Friday, October 1, 2010

Horrifying Sixth Sense

For as long as I can remember I have always had my often horrifying 6th sense.

When I was 2 I would always walk in to the living room and talk to my uncle that had recently died. He always told me he wanted to talk to my grandmother, and when I went to get her she told me I was lying or seeing things. But when I dragged her in he was sitting on the couch in plain view for every one to see, like he hadn't even died.

Ghost in the Basement

I wasn't doing much, laying in bed, watching TV... my mom was at work. Yeah... normal night. Well my hand was wet too... my dead dog likes to lick it... even now. Well we had never really had any paranormal experiences except for my dog and cat, but when I was just about to fall asleep in a very weird voice someone said... "get out now or I will kill your family." I really didn't like what was going on so I had my pillow and blanket in hand running up to the living room. Well next morning rolls around and I walked cautiously down to my bedroom and in the corner there was a scorch mark and blood on the wall. Later in the day my brother and I's friends came over and we were playing hide and seek in the basement, lights off. Well... Dakota and Trenton were on a team and then there was Michael and I. We play weird I know... there were more teams too but they didn't see anything. Michael Dakota my brother and I ended up meeting in the center of the long hall way and saw a man with a knife coming towards us, not to mention he was surrounded by flames, we ran down the hall flipped on the lights, ran up the stairs and yelled game over! Scared the living shit out of me that was 7 years ago... I was 9.

Suicide and Fire

This is the current house I live in now. Paranormal stuff hadn't really happened to me since the day above and I never thought anything else would. Well... I moved in and chose the room next to the furnace room. My friends came over and really all I wanted to do was scare them so I told them about a set of fraternal twins and a girl named Sarah. Sarah committed suicide I told them and the twins died in a fire. I actually began to talk with these three. Well a few years later without me saying anything one of my friends mothers asked me if anything creepy was going on in my house. I said "yeah it's haunted." She confirmed it by saying that "Thought so, my friends Daughter Sarah committed suicide in the basement."

Well my step mother talked to a woman who once lived here and she was told that before the woman lived here the house burnt down killing a set of twins, an elderly man (he stands behind me when I am in the bathroom) and a woman.

I have talked to all but 2 ghosts in my home, that is the one that sits at the top of the stairs (don't know who she is) and the man from the bathroom. I am used to them... and not many people believe me, but I know they are here for a reason... and there are very intelligent spirits.

Sent in by Aireanna Marie Rock, Copyright 2010

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