Monday, August 2, 2010

Pervert Spirit

Ever since my family moved to this house, I feel uneasy; but mostly in my room. I've lived here for six years now and the feeling hasn't left. There are four floors in this house. Everyone but myself sleeping on the top floor. My room however, is located in the basement. Now I'm not a very superstitious person but I know something's off here. There's a man that resides in my room. I've seen him a few times but only his shadow and outline. I can feel he's an older man, and I know for a fact he watches me.

Since I live in a basement in central B.C in Canada, my room gets cold. But this is a different cold. I have to keep a heater in my room even in the summer because he makes it so cold. When I'm sleeping it's like he's trying to touch me, and not in a good way... well not for me at least. I wake up in cold sweats and feel someone is watching me and most of the time, I can't get back to sleep.

He's a pervert. I can tell you this because of my bed. Now my bed is rather old and creaky. Anytime and one sits on it, it creaks. When I get out of the shower I come into my room to change. Every single time. I get into my room in my towel and I hear someone sitting on my bed, and I can see an outline of someone's bottom. You know the marks a chair with too much fabric makes when you get up. It's there. Then I ask him nicely to leave and it almost feels like humor is in the air, like he's laughing at me. Like what I'm asking is something ridiculous. When he's not sitting on my bed he seems to be around my computer. Not on the ground but over top. In the corner by the ceiling. That seems to be the best place in my room to see everything.

He also hates most of my music. He will scratch my new Cd's when they are in my boom box and I know it's not my boom box doing this. I have had at least four different and new boom boxes in the past two years. He has also flicked the lights when I was reading in my room at night before when it was late. It doesn't feel like he's telling me its time for sleep but more demanding that I change so he can see and feel me.

He doesn't like my cat, and obviously she doesn't like him. She will run and jump off my bed when he sits down, and will not for any reason go back on it until he gets off. I've tried to put her back on but she scratches me until I drop her and will cower under my desk across the room and wont come out. I've walked into my room and she can be hissing at my bed or above my computer like she's chased him away from my bed, or he gave up out of annoyance.

I know I'm not the only one who feels this.

I'm rather freaked. I don't know if he's just a pervert, or if it will get worse.

Sent in by Sarah-Jane, Copyright 2010


  1. Be careful he maybe a demon or the devil himself. I have heard of stories of demons or the devil trying to hurt people through sexual encounters. try to put on a cross and bless your house.

  2. I think the best for you is to move out of the house and find another house!! Yes, he could be a demon! Another thing you could do is pray every day!! People who pray everyday have angels protecting them!

  3. This is in fact a Demon. This demon is an Incubus. I suspect the demon if he hasn't already, paralyze you and "have its fun" you. These demons are very sexual indeed. G-d is indeed the answer for a matter of fact! Yelling "In Jesus Name Get Off and Out Of My Home" has worked for many people. Yup many people! Your not the only one who has been victim by an Incubus. There are lots of peoples stories on here with their experience with an incubus. Be careful.
    From, The Writer

    1. Is it the same with succubus? I am a teenager. And lately after I shifted my bedroom. I have creepy and gross dreams about and unknown woman! I pray everyday and sleep but I get these dreams. What should I do? I am by no means addicted to any unhealthy videos and don't lust after anyone. I don't understand why this is happening.but it feels like something else takes control. And when I break out of it I realise what I have done.i am still 14. Help me someone



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