Monday, February 21, 2011

Haunted Basement and the Cat

One day, me and my family moved from New York to Hanover, Massachusetts. We were looking for a new home to start a new life. I had recently lost my job and bills had been rising.

We moved into a petite little house on Washington St., a very popular street in Hanover. We had no clue about what was going to happen.

The first few weeks there were filled with joy and happiness, especially for my daughter, aged 6, Hannah. Then, one Sunday night, we heard noises coming from downstairs, but it seemed lower than downstairs, but we knew it was impossible.

It sounded like a meowing cat being tortured. I asked my husband Mike if he was hearing these noises too. He turned to face me, and his face was filled with sleep.

He said I was crazy and that he didn't hear anything. I convinced myself that I was just imagining things, but sooner or later the meowing was getting louder and quicker. Like it was making its way up to our bedroom.

It eventually got so loud it sounded like it was right beside my ears. There was no way Mike could have not heard it. And I was right. When I faced Mike, he was filled with confusion, unlike me, who had terror.

He decided to grab his hunting gun and see what it was and that it didn't hurt Hannah. Hannah was fine, and the noise had stopped. But now our dog, Hershey, was barking and growling at the wall.

We didn't have a good night.

When we woke up the next morning, I went to Hannah's room to get her ready for school. She was not in her room.

I looked all over the house for Hannah, and she was no where. I informed Mike that Hannah was missing. He was just as worried as I was.

Then we saw Hershey growling at a door we had never seen before. I looked at it and tried to open it. It would not open, but I was sure I hear someone crying inside.

I called for Mike to open the door, and when it opened, Hannah was inside. It was a small hallway closet. When we asked Hannah how she got in there, she said she fell asleep in her room and then heard a cat. It made me jump because I knew I heard it too.

Then she said she went downstairs to find out what it was. It came from the closet and when she walked inside, the door closed and wouldn't open.

Then, a few uneventful weeks passed by. I was sure that something was in our house. Something that made Hershey mad. Something that hated Hannah. Something that meowed like mad.

I decided to look up history in our house. No history was inquired on the house.

Then, one night I was home alone. Mike and Hannah were off at a teacher conference. Hannah's school was two towns away, (it was the closest school) so it would take them some time to come back.

I heard thumping beneath my feet while I was preparing a snack for me in the kitchen. I didn't know what is was, and I was thinking it might be the strange cat.

I was convinced that a cat might be stuck beneath our walls, and it was sure to happen before. My aunt had a cat lost in the walls for two whole days until she clawed her way out of the walls.

I was going to call Animal Control soon, so I ignored it.

It did not stop.

The thumping got louder, and louder, and so loud it almost popped my eardrums. I did not know what it was and I did not plan to figure it out.

"GET HELP! HURRY!" I hear a voice say, and I think it came from outside. It was followed by a thunderous scream.

I thought whoever was in trouble needed me, and I ran outside to assist whoever was there. No one was there. In fact, everyone was asleep.

I walked back inside, confused. But, the screaming started again. I listened closely before I moved. It sounded like it came from - UNDER MY FEET?

I looked down at the floor. What was under my very feet and who needed my help? I looked at the closet where Hannah was stuck. It seemed to come from there, but then again it came from under the floor.

I walked to the door, afraid. I opened it when I gathered up all of my braveness, and looked around. A door was inside. Why didn't Hannah go through that door?

I opened it, and a creepy staircase led down to what I think might be the basement. All of the noises continued down there.

I was thinking between calling the police or going down the stairs to investigate first.

I went down.

Then, I think I saw a shadow, just sweeping over the walls of the basement. Then I heard a cat, yowling. And then I heard the cries for help and the screams again. VERY CLOSE.

I looked around for the source, and it came to the walls. I had no idea what to think. Its coming from the walls! And so was the yowling cat!

I knew for sure there were ghosts in my house and I never wanted to go back.

Next thing I knew I saw Hershey, walking down the stairs to follow me. I turned back around to face the wall, and found a dead, bleeding woman's face.

I screamed, and ran out of the house in a flash with Hershey following behind me.

Hannah and Mike were parking the car. I hoped in with Hershey and told them to NEVER come back here and that we were moving.

I've had enough. I was never going back to my haunted house.

Sent in by Jenisse, Copyright 2011

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