Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Devil Really Can Get Us Sick

My Daughter is eight and saw a little at school die of the flu last year. This school is located in Northern Illinois.

My daughter claims she saw the devil go up and touch the little girl of 8. My daughter screamed at the devil to stop it.

The devil touched Sarah, the little girl while she was sleeping in school. This little girl came down with the the H1N1 flu.

My daughter claims that when we become sick the devil walks around us and sucks our good air into him and he blows back bad air that makes us sick.

The devil walked around the school and tried to get other kids sick. The devil tried to get everyone in the school sick with the flu.

The air that Lucifer blows into us is black puss. The good air has little yellow and light colored sparks.

Lucifer started to laugh when he blew the bad into Sarah. Sarah died 2 weeks after getting the H1N1 flu.

I asked my daughter why she did not become sick. She shrugged her shoulders and said. "Because we got God on our side, I guess."

Sent in by Carri Williams, Copyright 201

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