Sunday, July 4, 2010

No Factual Evidence for Existence of Vampires

You guys have to be kidding me. Just because you want to believe in something doesn't make it true or factual. Scientifically speaking, there is NO and I repeat NO factual evidence (lore and myth does not equal fact) of vampires existing. Sure there are tales from around the world of vampire type monsters/entities etc, but no real proof at all whatsoever. Tales from around the world do not equal proof, there are tales from many cultures around the world that tell about ships etc falling off the ends of the world when they thought it was flat.

So you see this is not evidence at all. The only information of such things comes from bronze aged superstitious cultures and societies (was par for the course in that age). Most of you “believers” will not like this post and will jump down my throat because it goes against what you want to believe (without any proof). That is fine but at least read this for what it is: FACTUAL. With the known facts, there has never been any vampires at all whatsoever, this is the truth as the facts are known, and as such is undeniable. Unless you want to be called a liar.

No one and I repeat no one can say that they are a vampire or know first hand that vampires exist without providing undeniable tangible proof. And until such proof is presented one must conclude that vampires do not exist and never have. To do otherwise in absence of such evidence is doing nothing more than wishing and assuming.

Now, to be logical about this. If vampires did exist, there would be numerous evidence of them. From DNA to skin and viral samples from their victims... to all types of forensic evidence of human bite marks with elongated canine teeth etc. There is no such evidence. None at all. And for those of you that think such a creature would leave only two puncture marks sadly have your head in the clouds. No blood sucking animal (a few birds and bats etc are known to feed off of blood) leaves a nice small puncture wound. All wounds are slashing or pecking wounds. Nothing like what is in the myths or books. Its not possible. Not with the way anatomy and physics work.

Sorry to burst peoples bubbles. But these are facts and as such are irrefutable. Also just so everyone knows… Blood is actually not nutritious at all. Very little nutrients are in it. Ask any hematologist. For a mammal of human size the amount of fresh blood (blood breaks down fast) needed would be so astronomical that thousands would be dieing left and right (with human bite marks mutilation) just to support a small vampire population. We are just not seeing this.

Like I said earlier these are facts. If anyone has real quantifiable evidence to the contrary, please I challenge you to present it. If you have any proof of another subtype or another pure type of human by all means present your findings. I would welcome it. I am asking for real evidence factual and not made up or assumptions that you twist to try to fit known myths just to make your case. Religion already does enough of this.

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  1. I also have an article about the questionability of vampires.

  2. How very right you are. There is no scientific evidence for the existance of vampires.........unless you can call on quantum theory. Quantum as you will know, is the theory of co-existing or parallel universes, which may or may not, collide now and then. If we suppose that quantum theory is a possibility,- and the physics do add up, the theory is very much a reality,- then you have to open your mind to the possibility of alien visitation, ghosts from the past and, dare I say it, vampires and other such paranormal entities. However, I like you, would much rather have solid evidence. I am not gullible soul eager to accept mythology as law. But I do have a very open mind, and accept the possibility, all be it very remote, of the existence of of all paranormal phenomena. Proof is nonexistant on both sides of the argument. Lack of proof of the existence of vampires is not proof of their non-existence.
    I'd just like to add that some of the more ancient vampire myths, like that of Lilith, don't describe neat puncture marks either, rather they describe a more gruesome slaughter of the victims. But they are still vampiric in their essence. Also, some of the more gothic vampire stories describe a gradual draining of life taking place over a period of days, weeks or even months, hence the lack of a trail of corpses on every continent.
    However, that is STILL NOT evidence of vimpire existance, but it does make the stories that little bit more plausible. Hope you don't find this reply offensive, and please, feel free to reply, I like a good debate.

  3. Well, ever heard of Elizabeth Bathory?

    I don't know if anyone would consider her a vampire, or merely a killer. Since most people think vampires only need blood, they might as well slit their victims' necks - no need for the slow motion bite.

    Just my humble opinion. :)

  4. yeah, dude, just like ALL YOUR SCIENCE may be totally wrong as soon as humans get out of solar system. good for you to rely on something that is not quite sure about itself. because, you know, i get that feeling that humans are not quite sure about ANYTHING in this life.

  5. Beyond:

    I agree with you. Infact - vampires can be anything, Im not so sure anymore, thanks to the mainstream media and chinese whispers. =/


  6. Why do you science as proof to believe on something beyond normal? I don't get it ==

  7. Hi Noone,

    IMO, Maybe people just want to believe, but they can't. So they use what people think is logical, which is "science", to TRY and prove what is and what's not. So if people can piece things together and form a solution, there will be one. Eg: Porphyria, a.k.a Vampire's Disease.

    Personally, I'm still unsure which one to believe in - Science or Paranormal. I think it's true to a certain extent but there's a lot of vampiric traits that are still unexplainable.


  8. Who says that vampires are the dead walking around? Movies? Mythology? Of coarse .. and this why no one believes. Its all contradicting. Vampires exist.. just not in the dead sense. If the public got over the idea that vampirism comes from the dead coming back to life and maybe believed that it could be regular people.. then it may not be so hard to believe. Vampires arent dead. Vampires are humans. (with a twist)

  9. Tell that to Christians who believe in god,you know because there's no scientific evidence that he exists so watch your mouth please before you speak

  10. get your facts straight -July 14, 2010 at 1:01 PM

    if vampires weren't real, why did they make up the word 'vampire' ? hm. the person to invent the word 'vampire' didn't make it up for movies & things like that . there was probably real proof , mk . PLUS, the world has been advancing & there are vampire slayers ? so they need to keep hidden or stuff, and the people that go online & say 'im a vampire' are freakin ' wanna-be's . even if vampires aren't real now , they couldve been years ago .

  11. well actually there is a dead sense to it all. you know, vampires - not human beings, that can't die and in case of bad diet their body goes through process that reminds more of a rotting meat. so... it's kinda very alike walking dead, that's probably why people thought vampires are dead...
    well, it's like you kinda are but yet you kinda are not too... ;D very epic

  12. FACTS:

    * I am a CNA(nurse) and Blood most certianly has
    more nutrition in it than ANYTHING else in your body. Water,minerals,vitamins,nutrients,wastes,toxins,hormones,cells,platelets,etc etc so " very little nutrients" I think your brain has" very little neurotransmitters."

    * No evidence of bite marks?
    Back in Romania a vampire was simply a zombie who
    stalked and killed in the night.Fangs and drinking blood
    weren't added until hollywood picked up the legends.

    *retro-spect, there are people that drink blood as there are people that eat chalk. Medically we call this "PICA"
    meaning a person's body craves a certian nutrient and will do anything to get that nutrient even if it means eating weird things. Iron is a common deficiency and is found in blood- People who suffer from PICA might drink blood to get Iron. Same with the Chalk to get calcuim in their bodies.

    *Then to add to the mix-Long before Vlad,people were buried alive by accident then when dug up wondered why these
    people looked so "fresh".

    *Retro-spect-yes people die, but people do "come back".
    Medically its' artfarction of the aorta" or other body part.
    Yes my dad pronounced a lady dead, completely brain dead and heart completely stopped, yet 20 minutes later this lady was back even after the dialysis machine was silent.
    My mom came back, my friend Shade, yet no one can explain this phenomenon. Vampires? Hmmm.......zombies, well........
    Explain this one,because it's 100% bS free.

  13. get your facts straight-
    i agree,and anyway if i was a vampire.... why would you come out and show your proof? you would be made into a lab rat by people wanting scientific proof,and all the so called "wanna be's" out there wanting you to "turn" them if it was a'd never have your life back no matter how long you all the people who post on line that they are vampires, when people ask to be turned, as i have read in other forums, they make lame excuses so i dont think a real vampire would put themselves out there to start with.
    So, think about it would you want to give up your freedom just to prove a point?
    i would not.

  14. You can't prove non-existence. That's circular logic.

  15. So true. God is as real as vampires. There's no reality in the belief of either.

  16. Well, obviously they are vampires. I mean, what else could it possibly be? And you are a nurse! A medical professional. Maybe someday a doctor will back you. Oh no, they are too busy dealing with reality. Perhaps this line of thinking is what kept you from med school.

  17. The word vampire technically means 'drinker of blood' or 'blood sucker'. It could have been made to describe animals such as fleas, lice, or the most common 'vampire bat'. They're all drinkers of blood, my dear.

  18. PraiseAllah - I just wanted to point out that you sound like a whiny little brat or a bully or something.

    Katie pointed out some valid facts. I was quite impressed. You, on the other hand, turned around and starting attacking her character.

    I believe you would call a person who does that an infidel, yes?

  19. PraiseAllah - I just wanted to point out that you sound like a whiny little brat or a bully or something worse.

    Katie pointed out some valid facts. A noble argument in fact, I was quite impressed. I pictured a lively debate starting.

    You, on the other hand, turned around and starting attacking her character. I believe you would call a person who does that an infidel, yes? Oh, no wait, that is someone who doubts religious 'facts'. Oh wait, I guess that does make you an infidel.

    I hope you are just a childish moron. If I met you in person and caught you acting like that, I'd turn around and slap you. Unless you are an immature idiot, then you have a reason.

  20. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. To say without a doubt that something doesn't exist just because no evidence has been found YET is in and of itself unscientific. I am not saying I necessarily believe in vampires or everyone's stories, but I don't have any evidence to prove they DON'T exist. Don't try to use "science" to justify your own ignorance



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