, Copyright 2011

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