Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Optimus Prime Incident

When I was a child my family moved around quite a bit. Small town after small town following my father's newest job. For a 3 year period between 1986-1989 I lived in a small town in Indiana. The house I lived in was built in the 1880's and was a documented hub for The Underground Railroad. The attic had been converted into a bedroom. Which is where my room was. It was dark and like most old houses it creaked all night long.

The toy of that time were Transformers and my favorite was Optimus Prime. I played with that thing all day everyday. That is until one day in December when I was playing with it at the top of the steps leading up to my bedroom. I ran downstairs to get a drink leaving the Transformer at the top of the stairs. I still remember what happens next like it just happened today. I was getting some Kool-Aid out of the fridge when I heard what sounded like someone running around upstairs. I stopped and listened and it went on for a couple of seconds. Then I heard something running down the stairs. I walked over there just in time to see the Transformer flip end over end down the stairs and onto the floor.

Did I mention I was by myself? My mom was outside mowing the grass and my dad was at work. I was pretty freaked out but what happened next has never left my thoughts. I walked up the stairs with the Transformer in my hand and when I got to the top of the stairs I set it down on the top step. I know for a fact that when I set it down and walked into my bedroom it was in the Optimus Prime robot mode but when I walked out of my room to go get it and go back downstairs it had just started rolling down my stairs in its Semi Truck Form. When it got to the bottom of the stairs it exploded into 5 or 6 pieces but I didn't notice that at first because I had turned around to see the lamp on my desk flicker and the bulb exploded exactly the time as the transformer.

Weird I know but I swear to what ever god you believe in that the transformer changed and rolled down the stairs by its self twice. I tried to put it back together but it had cracked and couldn't be fixed. I threw it away or at least I thought I had until last Christmas when it was a gift from my mom. She had remembered that I played with it all the time and said she found in a box in the attic. True Story

Sent in by Zach, Copyright 2010

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