Saturday, February 19, 2011

Two Little Girls in South Africa

I live in South Africa, every weekend I'd go visit my friend Amy. My first time there, we walked in the front door and saw blood splashed up the wall and then big blobs of blood leading to the closet under the stairs, we were only 13 years old but we were very brave. Amy dialed the police on her phone and told me to open the closet, so I went down on my knees to open the tiny closet and when I opened it there was nothing inside just a puddle of blood. We ran outside extremely freaked out.

We went to her neighbor and called Amy's mom and told what we saw Amy's mom rushed home and got us from the neighbor's house. We walked into the house slowly, Amy and I were hiding behind her mother. She opened the door and it was all gone... There was no blood or anything.

We decided to go out that same night to try calm down and figure out what happened. So we got ready as fast as we could and left, halfway up the road Amy said Mom we have to go back I forgot my money. So we turned back we pulled up by the house and Amy asked me to go with her she was to freaked out to be alone. So I climbed out of the car and looked up and I saw a small girl looking down at me from the spare room. I froze and ran in with Amy then ran out. When we came home that night I told Amy about the girl. Needless to say we didn't sleep that night.

The next day our friend John came to visit and as he walked in he said this is a bad house my friend lived here before you guys... Amy and I just stared at each other. We asked John about what he knows and he said that he knows of a girl with blonde hair that responds to the name Nichole. I looked at him funny and said I've only seen a young girl with black hair, she was looking at me from the window. He just laughed and said good luck with her. Then he left after a while and after he left Amy and I decided to call Nichole. So we did just that Amy jumped back pointing at the staircase, I looked up and I saw the girl with the black hair standing there staring at us...but that's not what Amy saw. Amy said she saw the blonde girl, Nichole...

The next day I had to go home from my interesting weekend at Amy's house.. But I had made plans to spend two weeks by her because the following week was holidays. So the time came again for me to go sleep by Amy. When we got home we saw a letter on the counter saying won't be home till late love mom. So we went upstairs and did our homework and listened to music. Then we heard a loud bang coming from downstairs and we heard talking. So we took a pair of scissors and broke it in half. I took one half, Amy took the other. We slowly slid down the stairs but we saw nothing only that one of the couches had been moved.

We went upstairs and locked the gate at the top of the stairs and sat in her room dead quiet. We heard footsteps coming up the stairs.. We froze with fear. We then heard the locked gate fling open then a few more footsteps we could see a shadow underneath the door.. We were terrified at this point so I said just do as I do. Amy nodded, I jumped up threw the door open and started screaming like a mad person with half a scissor in my hand and Amy did the same. There was no one there. Convinced that we were going crazy Amy and I decided to ask her mom to let us go out to the movies. We got ready but I was done first. So I sat downstairs waiting for Amy, I was looking out the glass door when I saw a reflection behind me. I thought it was Amy being funny so I turned around and went BOO! But there was no one behind me and Amy just came downstairs as I turned around...

We left to go watch a movie but we barely watched because we kept talking about everything that had happened. We got home and went straight to bed. We lay there talking for about two hours when we were interrupted by a loud bang coming from downstairs again. We ignored it and tried sleeping. I woke up and turned to Amy and said dude I couldn't sleep with all that noise and she said same dude let's go eat. So we walked down the stairs and stopped and just stared in shock. The whole living room had been rearranged the couches were upside down the TV was backwards it was just one big mess. But we put everything right. Amy and I were starting to get used to the weird things happening in her house I just didn't seem to bother us anymore only when we were caught by surprise but the footsteps, the locked doors opening, furniture being moved, hearing people talking, girls giggle it just didn't seem to bother us anymore.. Until one day when Amy and I walked to the shops at about 8 pm we were standing under a tree and we heard the girls giggle then it felt like I was being choked, I couldn't breathe and I grabbed Amy's arm trying to get her to help me but I saw out the corner of my eye that the same was happening to her! But after 20 seconds there was a small voice and it stopped.

Needless to say we ran home screaming. Amy eventually moved out of that place but even though we were so scared a lot of the time in the house we love talking about it because in the end of it all we found it more interesting than scary and now we have a love for visiting scary and creepy houses with a history.

Sent in by Deni Lee, Copyright 2011

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