Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Immortal Victoria

When you are born, you are born with your eyes closed. After some time, they open. Unless you are Victoria Mortis.

Victoria was a natural born genius. Her school records were phenomenal. But, all the time she attended grade school, she was teased. Her hair was uber thick and stick strait. Her eyes were naturally a light purple, and her skin was snow white. Her family was worried about her health due to her not eating very much, and the fact that she was only 77 pounds by the time she was 13!

By the time she ended eight grade, her family went up to her room. Victoria was one of those 'gothic' people you see today. But her family never expected this:

Black painted wall with red splatters.
Vials filled with multi colored substances.
And a few skulls, vampire books, glasses filled with eyeballs, and human nails. (And black clothes, of course.)

Her family freaked but kept their findings to themselves. They took her out of school and went to a church everyday. The more they went the more they noticed Victoria changing. Her hair was getting wilder, her skin was getting scratched in all different places, her eyes were getting darker, and she was talking to herself. She was also not sleeping and walking around the house at night. When she slept, it was a horror filled night. Because she would scream and punch and kick the walls, even sleep walk.

A few years later, Victoria was getting sick in church, and would even yell at the preacher and other people. She would run out the church and scream into nothing-ness. Her mother was getting more and more worried about her now 17 year-old daughter and went to another church for advice. They told her to study her actions and not to worry too much about it. That's what her mother did.

Victoria's mother did as she was told and kept a close watch on her daughter. By now she wasn't eating a thing and wasn't sleeping. One day her mother got so worried about her daughter she walked up to her room and went in, without permission. She found her one and only daughter in another form, a demon! The mother was killed that night from what the doctors called 'Over shock.'

Victoria was getting worse and worse. She was getting tormented by the devils workers. Victoria often talked to the devil and called him 'Father'. As I said her mother died and her father died before she was born. All that was left was her twin brother whom was looking after her.

Her brother was the only one who ever talked to her and trusted her. He listened to her conversations with her 'father', and soon realized these facts:

1. One of the family members had black hair.
2. There last name means 'death' in Latin.
3. The devil was real.
4. Victoria was possessed by an evil spirit.

But, not any spirit. The devils daughter. 'Victoria' was the devil's daughter's name. The brother was soon killed by his own hands, by a knife and small box.

Victoria was alone, not a care in the world, alone, isolated, and possessed. She was alone in the house one day, when the priest that the mother went to, came over. The priest studied that girl for about a year, deciding to do an Exorcism.

As what the priest did, worked. Victoria was free of the curse, that she had for 20 years! She became a painter, she painted demons, spirits, and eyes. Later in life she married a man whom was called the devil himself. They had a daughter and named her 'Raven.'

Raven is my name. Mortis is my last name. My mother is the devil's daughter, My dad is the devil. And I am there Kin.

Sent in by Raven Mortis, Copyright 2010

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  1. ???? Interesting. Whatever keeps you happy. I am not really sure what to say on this. In theory that might make you a demon....but then again people also talk shit. Are you also demon possesed? I'm also surprised nobody has commented on this. I would advise maybe getting an exorcism yourself....although I do not know enough and am just trying to be helpful. As far as demon's go....if someone's father was the devil then I doubt you would really like me anyway....I had a sort of tussel with him a while back although really he just screamed at me and then I woke up. It probably didn't help I was running around in that dream killing the demon's around me. It was strange anyway cause I don't usually ever have least ones I can remember. Stranger things have happened I suppose.



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